Peerless Genius System

Chapter 216: You Released

Feng Zhiqiang understands psychological warfare, and Sholo understands better.

His pistol pointed at Feng Zhiqiang and shouted: “Feng Zhiqiang, you have the balls to stand up and let your irrelevant men die! ”

Feng Zhiqiang bit his teeth and suddenly kicked one of his men off, attracting Sholo's attention. Then he took out the pistol behind him and pointed it straight at Sholo.

“Fuck you, you retard! ”

“Bang bang ~”

Two shots were fired in an instant, and the bullet burst into tear space.

Sholo's kung fu can't be any faster than the bullet. Besides, Wang Lihu is behind them. They can't do this even if they can hide. Otherwise, Wang Lihu could be killed by the bullet. At the same time, Feng Zhiqiang fired two shots.

“Bang bang ~”

The two bullets were incredibly precisely intercepted in the air by Feng Zhiqiang, and the speed and velocity were opposed to the bombardment. The result was that the four bullets instantly crumbled into powder.

“Bang ~”

Sholo quickly Feng Zhiqiang half beat, firing the third shot first, the loaded bullet tearing heavy space, hit Feng Zhiqiang's chest, precisely the heart area, Feng Zhiqiang dared to take out the gun, this is the search for death, he is naturally happy to complete.

“Pfft ~”

Feng Zhiqiang sprayed his nose, the gun landed, his obese body fell two or three meters backwards and stood up in the support of several of his men.

“Not dead? ”

Sholo's eyes were slightly puzzled, and then he saw the black clothes in the hole of Feng Zhiqiang's broken clothes, and suddenly, "I was wearing a bulletproof vest, and I was ready. ”

Feng Zhiqiang cried out in pain: “He's out of bullets, chop him up, chop him up!!! ”

His eyes were fierce and his eyes burst and he could not help but swallow Sholo alive.


More than 200 people heard the phrase, like more than 200 hungry wolves pounding on Sholoh, and without the bullets, they were no longer worried.

Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu, who were already ready, rushed up. Wang Lihu took a man's bat and smashed it into chaos. He waved a bat in a brute force, and a dragon disciple could not immediately fall down with blood.

Ye Qiu doesn't need a weapon, his hands are enough to kill him.

The iron hand of the Eagle Claw violently danced, ten fingers with the horrible tearing force attacked this group of dragon gang brothers, danced the heavenly blood trajectory, one member after another screamed and fell to the ground, the wound torn apart by the fingers on their body was extremely painful, their screaming was particularly amazing.

Sholo twisted wildly, his swinging right hand spinning out, suddenly bombarded the position of one person in the front of the chest, the horrible shock surged like rage, fists smashed his ribs in front of his chest, did not enter the chest, the vibrant heart under the action of vigor and bones instantly burst.

“Pfft ~”

A thick bloodshot erupted, and this poor guy, if hit by a train head, flew straight upside down and hit five companions rushing up behind him.

The shell-like body was heavily bombarded on them, and in a string of “clatters” and screams, their arms were broken and their blood shot, all falling across the ground.

Terrible outbreak, tremor!

Feng Zhiqiang's men all changed their faces, and the momentum of the impact was weakened by a few points.

Liu iron pot has the worst strength, but Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu, and Sholo attracted most of the firepower. He still has the ability to defend himself, and he wants to go further. While his presence is weak, he cautiously fell toward Feng Zhiqiang's pistol on the ground to touch the past, and his fists are fierce. He also has to control this devastating thermal weapon in his own hands to be the safest.

Holding Feng Zhiqiang's several dragon gang brothers' hearts trembled, looking at the shadow of those three shocks on the field, his eyes trembled violently, heart: is this a person or a monster?

Feng Zhiqiang was seriously injured, although wearing a bulletproof vest, but the bullet's great impact on him made his five dirty heart shock as painful as a displacement.

He screamed hard: "Quick... find my gun... get it back, quick! ”


One of the men heard a rumor and searched the ground with his gaze.

Liu iron pot was one step faster than them, picked up the gun that fell in the corner of the street, rushed over quickly, aiming at Feng Zhiqiang at close range, announced aloud: “Feng Zhiqiang, you are under arrest! ”

When he finished, he shot into the sky.

“Bang ~”

The deterrent power of the gunshots would never be obsolete, and a group of people who had been fighting stopped at short notice.

“Drop the weapons in your hands, head down, you're all under arrest!” Liu Tie Pan shouted in a male voice.

After seeing Feng Zhiqiang under control, all the resistance was dissipated and the weapons in his hands were thrown away.

“Attaboy, Iron Pan! ”

Wang Lihu praised Liu's iron pot. He was cut with several knives and bled to death.

Ye Qiu similarly laughed. His ten fingers were filled with dragon gang brothers' flesh, as if he had torn people apart with his bare hands. He was also injured. His back and shoulders were cut off by machetes.

Sholo, however, did not have any injuries. Although the uniform was stained with blood, it was all the blood on the dragon gang brother.



More than 200 people, plus Zhiqiang, were all captured back at the police station, handcuffed less, and tied with rope.

During the night, members of the facility were working overtime and proceeded to detain more than two hundred people, who were placed directly in detention when the cells were full.

Four people took out Feng Zhiqiang's peachy trading pan after one shot. This can surprise the Li Ren police station. You know, this level of criminals, but only the district bureau can chew meat. As a result, the district bureau didn't fix it, but they got it done. It's incredible!

“Now I'm going to see if those guys dare to bury us again. ”

Feng Yuqi was very happy. He felt that this time he took a hard breath. Not only did he strike the dragon gang forces in their jurisdiction, but he also raised a hand at the district bureau and the general bureau to earn a full face.

The coach did not speak and was immersed in their shock to Sholo.



Sholo returned to the house, but found out that Feng Zhiqiang's wife was no longer in the detention room. After questioning him, he found out that he had been spared by horses.

“Did you put it? ”

Sholo walked up to him and looked at him with cold eyes.

Looking at the blood all over him, like a shower of blood, Sholo, the horse couldn't help but strike a chill: “You... what are you doing? You... don't be ridiculous... this is a police station...”

“Let me ask you again, did you let that woman go?” Sholo's tone has increased by a few points.

“Yes… I let her go, she was just gathering people to fight, no major bloodshed, detention is enough for one day, I let her go is in accordance with the rules, I am well-deserved!” Ma Jianqiang strongly defended herself from calming down.