Peerless Genius System

Chapter 218 Appointment of District Bureaux

A fierce sweep of yellow and black made the name of Sholo spreading to all major police stations, district bureaux and even the headquarters. Many JCs want to see Sholo, to see if Sholo has three heads and six arms, and only four people can arrest more than 200 people. It's incredible.

A villa in the bright area, in an ancient studio with rows of bookshelves and expensive rare tea sets on the table.

No one will think that this is unique, like where a literary person reads, its owner will be the Dragon Gang's master, Dragon Sankyu.

At this moment, Long San-kyu is standing at the desk, holding a brush, seriously writing a “tolerant” word, but the cold side of the news makes his face more and more ugly, at the end of the day, directly throwing the brush on the ground, smashing the desk in one hand, roaring: “Fuck, that little bastard actually became JC, and he still took your entire estate? ”

Wearing a suit, it was spotless, giving people a particularly clean appearance of cold surface appearance, and pressed down the voice: “Yes...”

“Shit, in that case, that's why I won't give Chu Yunhuo face. You take someone tonight and let me kill him.” Long San-kyu shouted.

“Master Long, this is not right. Sholo is JC now. We openly kill JC, and the consequences can be very serious.” The black-wolf face, who has traditionally spoken very little, says that black clothing in one piece makes people look extraordinarily cold.

“Can't be public, can't be quiet? ”

Dragon Sankyu glanced and drank, “Put on a mask for me, give you a hundred elite, bring me that little bastard's head tonight. ”

“Yes, Master Long! ”

The cold side leads, turns around and leaves.

The black wolf always felt that things were wrong. After all, they hadn't really figured out what Sholo was capable of. But since Master Long had spoken, he couldn't say anything anymore.

Dragon Sankyu was actually pissed off. Sholo not only destroyed his casino, but also cleaned up his yellow industry. In addition, there was also the act of controlling children to beg. He was most distressed by the taste buds. The taste buds were the springboards he used to wash white. He just didn't realize that the springboards had collapsed before they came into play. These were all related to Sholo.

So, Sholo is the stab in his eyes, he can't help but pull it out immediately, he can't stand it!



Feng Yuqi sat in the office, frowned bitterly, and couldn't even drink tea.

The instructor sighed: "District Bureau, this is too much. This is not a robbery! ”

“Who says no? When people ask for someone, we only have to obey them. ”

Feng Yuqi sighed softly, “Alas... Forget it, I only wanted to have a long face in front of them before, but I ignored that they would talk to us. It's quite unpleasant to think about it. Sholo is a sword, and he can glow and heat in our house as usual, which is fine. He has to go to the district bureau to glow and heat up, and become the ace of some people's meritorious work. ”

It's like losing a treasure, a frustration you can't speak of.

“Go on, get those four boys in here. There's nothing you can do. ”

Instructor said, walked out. Soon, Sholo, Liu Tie Pan, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu walked in.

Feng Yuqi cleared his voice: “Listen, the four of you will come to pick you up this afternoon. In the future, you will be from the District Bureau. ”


Liu Tie Pan, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu all thought they had hallucinations. The people of the district bureau, will they be the people of the district bureau? From the auxiliary police at the police station to the district bureau, this... this is too fast, isn't it?

Sholo was just a little stunned, not much emotional fluctuations.

“Chief, when we get to the precinct, are we still auxiliary police?” Ask Liu iron pot quickly.

“The precinct has no auxiliary police, and you are all in good hands.” Feng Yuqi was a little impatient.

Listening to this, Liu Tie Pan and Wang Lihu cheered and jumped. This is a revelation. That means that they are now officially making up the civilian police. How can this not be exciting and unhappy!

“Can we not go? ”

As Liu Iron Pot immersed them in joy, Sholo suddenly asked.

Liu Tie Pan they stood still and looked at him in doubt.

“Boss, that's a good thing. Why don't you go? ”

“Yeah, it's my dream to be able to work at the precinct. ”

Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu frowned and expressed deep confusion.

Sholo didn't answer them, but he was always a little nervous. He felt he had been targeted by a big man in the police station. Especially after he made such a big scene, Gu Qian Lin didn't even come to ask. This was too unusual and very inconsistent with the woman's spleen.

Feng Yuqi decided to look at him for a moment and answer his question: “No, this is a direct order from the District Director. Unless you resign, you can only follow orders and report to the District Bureau. ”

“Everyone in the police station wants to go there, Sholo. Can you tell me why you don't?” The coach's gaze is burning.

Sholo thought about it, and he came up with a reason, and he laughed, "Because I've got all my feelings for us, and I'm afraid I can't adapt to a strange environment. ”

“Your boy has thought too much about going to the district bureau, but just add one more to your team and form a task force to deal with the underground drug trade in the Light Zone.” Feng Yuqi said.

Sholo's nerves are sensitive, and he asks, "Why us? Aren't the district bureaux better suited for the job? ”

“Boss, can you say that it must be the district bureau that can catch us even more than two hundred people and confirm our ability to work, which is the only way to carry it.” Wang Lihu laughed.

Feng Yuqi said to Sholo: “Sometimes I think your boy is smart. Sometimes I think you're an elm head. Look, even Wang Lihu knows why, but you have to ask why, isn't it stupid to come home? ”

“Because I firmly believe that there will be a trap on the ground when pies fall from the sky.” Sholo took it seriously.

“Where do you get so many dark thoughts in your heart! ”

Feng Yuqi scolded him and said, “I can slap you in the chest and tell you out loud, you can relax your heart, there will be no traps. Besides, the district bureau this time is me, you are all our talents, they dug it all up, leave some crooked dates, I will not make any big deal, can only handle some painless civil disputes. ”

These words can satisfy the vanity of Liu Tie Pan, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu. Talent, in the eyes of the chief, they are also talent. Unknowingly, they put their breasts high.

Sholo didn't say another word, so he had to pay more attention while walking.