Peerless Genius System

Chapter 230: You're under arrest.

Night and dark winds are high, cold winds are brisk, cold temperatures arrive quietly with the arrival of night...

Occasionally, you can see a passenger jet flying over your head, flashing with lights, quickly disappearing into the sky, like it was devoured by this giant monster at night.

Abandoned pier, black wolf dressed in black trench coat, faceless standing there, his men holding the light towards the sea covered by the night, not long after, a fishing boat broke the wind wave, it was a diesel engine, it was very quiet, like a tractor, but here the wind wave was loud, the sound could not be transmitted too far.

“I really didn't expect Zhuang Niu to be an informant of JC. Fortunately, you left an extra eye on the guardian last time. Mr. Kunsha didn't show up, otherwise we would be given a nest by JC.” A man with green hair and eyeliner sighed.

The short man in the back looked slightly unnatural because he was the real informant.

The black wolf did not speak, took out a cigarette in his mouth, and the green-haired man busily took the lighter to a respectful point.

Without dealing with the informant's problem, a long breath of smoke came out, saying: "This time it's all A goods, be sure to make sure you don't lose anything. ”

“Rest assured, we have our men at every entrance and exit from the dock, and there are still many places where there are outposts set up. Any anomalies will be known to us the first time, even if the information leaks, we will have enough time to erase all traces when JC arrives here.” The green-haired man said.

The black wolf is still faceless, his eyes are like those of a Jackal tiger leopard, scattered with a chill.

“That last name Shaw is so disgusting, I can't wait to keep him alive...”

The black wolf waved to stop him from continuing: “Wait till this is over. ”

Why doesn't he want to kill Sholoh? Didn't all the dragon gangs come to this stage because of Bishop Loh? If he could, he would execute Sholoh Ling one by one. But not at this moment. In the case of Jiangcheng J, they had to go through Kunsha's cargo. After all, too many money chains appeared broken.

The boat slowed down and docked slowly on the shore, with seven or eight men walking off the boat carrying sacks full of powerful deterrence.

“Mr. Black Wolf, this is what your gang wants! ”

The man with the fluttering hair, dark skin and bright, dead eyes spoke to the black wolf in a less fluent Chinese language.

The black wolf looked at the fishing boat and asked, "Is Mr. Kunsha not here? ”

“The boss said the situation was unstable and he didn't want to be involved. In addition, the boss wanted to ask if there had been any progress on the matter entrusted to your gang.” Dead fisheye man said.

“It has been discovered that the Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps was involved in the kidnapping of Chu Yunhuo's daughter in Wild Pig Ridge. According to a JC, by the time they arrived, 17 members of the Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps had been killed. If not surprisingly, it was a special bodyguard arranged by Chu Yunhuo to be near his daughter.” Black Wolf Way.

“A bodyguard? ”

Dead fisheye men are a little shocked, can one man kill the mercenaries their bosses have trained? Or kill seventeen in one breath?

The black wolf nodded: "Yes, it is indeed a man. ”

He waved and the green-haired man handed over a piece of information.

The dead fisheye man glanced at the three-inch profile picture: “Is this the man? ”

Some of the guys who don't believe the photo looks cool and doesn't have any killers on their faces would be a super bodyguard.

“That's him. ”

In a positive tone, the black wolf said, "His name is Sholo, and the relationship with Chu Yunhuo is very delicate. Most importantly, the Red Scorpion leader who survived the cliff jump in Wild Pig Ridge was killed by him. ”

Of course, he didn't find evidence that the Red Scorpion mercenary regiment was destroyed by Sholo, who was the enemy of the Dragon Gang, so he didn't mind having one of Blackwater's key executives, Kunsha, think about Sholo, and all the signs showed that it was most likely Sholo, so why not give him a boost?

The man with the dead eye was slightly stunned, biting his teeth and cutting his teeth: “You Chinese have a good saying, people are invisible.” He put Sholo's file away properly and turned to fist the black wolf, "I will tell the boss everything, I am sure the boss will be grateful for the help of your gang. ”

“Mr. Kunsha is a friend of our Dragon Gang and helps his friends, which is what we should do.” The black wolf returned a message.

The green-haired man then pulled up a safe-deposit box in Burma and opened it and it was filled with a stacked red note.

The man with the dead eye nodded to the man with the dead eye, meaning no problem. Of course, for the goods in the sack, the black wolf side has also been tested, thumbs up against the black wolf, which means OK.

“Okay, Mr. Black Wolf, I'll see you later! ”

Dead fish-eyed men fist black wolves like the ancients, the deal is done, and there's no reason to stay here any longer.

“Sorry, you're under arrest! ”

At this moment, a voice full of strength, like thunder, shook up at this silent abandoned pier.

Immediately afterwards, a black figure jumped from the top of a container stacked like a wall, lightly landing like a ghost.

Wearing a black hoodie, like a medieval European wizard robe, is full of darkness. Clean, white face, dark, hard eyes, tall nose, beautiful lip shape, through a sublime and elegant.

He had two guns in his hand, and the black muzzle was aimed at the black wolves.

That's Sholo!

“I've been stolen, and I'm here just in time!” Sholo glanced and laughed in a cold arc at the corner of his mouth.

Dead fisheye man with a slight twinkle: “Are you the JC of China? ”


The man with the dead eye looked around and asked, “Are you alone? ”


Sholo responded faintly, he came to take the lead, solved all the whistles and whistles arranged by the black wolf, Wang Yongjia they were rushing here quickly.

“Ha-ha-ha... are you a pig to die for? ”

The man with the dead eye laughed and immediately took down his gun to shoot Sholo.

But Sholobal was one step faster than him, listening only to “bang”, a loaded bullet punched through the palm of the dead fish eye, and the gun fell to the ground.

“Don't move, if you move, I can't guarantee the next bullet will hit you in the head! ”

Sholo hey smile, of course he doesn't know his profile on a dead fisheye man, otherwise he would have shot a dead fisheye man in the head.

“He's Sholo!” The Black Wolf now reminds the dead fisheye man.

The dead fisheye man took a closer look at Sholo, and this immediately determined that the guy on the file was this guy, able to kill the Red Scorpion mercenary regiment that their boss had cultivated, and this kind of guy made his face condense.