Peerless Genius System

Chapter 231 Ghost

“Fuck him! ”

The dead fisheye man rolled a donkey, quickly flashing under a rusty crane and shouting.

Seven foreign men simultaneously took down the strike q on their backs and targeted Sholoh to sweep S. In addition, a group of black wolves reacted equally quickly, taking out the hand q inserted in the back waist and shooting Sholoh for an S.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom."

“Da-da-da-da ~”

The ZD of Hand q and Strike q is like a fire snake, interwoven into a fire net that fiercely encloses the past towards Sholo.

Deterrence is a clear failure!

This is a logical thing, smuggling hundreds of kilograms of poison, once captured and sentenced to 100 per cent death, these are the fatalities, how can they be deterred by two hands in the district.

“Bang bang ~”

After Sholo and Q. killed two Black Wolf men, he leaped like a wolf and stepped into the back of an abandoned fishing boat, using the fishing boat as a cover to escape the bullets fired by these mad S.

“Shaw, I'll fuck you up! ”

The green-haired man lost his mind. With two qs in his eyes, he made a fierce s-hit on the fishing boat. The others approached the fishing boat in a fan-shaped fashion, suppressing it with strong firepower and not letting Sholo show his head at all.

Fishing boats that had already been ravaged by wind and rain and sunlight were in a state of flutter for a moment.

“Quick, kill him! ”

The dead fisheye man screamed out loud and the blood cave on his palm was sorely painful, all he wanted to see was Sholo beaten to a meat sieve by ZD.

At this time, several tons of fishing boats were like hit by a train head. A loud bang rushed towards this group of drug dealers. The green-haired man was horrified and yelled: "Get away! ”

But five people still did not escape in time, screaming and being knocked down by a fishing boat, spraying blood on their mouths, huge fishing boats unstoppable, and crushing past with rolling power, the five instantly turned into a beach full of flesh and blood.

For the first time, the face of the Black Wolf's dead face was discolored, and Sholoh was far more powerful than he could have imagined. This was not the ultimate strength. This was a powerful martial arts master with a strong inner strength, otherwise it would never have been possible to push tons of fishing boats out.

“Is this guy a monster? ”

It was unthinkable that a dead fish-eyed man could not believe that a human being could push a fishing boat with his eyes wide open.

“Phew ~”

Sholo was killed from the rear of the fishing boat. He was a ghost, turned into a reaper of harvested life, and quickly drove out three Qs.

Three loaded ZDs almost lined up in a one-word long line, S went into the chest of three drug dealers holding an assault Q, “Pfft ~” blood splashed, the three immediately screamed and fell into the bloodstream.

“Damn it! ”

The remaining four foreign men saw Sholo point the q at them, horrified and hiding, while simultaneously sweeping the s toward Sholo.

“Tap, tap, tap.”

The ZD from the strike q is unusually fierce, and even the air seems to tear open.

“Bang bang ~”

Sholo drove two more qs, killed two of them, his feet pushed the missile, slid out of the open, behind him ZD hit the "Tinker Bell” sound on the ground, he ran at full speed, like a hunting leopard, suddenly left and right rushed up towards the remaining two foreign men.

The threat of holding an assault q is high, it should be killed first!

Both men were stunned because their eyes didn't capture the movement trajectory of Sholoh, but at this point a chill instilled from the heavenly lid.


They lifted their heads simultaneously, their pupils contracted sharply, and cold sweats burst into their eyes, distinguishing between two black q mouths.

“Die!” Sholo smiled brutally and did not hesitate to pull the trigger.

“Bang bang ~”

Two ZDs penetrated the heads of the two men and their tall bodies fell to the ground.

Kill seven foreign men with a strike q, but in the blinking time, Sholoh's bullets are flawless, and every time he drives a q, someone falls down, which makes the dead fisheye man unspeakable. They are all suckers of blood at the tip of the knife, already used to the days of shooting and shooting, how could they be killed so easily? Or if you hold your own strike q?

This can only illustrate one problem: the enemy is too powerful, and they are not at all of the same level as him.

“Fuck you! ”

The green-haired man cursed, q aimed at Sholoh, and all walked toward Sholoh q.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom."

Sholo walked away with electricity, not a single ZD could bite him, all on the ground behind him, and he pounced on these people like a wolf hunting, driving a q close s kill.

The black wolf slowly tightened his fist and his inner strength poured violently. He knew that Sholo's q was running out of bullets. It was time for him to strike, but at this time, an icy q mouth topped his temple.

“Freeze! ”

The short man stopped disguising himself and stood up to conquer the wolf.

“You betrayed me?” The black wolf glanced at him with his eyes cold.

“I haven't betrayed you, I've always been JC.” The short man said.

The black wolf immediately figured out that Sholo had played a play that day, and the strong bull was not actually an informant of JC at all, and the real informant was this land.

He laughed a little wildly: "Good technique, really good technique! ”

Seeing him like this, he didn't seem to put his hand with his head in his eyes at all, and the short man didn't come by for a moment of nervousness: “Black Wolf, I know you have strong hands, but your hands are no stronger than ZD, I hope you don't do anything stupid! ”

“Why don't you try?” The black wolf smiled cold.

The next second, the already lucky right palm spins half a turn, slapping one on the belly of a short man.

“Boom ~”

The male force spread rapidly around the center of the contact point, the short man only felt the intestines in his abdomen stir together in an instant, a "puff” of blood sprayed out, his body like a broken kite thrown out hard.

“Bang ~”

He tried his best to open a q, but this q lost its quasi, ZD flied over the face of the black wolf, formed the wind blade and the high temperature burning, leaving a wound on the face of the black wolf, nothing more.

“Tick, tick, tick, tick.”

At this point, the thunderous siren sounded, and the red and blue lights could be seen far away.

The black wolf retracted his steps toward the short man and looked back at Sholo, who was entangled with his men. When the moment came to an end, he jumped straight into the sea and disappeared into the calm sea.

And a group of drug dealers who heard the siren panicked. When they saw five or six J cars stop, Wang Yongjia and other SWAT brigades running from the top held Q-groups and surrounded them, their psychological fortress was completely destroyed, and they all threw Q-heads down.

Only the green-haired man held on tight to a q that no longer had ZD, and stood there staring fiercely at Sholo.

“Put the q down, head down!” Wang Yongjia shouted loudly.

Sholo smiled and looked at the green-haired man: "You hear me? Put the q down! ”

The green-haired man threw the q away, but still held his fist tight, teething like a hyena.

“You got the guts to do it alone with me?” He yelled at Sholo.