Peerless Genius System

Chapter 233: The Invitation of Dragon Sankyu

The Dragon Gang's four main guardians died, caught and fled, and 3,000 sons and daughters are gradually becoming lower prisoners. In this regard, Sholo was most pleased to see that Cologne San-kyu was really angry. He was like a beast that had to bite the hunter back before he died, and was fighting for the last time.

Sholo went to the hospital to see Wang Lihu and them.

“Boss, I'll be out of the hospital soon, and I'll be able to fight with you.” Wang Lihu, while wearing a medical uniform, did not forget to lift his sleeves to reveal his biceps.

“Dead tiger, there is only one Dragon San-kyu left now, it is enough to follow me, you should stay in this hospital honestly.” Ye Qiu had a good time.

Wang Lihu quit, scolding: “Shut the fuck up, you fucking hawk! ”

He threw the pillow from his own bed at Ye Qiu. As a result, he pushed too hard, pulled the wound on his body, and his face changed.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Can” Liu Iron Pot, lying on the bed, complained heavily.

Ye Qiu couldn't help laughing: “Brother Pan, this is the age of information explosion. Magazines and newspapers have long been eliminated. If you want to understand current affairs, a mobile phone can be easily solved. ”

Sholo called Liu Iron Pot and he naturally called it the same.

“Mom sells a lot, don't say wifi here, even the data network is 2G, can't even open a broken web page, get your phone to understand current affairs, what the hell?” Liu Tie Pan put down his magazine angrily, he was already angry that there was no internet signal here, not to mention okay, not to mention that he was going to explode all over.

Wang Lihu comforted: “Calm down, calm down, no internet, we can see the beautiful nurse sister. ”

As soon as he said that, the nurse in the ward was thirsty and holding a cup of water threw a strange look at him this way.

Wang Lihu continued: "Haven't you seen" Bright Sword "? Li stayed in the hospital once and even found his wife. Although I don't have the heroic charm of old Li, our face value is also quite high. It is definitely not a problem to make beautiful women fall in love at first sight.” Turn around, look at the nurse, throw a glamorous eye, "Am I right, pretty girl? ”

“Pfft ~”

When the nurse listened, Ray sprayed the tea out of her mouth. She hurried out of the ward, and before leaving, she turned her eyes over to Wang Lihu. It was self-evident, meaning that you look like a confident person.

Ye Qiu and Liu Tie Pan couldn't help laughing.

Wang Lihu was quite calm and had a serious face: “Look, the pretty woman drooled when she saw me. How handsome I am to make a girl go hungry and thirsty.” Sigh with a frown, "Alas... so annoying! ”


“I've never seen a cheap face like you. ”

Ye Qiu and Liu Tie Pan laughed directly in their bellies. The latter laughed and clapped his bed. Tears even laughed.

Sholoh couldn't help but think that Wang Lihu had suddenly become a runner: “Looks like you three are having a good time in the hospital. ”

At this point, his phone vibrated and a phone called in.

Take it out, it's a strange number, and when you hear it, a loud and vicious sound sounds.

“Little bastard, I really underestimated you before. I didn't expect you to have this much energy. I really want to kill you with one knife and one knife! ”

Ryu San-kyu!

Shololi immediately identified the other person.

He looked at Wang Lihu and they then walked out of the ward with his cell phone.

"Long time no see," chuckled the dragon boss. "Your voice is so powerful, your body still looks so stiff. ”

“Come to my house tonight at 12: 00, I'll fucking kill you!” Ryu San-kyu's temper is very grumpy.

Sholo smiled. “Do you think I'll go knowing your dragon boss is going to kill me? ”

If he wanted Long San-kyu dead, he would have killed Long Mansion, why be a JC? His aim was to destroy the entire Dragon Gang, even completely remove the cancer, and save himself from becoming the number one criminal that JC wanted to capture by more legitimate means.

“I bet you'll come. ”

Dragon San-kyu said so. Without waiting for Sholo to answer, he hung up.

“This old maniac. ”

Sholo thinks this guy is crazy and doesn't speak right.

Just as he turned around and stepped into the ward...

“Boom ~”

A loud noise swung the entire hospital building, a flaming wave of smoke swept up like a dust storm on a floor, accompanied by a scarlet flame demon.

The terrible screams blew up from the entire hospital, and the frightened crowd flew around like pieces of explosive debris.

This is a powerful explosion!

Sholo's pupils narrowed because he could see clearly that his sister Shaw Ruyi was working on the ground floor of the explosion there.

He was like a phantom, rushing over to that floor, which had been turned into a flaming sea, full of stinging smoke, many hospital nurses and patients had been killed alive and turned into a burning corpse, and many seriously injured people had climbed out screaming terribly, seeing Sholo, and the will to survive kept them crying out for “help."

Sholo doesn't care about anybody, one room after another looking for them.

“Ruyi, ruyi...”

Unable to speak of fear, unable to speak of nervousness, he is not afraid of heaven, but only afraid of the death of his own family.

The scene of the explosion was a mess. Nitrous smoke rose with the flames. Sholoh temporarily closed his breath using Easy Menstruation, but his body was quickly contaminated with a layer of dust and his skin was burned red by the flames.

Those seriously injured quickly fainted in such an environment, even if Sholo had a susceptible body, and after searching for it for five or six minutes, he felt dizzy, his body was put in the furnace as if it was burning with fire and burning painfully, he could rush out, but he didn't find Shaw Ruyi, how could he do this?

“Ding, the system has detected that the host is in an extremely harsh environment, which poses a life-threatening threat to the host. Please leave immediately! ”

In my mind, the tone of the system sounded.

Sholo ignored it completely, and still looked for Shaw Ruyi in one ward after another. Except for Shaw Ruyi, he looked at all the wounded as if he were in the air.

The flame burned his arm, the smoke smoked his eyes red and sore, it felt like there were two sharp long needles pushing hard, his pace slowed, but still firm and heavy.

Burned! Burned!

He endured severe burning pain and vowed to find his sister Shaw Ruyi.

At this point, a Qian shadow covered his mouth with a wet towel and flushed his nose in, holding his hand.

“If you're not here, get out with me! ”

Coming from Gu Qian Xue, her inner strength is ambitious, but in such a flaming sea, enduring a minute has made her squeeze her frowns tight.

After that, she immediately pulled Sholo out of the flames.