Peerless Genius System

Chapter 235: Single Knife to the Meeting

“Gu Qian Xue, Ye Wensong, old K has sent a letter, Mr. X starts the operation, you assemble the criminal police brigade, the security brigade and the special police brigade immediately to the villa of Long San Kui.” After receiving the call from Liu Tie Pan, Fan Changlong gave orders to his two captains.

At one point, the whole bureau boiled.

People's Hospital, Liu Tie Pan stood in the corridor, staring at the dense rain screen, there was constant thunder in his ear, he took out a cigarette light from his pocket, inhaled deeply, and then slowly spit out a circle of cigarette in his lungs.

"The King Yan struck the drum and came to the sun to claim his life! ”



The wind whistled and the "whoop” sounded like a thousand demons howling.

Dragon Sanquan sat on the master chair at the entrance of his villa, his tap crutch was only used to paralyze the opponent, not his real inconvenience, it was no longer needed at this moment, a long stick knife replaced its position.

This is a chicken crown knife about two meters long and more than half a meter long, engraved with a raw golden dragon, teeth dancing claws, and mighty.

Standing neatly in the rain, two rows of the dragon gang elite stared coldly at this big knife scattered through the cold in the rain night. They believed in the “righteousness” of Master Guan. This knife was also customized according to Guan Yunchang's big knife, almost identical.

Green Dragon Lunar Knife!

Weighing up to 120 pounds, none of them could dance, only their master rudder dragon, using it as a weapon, in the era of the rise of the Dragon Gang, cut off the heads of countless enemies with it, this knife is already covered in blood and breathing.

For them, this is not only the Dragon Master's weapon, but also their faith. Once the Green Dragon Moon Knife is released, the Wulin Herd will not dare to refuse!

Dragon Sankyu's left hand no longer played with walnuts, but crushed them one by one, and then took out the nuts inside. He threw them like peanuts into his mouth and tasted them. The ground was already full of walnut debris.

Standing next to him is the black wolf, wanted by the J. Nationwide!

He was dressed in black and still smelled like a wolf, and his eyes seemed green and chilly.

“Shit, why isn't that little shit here yet? Is he really not afraid I'm going to open a knife with someone around him? ”

Dragon Sankyu suddenly pressed the Green Dragon Lunar Knife, the ground made of marble paved directly out of a concave pit, countless cracks from the beginning of the pit, spread towards the surrounding area like a spider web.

“With what I know about him, he will definitely come.” The black wolf's faint path.

Dragon San-kyu hummed: “If I don't come, I will make him regret it for the rest of his life. If you come, you will cut him down. If you don't break him into pieces, you won't be able to exasperate my hatred! ”

He truly regretted it. He knew that Sholo could destroy his black industry to this point in the field. He would not have given Chu Yunhuo the face. He would have directly used his 3,000 son to chop Sholo into meat sauce. It was too late to say anything. Although there was no evidence of his crime, J, as the general rudder of the Dragon Gang, watched the Dragon Gang's building collapse. He hated Sholo to the extreme. Even if he perished himself, he vowed to bury La Sholo.

The black wolf nodded, no matter how powerful Sholoh was, if he dared to come here today, Sholoh would surely die, not to mention that he and the Dragon gang of more than 200 elites, the dragon master dominated the subterranean power, he was skilled in hard work, his inner strength was ambitious, and he practiced the ultimate knife technique of the "hegemonic knife”, not to mention the fact that one person, a sedan, would be split in half.

Suddenly, he glanced at a figure standing at the entrance to the villa, and after a moment of inactivity, the black wolf said faintly: "Here he is! ”

“Oh... the little bastard actually went to the meeting with one knife, so fucking wild! ”

Dragon San-kyu laughed and moaned, but in his eyes there was a shady cold light.

The more than 200 dragon gang elite brushed their heads towards the villa door. When they saw Sholoh, everyone's look became extremely unfair. They were the Dragon gang's loyalty. For the Dragon gang's enemies, they had nothing but to kill. Showther's killing intentions spilled over from them. In the light of the lightning, they were like more than two hundred Sha gods, making them frightening.

Sholo was dressed in an army green coat, both his hair and the black underwear inside were wet by rain. With a knife in his right hand, he walked step-by-step towards the villa. The knife had nine iron rings. It was a nine-ring knife that had passed the Jianghu. It was made of stainless steel, and even steel could be cut off by it.

Wet white canvas shoes stepped on floors filled with water and made a "boo lah” sound.

Pause 30 to 40 meters away from Dragon Sankyu, a pair of bright black eyes, like the eyes of a hungry wolf, looking cold at Dragon Sankyu.

“Little bastard, you have the fucking balls to come and you'll come. I told you to eat shit and you'll eat shit too!” Dragon San-kyu's face revealed a sadistic look, his face splitting like a hell of a demon about to taste fresh flesh.

“Psst ~”

Nine ring knives were lifted, nine iron rings shouted, the tip of the knife pointed straight at the dragon Sankyu, Sholoh murderously scolded and drank: “Dead! ”

Meanwhile, the nine-ring knife swung down, the bright large knife cut open the rain screen, the tip of the knife excited a sharp wind blade, under the cutting of the wind blade, a deep knife immediately appeared on the solid ground, but there was too much water accumulation, the knife was quickly filled.


With more than 200 elites slightly stunned, it is said that only those who comprehend the knife technique thoroughly will be able to produce the knife.

“Fuck you, go, chop him up! ”

Dragon San-kyu raged, the blues on his forehead burst, he threw the porcelain cup on the next coffee table hard on the ground, the teacup ‘bang’ was smashed.


More than two hundred elite roars, such as a tiger wolf, stepped on a splash of water, breaking through the barrier of heavy rain curtains and attacking Sholoh.

Striking in the front row, the knife was neatly aligned, drawing a fierce trajectory, from the air facing Sholoh's head down, and the power was astonishing.

“Buzz ~”

The nine-ring knife buzzed, Sholoh's face swept out the big knife without expression, in a series of “dawning” sounds, Mars splashed, rushing to the front of the group of elite only to realize the power of a powerful hegemony, direct shock to their tiger mouth pain, one retreated like a wave.

Sholoh was impassioned, another knife was slashed, and the bright knife was swept out. His eight men were slashed into eight sections by this practically swordsman. Blood and rain were spilled, and the corpses were splashed.

One knife deterred the scene, whether Dragon Sankyu, Black Wolf, or these dragon gang elites, everyone's heart beat violently a few times.