Peerless Genius System

Chapter 239: Shuro Yard

“Click-click ~”

The sound of a broken rib infiltrated, Long Sankyu's body flew like a shell seven or eight meters away before falling, just at the door of the villa, the fat body smashed the master chair, the cell phone on the master chair dropped on the floor, the large mouth of blood gushed out of his mouth and nose.

Sholoh's collision broke his five dirty hearts, coughed up blood and whitened his face at visible speeds.

If you lose, you lose!

Dragon San-kyu had difficulty accepting this result. He looked up at the villa compound, and Sholo picked up the nine-ring knife, stepped on the accumulation of water, and walked towards him step by step. The bloody nine-ring knife was filled with endless killing machines.

At that point, the phone that dropped next to him rang, and the caller looked like a cute little boy with a bright smile, a birthday hat and a little cream on his nose.

Dragon Sankyu's otherwise gloomy and vicious face suddenly revealed a merciful smile, as if he had suddenly changed into a person. There was no killing in his eyes, no vicious light. His hands were shaking uncontrollably because of excitement or pain, but eventually he slid to the right and successfully connected the phone.

“Honey, we're in magnesium country, just got off the plane, the beans are already very sleepy, but he won't sleep until he talks to you.” At the end of the phone, a woman's voice sounded.

Ryu San-kyu said with a smile: “Then let me talk to my son. ”

“Beans, come talk to Daddy.” The woman gave the phone to the little boy.

“Dad!” a childish voice sounded.

Ryu San-kyu's smile got stronger: “Why aren't the beans asleep yet? It's not a good idea not to sleep so late. ”

“Daddy, the sun is getting taller and the beans can't sleep. ”

“Really? Dad, it's night and it's still raining heavily, cough... cough...”

“Dad, what are you coughing about? Is your body freezing? ”

“Beans, don't worry. Daddy's Superman. He won't freeze again. ”

“Oh, yeah, Dad's Superman. ”

“Beans over there be good. You have to listen to your mother. You have to sleep on time. If you go to school later, you have to study hard. When you grow up, you will be able to protect your mom and dad, okay? ”


Talking, Ryu San-kyu's eyes suddenly wet with tears, the old tears spread, the whole person suddenly looked like a teenager.

Sholo stopped in front of him with a nine-ring knife, and the rain bled with blood dropped drops from the legs, corners, cuffs, etc., slowly lifting the murderous nine-ring knife.

“Pfft ~”

A lightning tore through the night sky and the silver white light sparkled and the entire river city was lighted briefly.

In the light of this lightning, Sholo seemed like the reaper who had come to the sun, the blade of the nine-ring knife, scattered a little bit of cold light.

“Bye, Daddy. Beans will listen to Daddy. Be a good boy. ”

“Honey, don't stay up all night, pay attention to rest, I'll take care of the beans, don't worry, focus on your career. ”

“Got it, Ming Hui. ”

Long San-kyu sighed and hung up the phone.

At the moment the phone hung up, his eyes reverted to the way they were before, filled with a harsh and vicious rhyme.

After he coughed up five or six bites of blood, his body felt better. He glanced coldly at Sholo with the rest of his light and scolded: “Little shit, you're losing. I'm so unhappy. What the fuck are you, huh? ”

The last word is a roaring sound, like a hong bell.

Sholo looked at him indifferently, and the next second, the nine-ring knife fell.

“Knock, knock, knock...”

Dragon Sankyu's head was cut off, like a leather ball rolled out a short distance on the floor, and the neck of the headless body was shooting hot blood at the outside.

“Tick, tick, tick, tick.”

The thrilling siren sounds abruptly, and the villa is surrounded by glorious red and blue lights alternating, as is often the case in television dramas, and JC often arrives in a hurry after everything is over.

Sholo's gaze stalled for a moment, his ears didn't hear the siren, and he could only hear the rain.

He threw the nine-ring knife on the ground, turned to the white beard where he passed out, untied her, then removed the white cloth stuffed in her mouth, and then picked her up and walked step outside the villa.

The manic heart suddenly calmed down and couldn't say what it felt like, as if the world was suddenly quiet!

The rain wetted Sholo's dark hair and washed the blood from him, but those striking wounds continued to infiltrate the outside.

“Ding, the host is very weak and insufficient points to initiate healing, please heal yourself immediately! ”

In my mind, the system's prompt sounds, and this sound is never emotionally neutral, rigid, and hassle-free.

Sholoh walked out the villa door with a whitewashed face, as if he hadn't heard of it.

On sight, a row of police cars flashing with police lights, fifty or sixty JCs pointed at him with guns, and a special J in black uniform surrounded him in a fan-shaped shape.

Gu Qian Lin, who led the team, was preparing to shout with a shouting microphone, and Sholo spoke in advance.

He glanced at Guthalin and said, "Officer Guthalin, can you call an ambulance before you arrest me? ”

As soon as he spoke, he fell to the ground, and his consciousness went into a coma.

The blood flowing from him and from the whites slowly stained the surrounding ground.

“Come on, get them to the hospital!” Gu Qian Lin waved an urgent order.

Ye Wensong, who was also the captain, led the way into the villa, and when they had a clear view of the compound, everyone stood as stiff as a sculpture at the same time.

Everyone held their breath and, apart from hearing their own uncontrollable heartbeat, they could only see a garden full of flesh and blood. They want what they see to be untrue, otherwise the brain will not be able to deal with such horrible images and will not dare to imagine what is really happening.

Broken hands, broken legs, internal organs, intestines, head...

Blood on the ground, even if it rains heavily, cannot remove the intense smell of blood in the air.

“Vomit ~”

Several experienced JCs threw up directly.

Gu Qian Linda came in the back with a tight eyebrow, his face was quickly covered in cold sweat, and he shook his voice: “That... demon! ”

It was horrible to turn a villa into a Huroyard, not a demon or something, and she swore to make sure that Sholo was brought to justice.