Peerless Genius System

Chapter 240: Bao He

Sholo's killing at Villa Longsankyu shocked all the visiting JCs, in terms of how many cases you've handled, how bloody a crime scene you've seen, yet none of the crime scenes compare to the bloody nature of the Shuro Yard in front of you, a living hell of sight.

Chongqing, Chu Yunxiong looked at the storm outside, his face was unspeakably complicated emotion, he had already detected, Sholo killed Long Sankyu, more than 200 lives overnight, and JC caught him in good standing, no matter what, he could not be excused.

“Lo, why don't you just calm down? ”

Chu Yunhong sighed and muttered to himself. In fact, during this time he has been watching Sholo's movements, sweeping, fighting, counter-narcotics... Sholo's every action he sees, sometimes he can't help but film the case and call it good.

And the Dragon Gang is moving towards the destruction step by step, but at this last moment, how can you kill directly to the door? As long as there is enough time, the evidence of Dragon San-kyu's crime will appear sooner or later. Isn't it perfect to arrest Dragon San-kyu as a JC?

Unfortunately, Chu Yun was ambitious, although his voice in Jiangcheng was huge, but he was only a businessman after all. He could not jump over the law, this mountain to cover Sholo. Once the murder was obvious, Tianzi was guilty of the same crime as the common people.

However, he still wanted to make some efforts, take out his cell phone, dial the phone of lawyer Ge Zhongtian, ask Ge Zhongtian to start preparing immediately, and do his best to defend Sholo in court.



Directorate General, Fan Changlong's office has received several unexpected guests.

A middle-aged man, two tall, powerful men.

A middle-aged man or a strong man, wearing a penciled suit, clean and ruthless, powerful, middle-aged man's hair is completely white, but it does not affect his spirituality at all, his waist bar is straight, his eyes are in front of him, and his face has a light smile.

“Old leader?! ”

When I met this middle-aged man, Fan Changlong was so surprised that he let go of all the hurry to greet him.

The middle-aged man smiled: "Long time no see, I suddenly came to visit, didn't it affect your work? ”

“I can't tell you how happy I am that the old leader can come to visit me. Please sit down. ”

Fan Chang Longxi frowned, respectfully invited a middle-aged man to sit on the couch of the office, and then turned to pour tea. At the same time, he was wondering. The old leader now manages the state secret NSA in Xiahai City. Why did he suddenly come to Jiangcheng, or was it related to that Sholo in the middle of the night?

“Dragon, I'm here to save a man.” The middle-aged man opened the door and smiled.

After listening to this, Fan Changlong almost poured a cup of tea into the ground.

He walked in with a cup of tea and asked with a smile: "Who does the old leader want to protect? ”

“Sholo! ”

Middle-aged men speak the name calmly.

Fan Changlong stunned, his heart caused a shock to fall over the river, it was really for Sholo, when did Sholo get involved with the NSA, even let the old leader personally protect him?

“Old leader, this...”

“I know this is gonna be hard on you, but, Sholo, I have to keep him safe, no matter what he does, no matter what he commits, and why he keeps him safe, which is my NSA's secret.” The middle-aged man said lightly, still smiling on his face.

Fan Changlong was mute and discolored, and this was the first time he had seen his old leader so powerful and overbearing.

“Old Leader, I know the NSA is higher than our J-Square system, but Sholoh killed more than 200 people overnight. There's blood now...”

The middle-aged man waved and interrupted, “He killed all the social toxins. Am I right? ”

“Yes, but...”

“When I left, I also told you to bring the Dragon Sankyu rope to justice and eradicate the so-called Dragon Gang forces. Is that what happened?” The middle-aged man once again interrupted ruthlessly.

Fan Changlong lowered his head in darkness: “Yes. ”

“After all these years, why hasn't Long San-kyu been solved? And let him build an underground black dynasty. Can you avoid that responsibility?” The smile of a middle-aged man has long converged and replaced it with a harsh one, as if the elders were reprimanding the wrong descendants.

Fan Changlong's forehead began to sweat cold. The old leader is threatening him. The NSA has the power to sanction corrupt and corrupt officials, not only externally, but also internally. If he is given a hat that conforms to the black forces, I'm afraid he will have to be told what he did.

The middle-aged man slowed down and said: "What you didn't do, Sholo helped you do it, although the means were a little brutal, but everything he did was ultimately better than worse. ”

Some kind of brutality?

Is it just a little brutal?

Fan Changlong was eager to refute it, but in front of the old leader, he had no temper at all.

“The old leader, Sholo, killed the man as a matter of fact, and he is most likely the Mr. X we J have been searching for. ”

“Possibly? Since when does a director like you become obsessed with evidence?” Middle-aged men are somewhat disappointed.

Fan Changlong said with a stiff scalp: "If you arrest him and interrogate him, you can definitely get him out of the water. ”

The middle-aged man laughed helplessly: "Looks like I left and no longer have the authority to order you. You're right, why do you have to listen to me now? ”

Fan Changlong's heart trembled and stood tall: “The old leader broke my heart. In my heart, I have always admired you and always treated you as my teacher. But Sholo's problem is too serious, more than two hundred lives, and he cannot escape the law in any way. ”

“I wonder, then, what is the purpose of the law? ”

“in order to maintain social relations and order, to facilitate the stable and lasting development of the country.” Fan Changlong replied.

The middle-aged man nodded: "Now that you know its fundamental purpose is to make the country stable and sustainable, let me tell you that Sholoh's existence is to make the country stable and sustainable, that you put him in jail or that the court sentences him to death, and I can be very responsible to tell you that soon our country will be in turmoil and a devastating disaster will be upon us! ”

“Grunting ~”

Fan Changlong burst out of cold sweat all over again, thinking: What exactly is the origin of this Sholo? It will be so important to the country!

“Knock, knock, knock.”

At that point, the door to the office was knocked.

Then Gu Qian Lin and Ye Wensong walked in.

“Dad?! ”

At the moment of seeing the middle-aged man, Gu Qian Lin had to open her eyes and shout incredibly.