Peerless Genius System

Chapter 245: Exactly Evil

Mesh green light slowly scans toward the foot starting with Sholo's head, and Sholo's body virtual structure quickly appears on the computer display screen connecting the device.

The ancient warring nation stared dead at the computer silver screen. The reason why he valued Sholo so much, besides the fact that Sholo was an 'exterminated' identity, also because of Sholo's strength, that Dragon San-kyu's strength reached level B, the guy who can kill Dragon San-kyu, his strength definitely exceeded level B, and it is even possible that one of those 100,000 people will appear an S-level warrior.

If Schollo was an S-level warrior, then Schollo would certainly be the sharpest sharp knife in the country!

“Tick, tick, tick.”

At this time, the warrior rating device suddenly sounded a burst of alarm, and the silver screen of the computer, which was the normal interface, appeared to be chaotic.

“What's going on? ”

The NSA engineer in charge of assessing warrior rating equipment asked urgently.

The engineer's hands knocked instantly on the keyboard, puzzling: “Strange, the device can't rate his warrior level! ”

“What do you mean?” The ancient warring nations drank.

The engineer was equally puzzled and frowned: “As long as it's biological, our device can rate a warrior level, but the device can't recognize this guy...”

The ancient warring nations interrupted: "Can't you recognize it? Are you trying to tell me that lying there isn't a man, not even a creature? ”

The engineer panicked, and in front of the NSA Supreme Commander, such an anomaly occurred, and he was afraid that it was all mixed up: “Possibly… there was a malfunction in the device…”

“Son of a bitch, what are you doing eating, not even maintaining a piece of equipment? ”

The ancient warring Power was furious, and he was eager to know what level of warrior Sholo was, but he was told that his device was malfunctioning and his temper was ignited on the spot.

The worker freaked out, and the engineer lowered his head and sweated cold.

At this point, the alarm sounds of the equipment became more and more urgent, just as the countdown bomb was about to explode.

The ancient warring nations shouted out loud: "Get rid of it! ”

If anything happens to Sholo here, he'll go crazy.

The engineer hurried to input the opening instruction to the equipment, but the equipment had turned on the red light at this time, warning that the sound was deafening and the engineer was sweating like a waterfall because he found himself typing the instruction and the equipment did not react in the slightest way.

The two B-class warriors behind the ancient warring nations swept past, pulling Sholoh out of the cylindrical device by force, and when they took Sholoh out of the sealed glass room where the device was located, the device really blew up like a bomb.

“Doom, are you all right?” The ancient warring States asked with concern.

Sholo pushed away the two B-class fighters who held him back, looked back at the device that had been blown up, and said with a slight blame: “Chief Gu, didn't you say it was safe? ”

The ancient warring nations were very embarrassed, laughed twice, and then a shady face shouted at the engineer in charge of the equipment: "Come, you answer the question! ”

The engineer shivered and sat directly on the ground.

Sholo waved: “Forget it, equipment malfunction is normal, I've been in the factory before, and I know that. ”

In fact, his mind was a little faint. The warrior rating device seemed to be able to detect the existence of the system. When he was inside, he felt very uncomfortable, as if his soul had been withdrawn from his body.

“It seems that we can only go to Headquarters to make the assessment, and rest assured that there will never be such a problem with the equipment there.” The ancient warring nations laughed at Sholoway.

“I already have a shadow. ”

Shololi refused immediately and said, “Anyone who talks to me about this rating rating device in the future, I'm in a hurry! ”

The ancient warring nations had to laugh and, at the same time, stare at the engineer who hated iron and steel.



He left a file with the NSA, officially became a member of the NSA, and added a ring to Sholo's finger.

The ring is very common, in fact it's a street vendor for over a dozen dollars, but after processing it by the NSA tech department, it became a tiny locator, tailor-made for Sholoh, a privilege given to Sholoh by the ancient warring nations, because other NSA members implanted the locator directly in one part of their body.

The Ancient Warring States meant that he would soon be assigned a liaison officer to act as a bridge between him and the NSA.

It doesn't matter, Sholo finds that joining the NSA is still good, at least not punching in and out of work every day like any other job, more like a freelance profession, but a part-time job. His main job is actually to hit hard when the hostile forces abroad want to open the Chinese network door again, blocking them out of the door.

After leaving the NSA station, Sholo took a taxi to the District Bureau in the Light District.

That night, the arrest operation was a direct bypass of the district bureau, but there was some leakage, and the district bureau JC was in awe of Sholo. Of course, Sholo didn't care. The Dragon Gang was extinguished, and it was time for him to take off his uniform.

Director Hou Zhijie did not say anything.

Wang Yongjia stopped wanting to talk. After Sholo submitted his resignation, he said, "Take care."


Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu, who had already been discharged from the hospital, greeted each other, without too many words, and all emotions were in one shout.

Sholo patted them on the shoulder: "Go, go, go! ”

Then he walked out of the precinct.

At the door, the front met Liu Tie Pan.

At this time, Liu Iron Pot was wearing a pencil and a police uniform, wearing a police cap, but he had a great sense of integrity, with him, as well as Gu Qian Lin and Ye Wensong.

Sholo walked over naturally and smiled at Liu Tie Pan and said: “Brother Pan, I guess I'm right, you are more than 22 years old. ”

“I'm thirty-four. ”

Liu iron pot also smiled, he was an old K, as a special agent, which was the most tangled task he had ever undertaken.

He thought Sholo was an evil and unforgiving villain, but after contact, he really knew what kind of man Sholo was, against the Dragon Gang, only because of a girl who had been poisoned by the Dragon Gang, and acted decisively, even without dragging mud and water, against the enemy, Sholo was harsh, but against friends and relatives, Sholo was always passionate.

If he had to give Sholo a review, it would be just as evil!

“In fact, Liu Tie Pot is not my real name, my real name is...”

“Brother Pan, as an agent, it's not a good thing to expose your real name. ”

Sholo lifted his hand and interrupted. He did not want to know the real name of Liu Tie Pot. In his place, there was only one Liu Tie Pot.

Liu Tie Pan didn't go on, nodded in favour: “You're right. ”

Sholo looked at Guchillin and said, "Officer Guchillin, you're not going to arrest me again, are you? ”

Gu Qian Lin bit his teeth: “If you commit another crime, I will arrest you. ”

“Well, you wait. ”

Sholo encouraged him, “By the way, where's the girl? I'm leaving soon. Aren't you going to let me see her for the last time? ”

“I warn you, it's best to stay away from my sister and stay too close to you, which only affects her ability to discern good from evil!” Gu Qian Lin shouted.

Sholo smiles and doesn't want to talk anymore.