Peerless Genius System

Chapter 248 Breaking Cans Break and Break

“Measuring the consequences? Shaw, can you hear me? President Xu, this is not even in your eyes.” Zhang Dashan smiled.

The voice had just fallen, the conference room door had been pushed open, and Sholo, dressed in a formal suit, walked in, with a bright white face through the corner of the diamond, handsome, clear five officials, a sharpening face, and yet the atmosphere was converging with a divine rhyme that no one dared despise.

President Shaw?!

When all participants saw Sholoh, they stood unconsciously because Sholoh weighed too much in their hearts, a legendary figure who pulled Lofong back from the edge of collapse and defeated his competitors' taste buds.

“Really big boss! ”

Lo Qi was shocked. After so long, she missed him a lot.

Li Zimeng's face also shows joy. Sholo is the kind of boss that people will love very soon.

“Looks like something's going to happen. ”

Lin impulse has a sharp sense of smell, and he has discovered that every time Sholomboard shows up with a face, someone always has bad luck. Who is the bad luck guy this time is quite obvious.

“Mr. Shaw, when did you... when did you get back? ”

Xu Guan pine surface is bitter, sitting is not, standing is not, looks very unnatural.

“I'm afraid if you don't come back, Vice President Xu will have to empty me. ”

Sholo glanced at him with a glance, then waved his hand and said to the humans, “Sit down, sit down and talk. ”

Rumor has it that everyone is sitting down, but compared to just now, everyone's upper body is straight and their spirit is highly concentrated. The guy who was supposed to be sleeping is now sleepless.

Zhang Dashan consciously gave way to the middle position and sat on the right side of the long desk.

“During this time, I have some personal matters to take care of. In particular, I asked President Zhang to take my place in managing the company. When I left, you all promised to fully assist President Zhang's work. But some people were very hard at work, and did not keep President Zhang in mind, and clearly confronted him. Xu Guansong, you really impressed me. ”

Sholo put his hands on the table, a few words to scare Xu Guanlong.

“General Xiao, he has little ability, how can the company leave it to someone like him to take care of, so that the company will end sooner or later.” Xu Guansong defended himself.

“He's powerless? ”

Sholo sneered, “How was Lofang's business this time of year? Has there been any major accidents? Is the volume of customer orders increasing every day? He handled the company in a well-organized manner. Did you tell me he didn't have much ability? Isn't it because of Xu Guansong's credit that he wasn't in charge of the company this time? ”

“I didn't say that.” Xu Guan Songdao.

“You didn't say that, and you didn't dare to say that either, because in the meantime you did nothing but cause trouble for President Zhang and keep him out of the stage.” Sholo spoke loudly.

“General Xiao, I know Zhang Dashan is your college classmate and your best brother, but you can't fire me because I don't obey his management. Besides, Luo Fang is also the one I watched grow up. Fang Changxuan was already there when I was the boss. No one in the whole company should be more senior than me.

You can fire me just because of your brother. Ask who in the future can step on a solid job, because if you accidentally fire your brother, you won't hesitate to open his knife. If you do this, aren't you afraid that the company will become a piece of sand and have no cohesion? ”

Xu Guanlong was right. For this reason, he had no way back. Solo sex is a broken jar. He doesn't fear Sholo anymore. In front of the company's entire backbone, talk to Sholo theory. So what, Sholo doesn't believe that Sholo really fires him?

Indeed, hearing this, the eyes of all the people in the conference room have become a little complicated. If it is simply because Zhang Dashan hit, Xu Guansong is fired, which is too strong and too chilling.

“Are you threatening me?” Sholo glanced at him indifferently.

“Don't you dare, you are the big owner of Lo Fong, we are all your subordinates, you can fire whoever you say you can, I'm just reminding you, don't let the hearts of everyone, taller buildings, once the foundation breaks, will collapse in a flash.” Xu Guansong's path was dazzling.

His words were very sincere, from the heart of his heart, touching people's souls, not to mention ordinary company backbone, even Luo Qi and Li Zimeng felt that Sholo did not make sense.

“President Xiao, Vice President Xu is loyal to the company and has always been dedicated, just because you hit President Zhang a few times you are going to fire him, I am the first to disagree. ”

“Yeah, Shaw always does that just chills. ”

“It is normal to have different opinions at the time of the company meeting. Vice President Xu merely expressed his own thoughts, not to say that it is not possible to make a head-on collision. If that is not possible, then who dares to speak at the meeting in the future?

The determination of a good decision requires the concerted efforts of all of us to participate actively in the discussion. If we do not have the freedom to express our views, there is no need to hold any meetings at all. It would be nice for President Zhang to decide everything. ”

Xu Guansong's followers began to voice their support, and they firmly believed that Sholo would compromise.

Sholo smiled slightly, staring coldly at Xu Guansong: “Xu Guansong, what exactly am I firing you for? Are you really not counting? ”

Xu Guansong was slightly stunned, suddenly a bad omen appeared, but he still coughed dry and forced himself to calm down, coldly humming: “President Xiao has something to say, don't turn the corner, I Xu Guansong sat perfectly right, I swear by my personality, I have never done anything harmful to the company! ”


Sholo scorned and drank, “Minister Guo! ”

The voice had just fallen, the door to the conference room had been pushed open, and a woman dressed in professional clothes had come in, and her face was disturbed.

Minister of Finance Guofu?!

At this time, people discovered that Guo Fu was just not in the conference room.

Xu Guansong also realized this at this moment, his face turned colorful and stared at Guo Fu dead, as if he was warning her of something.

“The first time I came back, I went to the Treasury Department to check the flow of accounts over the period and found that Minister Guo had done something with the accounts report.” Sholo said calmly.

Meanwhile, Zhang Dashan opened the projector in the conference room and found a presentation to open.

It shows two financial reports, one on the inside and the other on the outside, and it is clear that the two reports are identical in content, but the final total transactions are different.

“The company pays taxes according to this financial report, and the total transaction column is five million fewer external reports than the comparative reports, which means that the financial returns to the company require about 200,000 more taxes than the taxes actually paid, which are not in the pockets of the government, nor are they in the pockets of everyone here. ”

Sholo turned his eyes to Guofu and smiled, “Minister Guo, whose pocket did you say it was in? I will not hold you accountable as long as you speak truthfully, for what has not been casted as a big mistake. ”