Peerless Genius System

Chapter 250: Next Destination

Guo Fu's words, like a heavy bomb in the conference room blows up, directly blows everyone's mind, who can imagine that the finance minister Guo Fu actually had an improper relationship with Xu Guansong, and depending on this situation, the two people have not maintained this relationship for two days a day.

“Isn't that too strong? ”

Lo Qi couldn't help but express an emotion.

Zhang Dashan grinned and exclaimed bitterly: “Xu Guansong, you have a wife and children yourself, you cheated on raising Xiaosan, you are really a man! ”

Everyone knew that this was the other way around. They believed that Xu Guansong's corporate backbone was all that was left of Xu Guansong at this time. Xu Guansong was having an underground affair with his wife behind his back in the company. In this case, the words can have some credibility.

Xu Guansong did not respond to Zhang Dashan, but stared at Guofu, pointing to his face and yelled red: “How much money did you receive from Sholo? You want to insult me even if you lose your reputation as a woman. Do you believe that I let someone do you? ”

He became angry, nearly irrational, and he had difficulty remaining calm.

Faced with his insults, Guo Fu's heart chilled to the extreme: “Contempt you? Xu Guansong, can you say these pictures are fake? ”

“Of course it's a fake. That man wasn't me at all. You must have synthesized it on a computer.” Xu Guansong shouted loudly and refused to admit it.

“Synthetic? All right, my colleagues in the tech department are here, and these photos show them if they're fake synthetics. ”

Guo Fu threw his phone directly to several senior computer engineers in the technical department to verify the authenticity of the photograph, whether it was synthesized through a computer. Xu Guansong broke the jar, and a broken woman broke her heart and broke the jar even more.

“One hundred percent of the photos are not computer synthesized. ”

“Well, if it's a computer synthesis, no matter how perfect it is, it leaves some traces, like chromatic aberrations. ”

“These photos just have the beauty of the phone, but the characters and backgrounds are real and absolutely free of any false ingredients. ”

After careful observation, the senior computer engineers of the technical department directly denied that the photographs were synthetic. They were all people with advanced computer certificates. It was authoritative to identify whether the photographs had ever been PS. When it was really determined that there was an improper relationship between Xu Guansong and Guofu, everyone looked at Xu Guansong very differently.

“Xu Guansong, do you have anything else to say? ”

Sholo looked at him with a funny smile on his mouth.

Xu Guansong's face was hard to see. Playing with Xiaosan was vulgar and immoral. Now he's on the bright side. All his positive images are disintegrating in that instant. He bites his teeth angrily and stares at Guofu to death, but then he laughs coldly. He argues: "Even if I break my shoes with this woman, that's what you want. What does that prove? This only means that she's a bitch, willing to give someone a ride, has anything to do with tax stealing today? Is that all right?”

Guo Fu's tears were all over her face. She couldn't believe that this was the man who called her one by one. She said that she would love her whole life, or that she should have recognized Xu Guansong's true face long ago, but she never wanted to believe it.

“Minister Guo, tell us about Wang Sherie.” Sholo pulled the subject back on track.

Xu Guansong's face changed and changed. A worrying color appeared in his eyes, but he quickly dissipated, because he felt that it was impossible for Guo Fu to know everything about Wang Sheli. Even if he did, that was just a guess.

“Sherry Wang is one of his lovers! ”

As soon as Guofu said this, the whole conference room was again noisy. What is this situation, Xu Guansong not only played Xiao San, but also adopted his lover, is this too crazy?

“Bitch, you're talking nonsense, you're talking nonsense, I let people do you.” Xu Guan was upset and angry, his eyes were red.

“Xu Guansong, will you shut up for a second?” Sholo glanced at him coldly.

“This bitch is talking nonsense. She's insulting me. How can I...”

“I told you to shut up! ”

Sholo had a cold drink, and in the blink of an eye, a powerful breath had emanated from him and everyone in the conference room was sitting in jeopardy.

As a direct target, the crown pine, the soul couldn't help but tremble. After a cold sweat burst out, he sat back in a soft position and looked at Sholo with horrible eyes open.

Sholo killed so many people, he already had a rage on his body, and Xu Guansong, an ordinary man, how can bear it.

“Minister Guo, you continue.” Sholo told Guofu to go on.

Guo Fu nodded his head, swallowed a sip of saliva and slowly turned back to God: “Xu Guansong did not understand the woman's jealousy. I loved him very much. Any woman who appeared beside him would find out that Wang Sherry was Xu Guansong's adopted lover. In order to please Wang Sherry, Xu Guansong bought her a sea view room in South Lake Bay.

It is precisely because of the purchase of this ocean view house that Xu Guansong had a slight shortfall in funds, in order to fill this gap, he encouraged me to make a fake account and make a move on the taxes paid by the company. ”

So that's it!

Now that the matter is finally out of the water, the people present cast a despicable look at Xu Guansong, letting Xiaosan make a false account for herself to make a violent profit, and then take the money to please her lover. This is really a beast!

“Shelly Wang is Xu Guansong's lover. Do you have proof?” Sholo asks Guofu.


Guo Fu nodded, pointing to Xu Guansong's phone on the desktop, “Wang Sheli's WeChat name is her English name Shirley, Xu Guansong and her have a lot of ambiguous chats. Although he deletes the chat record every time, I think that colleagues in the company's technical department should be able to recover. In addition, Wang Sheli's contact details are kept on his phone, and whether Wang Sheli is his lover is known as soon as he dozens. ”

Sholo looked at Xu Guansong, coldly: “Xu Guansong, do you want to continue? ”

Xu Guanlong's face was pale. How can he calm down? He slipped from his chair to the ground shaking. Finally, he knelt on the ground and buried his head blankly. He pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty: “President Xiao, I... was wrong...”

A grown man, crying like a child.

Sholo smiled with contempt and turned his eyes to those of Xu Guansong's relatives.

Those people were like rats hiding in the dark, suddenly in the sun, panicked, six godless, one without daring to look into Sholo's eyes.



Soon after, JC came and took Xu Guansong.

As for Guofu, Sholo was promised not to hold her accountable, but Lofong would never hire her again.

All of Xu Guansong's close relatives were expelled, and Sholo's thunder was strong enough to show the company's cadres again. In addition, the conference developed a plan for the next decade to march across the country.

The first destination to march across the country is the Summer Sea!

Xia Hai is a city bordered by the North and the South, the economy is prosperous, transportation is developed, Lo Fang wants to develop nationwide, it is very necessary to establish a hub in the Xia Hai, and one thing is that Xia Hai, in addition to being the seat of the NSA headquarters, is also the city of Shao Lo's former alma mater, the West Provincial Aviation University, where Shao Lo has lived for four years and is familiar with the geographical environment.