Peerless Genius System

Chapter 252 Public Opinion Crisis

Sholo Shinjun couldn't help but think that Zhang Dashan's mother was also a star chaser. After all, she was in her fifties. Star-chasing such a young fashion act rarely occurs to people of this age group.

“Brother Zhang, it looks like your mother is very trendy, hahahaha...” The wind was seamless and interesting.

Zhang Dashan patted her thigh: “Yeah, she's been addicted to cell phones ever since she taught her to play, watch TV, listen to music, make friends... etc., she can do anything. Do you know my mom's internet name? ”

“What's your name, Brother Zhang? Let's hear it!” Little 50,000 is curious.

“Eighteen-year-old demon girl!” Zhang Dashan showed you his mother's WeChat signal.

“Pfft ~”

Sholo couldn't help but spray the water into his mouth.

The five with no trace of wind laughed, and it was strange that women in their fifties named themselves' 18-year-old demonic girls’.

“Laugh, damn it, when I saw it, I couldn't laugh. My mom gave me such an internet name. Forget it, she also deliberately found a beautiful girl's face on the internet, attracting countless slag men. For this reason, my dad had a big fight with her, and then my dad gave me a rough training, saying that I taught my mother bad. ”

Zhang Dashan sighed, “Shit, who do you think I should talk to? My original intention was to talk to my mother on video later. Who knows that my mother is a teenage girl. In addition to chasing the stars, I also want to find the excitement of having an affair with her marriage. ”

“Big Mountain, I finally know why you're so horny.” Sholo said coldly.

“What's wrong, grass?” Zhang Dashan's wind suddenly collapsed.

“Bad! ”

At this time, Xiao Five suddenly shouted.

“What's the ghost's name, the cock chopped off?” Zhang Dashan drank in a bad way.

Xiao Wu flipped his phone over and got a little anxious on his face: "Brother Shaw, Brother Zhang, we are on the headlines of Lo Fang! ”

- What? What?

Zhang Dashan quickly calmed down, snatched Xiao Wu's phone and looked carefully. The more he looked at his face, the more condensed he was, and then handed it to Xiaolo: “Shit, that Xu Guansong released a long article calling himself unjust. Somehow Jia Zheng forwarded it to his own Weibo name, causing a huge wave on the Internet. ”

Sholo took a rough look at his phone, it was Xu Guanlong who did loose a long article, which probably meant that Lo Fang was too dark, as an elder employee, he said he was expelled, and to have a crown royal excuse, he was stigmatized for corrupting the company's tax revenues, and spent money to let a woman minister falsely claim to have an affair with him, tarnish his reputation, and even use his personal relationship to put JC in detention.

The words Zhuzhu, with deep emotions, like the words from the heart, Xu Guansong's literary literature can be seen, makes people read sympathy, feel that Xu Guansong is really wronged and maliciously suppressed.

Looking at the number of times this microblog was shared and commented on, Sholo's eyebrows wrinkled, because it was shared 70 million times, more than 90,000 comments, and all the comments were put aside for Xu Guansong to shout and bury Lofong.

“Who is this Jia Jung-yi? ”

Sholo couldn't help but ask if there was so much attention on Twitter, it must have been something he hadn't heard of.

“Shit, you don't even know that. He hosted the show" Old Jia Talk Show ". Fire is unnecessary. It attracts a lot of fans. You can see that his Twitter fans are paying attention, reaching a horrible 10 million, not to mention superstars. First line stars are definitely countable. ”

Zhang Dashan was anxious, the company's reputation was very important, if the reputation came down, it would directly affect the pastry sales, "Fuck, that Xu Guansong is really a white eyed wolf, we don't think he was prepared to go into his responsibilities for his contribution to the company in the past,

Just let him return the greedy 200,000, detain him for another 10 days and a half months, and it's over, and he's fine, and he's blaming us directly, and he's got an influential spoken out show host all over the country. What the fuck is this? ”

Sholo's face sank. At the beginning of next year, Lo Fang was going to march to the country. Now this is the case. Lo Fang is at the tip of the wind. Not only will it greatly affect Lo Fang's march to the country, but it is also possible that the decline in reputation will cause Jiangcheng headquarters to slip to the ice point and return to the former situation where it was almost bankrupt by taste buds.

Zhang Dashan's phone rang back and forth. After answering the phone, he said to Sholo: "Li Zimeng, Luo Qi, they also saw it. They were all anxious like ants on a hot pot to ask us what to do. ”

“Let Minister of Justice Zhang Yong sue Xu Guansong, and in the face of absolute evidence, his long article can only end up beating him upside down in the face. ”

Sholo seemed calm, but deep in his eyes, he jumped two groups of anger. Xu Guansong's ignorant provocation made him decide to let Xu Guansong pay a heavy price.

“Okay, let's do this. If you don't let the grandson lose a thousand real estate, you'll have to keep him in jail for seven or eight years. Shit, that's not good. ”

Zhang Dashan was very annoyed. He knew best what was going on. He was still distorting the facts online and spraying dirty water on the face of the old Dongjia. This is an asshole.



Chongqing, Chu Yunhong's face is not very nice either. He looked at the public opinion on the Internet and sighed: “Xiao Luo is in trouble again! ”

“What's he up to now? ”

Sitting opposite him, Ge Zhongtian helped his glasses and asked in confusion.

“Take your phone and watch the news. ”

Chu Yunhong did not want to say more. Pour a cup of hot tea and drink it slowly.

Ge Zhongtian Yiyan opened his phone and looked at it. His face changed. He said: "Sholo was reprimanded by the company's former deputy general manager Wen Fu as a brotherhood gang, squeezing out the elder cadre. Jia Zhongtian actually forwarded it. He pushed Lo Fang to the tip of the wind. What's this all about? Then Jia Zheng is full of food and holding on to nothing, and he actually provoked the incident? ”

“Don't forget that this Jia Jingyi was originally based on the things of pickpocketing stars, dare to say the poisonous tongue fire, the stars haven't had so much lately, he can forward such an emotional long text to make himself the focus of public opinion is also in reason, in the eyes of many people, this is called earthing gas, is the frequent speculation method used by these artists and stars. ”

Chu Yunxiong said to break the Xuan machine.

Ge Zhongtian smiled with surprise: “He is in Xia Hai City, he has not taught Sholo's power. If he knew what kind of person Sholo is, he would not dare to mess with Sholo if he gave him a hundred balls. ”

“Some people just need to learn a lesson to know who they can't mess with. ”

Chu Yunhong raised his eyebrows and shook his head with a smile. “But I'd like to know how Xiao Lo will cope with this public opinion crisis. ”