Peerless Genius System

Chapter 255: Scolding War

On Twitter, the insult to Sholo continues.

Jia Zhengzheng's fans are still quite large, and this Weibo scolding war was more and more known and involved in other media reports, some just purely follow the wind scolding, some read Xu Guansong's long article, the compassionate determination that Xu Guansong was excluded and oppressed by Lo Fang, and then began scolding, of course, others were to remain neutral and be a gourd eater.

“Quit talking? You think you don't know what to say? ”

“Trash, arguing with Teacher Jia, dying? ”

“Each of our fans can drown you with a bite of spit. ”

The insults paved the way, even if some of them stood on Sholo's side, expressing the opinion that the boss of Lofong could not be judged by a vice president's long text alone. If he wanted to calm down and look at the problem, he was shelled like Sholo.

“Wash the dogs off the floor! ”

“Lofon seems to have taken a blood book and hired so many washing dogs. ”

“Get out of Twitter, you brainwashed bastards. ”

Very angry, the insulting words are quite harsh, under so many roaring noises, those calling for a rational view of the problem, don't flavor with the wind's voice has no power, quickly extinguish in the rolling curse tide.

Jia Zhengyi was very satisfied with this result. He did not need to determine whether Xu Guansong's long story was true or false. He only needed to be the focus of discussion. This way his fame will be maintained. His talk show will have a larger audience. He even imagined his strong call to action in his head.

“This is the opinion, whether you are the owner of Lo Fong or the dedicated laundry requested by Lo Fong, you should leave the world of Weibo, you are not welcome here @ 3000Lo water.” Jia Jingyi spoke with great focus.

And then there's a lot of people right down there following Sholo out of Twitter.

Though the system's points are skyrocketing, Sholo is also angry. He replied: "Jia Zheng, you really are fake justice. Time will prove it all. When that long story proves to be a distortion of facts and discredit Lofong's reputation, I hope you can bear my anger. A public figure, without investigation, brings up public opinion to discuss a company. I want to compensate Lofong for the cost of his reputation loss, which should make you feel a little more and less heartbroken. ”

The voices that called for a rational view of the problem resurfaced, apparently led by Sholoh, and voiced their support underneath.

“Stupid bastard, finally admitting he's the rich second generation owner of Lofon?” A webmate with an ID called 'Legend of the Cloud’ scolded.

The mud man still has three flames, not to mention Sholo, and this ID called ’Legend of the Clouds' has appeared many times, focusing on insulting him.

Sholoh replied lightly: “With you in life, life is full of life; with you on the way, you are afraid of lightning strikes; just because of you, happiness and contentment are overflowing; without you, who should be fed good pig food? ”

This reply flashed and the comment below exploded immediately.

“Damn, the whole sentence doesn't have a dirty word, but it can curse each other with a dog's blood. Wow! ”

“It turns out that 3,000 lots of water is so cultured, I'm turning to powder! ”

“Hahahahaha... curse people not to spit dirty words, I write a big word. ”

There are still quite a few people who see the incident rationally, and now it all comes out in support of Sholo.

Jia Zhengyi complained about his fans: “My heart is a little inky, so I think I'm a civilian molester? You're just a wealthy generation who depends on their parents to eat and die! ”

“Support Teacher Jia! ”

“Garbage rich second generation owner, garbage loafers. ”

“Shut it down, Blackheart. ”

Jia Zhengyi's fans voiced their support.

Sholo replied peacefully to Jia Jing-yi: “Jia Jing-yi, when you are a man, try to act like one, okay? Oh, forget, you're an alien with incomplete evolution, mutated genes! ”

Jia Zhengyi's face was blushed with anger, and his fans were similarly awkward.

“3,000 lots of water, I grass your mother! ”

“What right do you have to insult Teacher Jia, rich bastard? ”

“If in reality I could kill you, believe it or not? ”

Sholo smiled, didn't stop, replied to the verbal comments, of course, not because of his inner anger, but in order to earn system points.

“Kindergarten-level high school student, congenital Mongolian frog head. ”

“If you like to be a dog and you don't have enough intelligence, use your face! ”

“I've never really seen anything so disgusting. Have you got hemorrhoids in your mouth? ”

The internet folks who watched this torturing and cursing war were stunned. How could they have guessed that the sudden emergence of '3,000 Lo Shui' had such a strong fighting power. Others were Confucius the Tongue Warrior. He was the Tongue Warrior Million Keyboard Man, which was too shocking.

“Don't talk to this idiot, it'll only lower everyone's intelligence!” ID ‘Legend of the Cloud' is active again.

Sholo replied: “I know you can't spit ivory in an animal's mouth. Come and see what you look like. You look more Thai than Phoenix. Go to hell. The sooner you die, the better. What other pursuits do you have besides creating big shit? ”

In that sentence, the 'legend of the clouds' was simply slipped off the line.

And then a lot of the people who insulted Sholoh were silenced in the shocking echo of Sholoh's sentence, when it was really an enemy, no, an enemy, a million.

“I'm going, what kind of fighting power is this, Loshui too fierce? ”

“One after the other, it's a god. ”

“It is said that Loshui is the owner of the rich second generation, depending on this situation, even the rich second generation, it is also the rich second generation of literary people with ink in their bellies. ”

Supporting Sholoh's voice appeared as a springshot after the rain, and Sholoh's fan focus on the account was quickly over 20,000.

Sholoh was excited and excited because the system had broken half a million points, all earned tonight.

Pretty good, pretty good!

He was very satisfied that the point value had reached its highest point in history.

“Cocksucker, you can tell dead people to live! ”

Zhang Dashan looked at the progress of the Sholokou Battlemen on Weibo and raised his thumb toward Sholoh.

“Shaw, I've added attention, and I'll be your brain powder later.” The wind laughed seamlessly.

“We've all added it. ”

Xiao Wu Zhenhe, they had no idea that Shaw was not only horrible, but also so fierce and powerful in scolding people.

Then Jia Zhengyi replied angrily, losing his mind: "Son of a bitch, don't reply in my tweet post, you dirty my place. ”

Sholo smiled and typed, “I want to look at you, but why did you bury your face in your ass? I'm sorry, I didn't know that was your face. ”

Jia Zhengyi was about to vomit blood. He heard others call him Jia Teacher. He had never been subjected to such humiliation as he had today. He wanted to curse, but had to take into account the image of the public figure. Finally, he held a sip of old blood: “I don't want to talk to anything without qualities..."