Peerless Genius System

Chapter 260: Little Lori

The square face man looked at Sholo in horror at this moment, who would have thought that he would encounter such a fierce, it is true that the old saying is good, being a man can not be too arrogant, can not always feel his fist hard can bully others at will, because one day he will encounter a guy whose fist is harder than his own.

At this time, Zhang Dashan also got off the bus.

I picked up a steel bar from the ground and shouted at the man with the face on the ground: "Shit, you want to smash my car, I smashed your car first! ”

As he walked to the van of four men, he lifted the reinforcing bar and smashed it against the windshield of the van.

“Bang ~”

Strong windshields splashed through the steel bars at a pause, creating a cave where cracks of dense numbness began and spread around.

Zhang Dashan was angry when he broke his windshield continuously under the second and third strokes. The whole van also made a sharp scream, as if he were being beaten and abused by a living creature.

“Son of a bitch, stop it, I'll kill your whole family!!! ”

All said that the car was the face of a man, another daughter-in-law of a man. When he saw Zhang Dashan smashing his car, the man with red eyes yelled out loud. His angry face was accompanied by blood all over his face, making him look a little frightened.

Sholo walked up, lifted his right foot, and then stepped on his left palm, which he placed on the ground.

“Ka ~ ka ~ ka ~"

The infiltrating broken bone sounded, the whole left hand with the five fingers was scrapped, the broken bone pierced the flesh and the blood drained.

The square-faced man screamed terribly, and the five officials distorted and deformed.

He looked up and stared at his Sholo, his face was full of fear, and the other three people couldn't stop being frightened, they felt that they were already harsh enough, but the person in front of them was several times harsher, the harshness on their body made them feel a deep sense of fear.

Sholo didn't say a word, just smiled slightly and shook his head at the man with a square-face, indicating that he was being honest, otherwise there would be more severe pain to greet him.

Where does a square face man dare not be honest? Sholo is now like a demon in his eyes.

“Shaw, we got a situation. Come here a minute! ”

Zhang Dashan suddenly stopped and turned his head and shouted at Sholo.

After hearing this, the faces of the four men of the square face changed suddenly, their eyes trembled as if something unseen had been discovered.

Sholo frowned slightly and walked over.

At the behest of Zhang Dashan, he glanced at the back seat of the van and found a sack of hemp moving, as if something was strapped inside, and at the same time there was a low burst of whining.

“What do you think's in there?” Zhang Dashan's face was full of colour.

“Open it and you'll see. ”

Sholo pushes open the van door and reaches out to untie the sack.

Zhang Dashan shocked and hurried to stop him: “Cousin, don't be so impulsive. If there is a bag of snakes in it, aren't you going to get kissed by a snake if you open it? ”

“You think it might be a snake? ”

Sholobai glanced at him, and the contour of the sack being held up was clearly not a snake.

“Even if it's not a snake, what if it's a beast? Those four people are not good birds at first glance. It's not impossible to sell beasts or anything. Anyway, be careful. It's always right, don't turn the boat in the gutter.” Zhang Dashan was still uncomfortable. He was very afraid of the unknown.

“Go away if you're afraid. ”

Sholo can't stand it. It's just a sack. Is it necessary to be so careful?

He reached out and untied the rope that tied the sack's mouth. He and Zhang Dashan both looked silly and opened their eyes and stunned.

It's not a snake in a sack, it's not a beast, it's a beautiful, sweet little Lori.

Around the age of three or four, with a pair of crystal bright eyes, bright and clear, bright and starry, smooth hair, scattered like a waterfall, air Liu Hai, tiny johns, white face, long eyelashes, carved jade, living like a falling fairy.

It's just that the little fairy's hand was tied and her mouth was stuffed with white cloth. She looked at Sholo and Zhang Dashan in horror, but after seeing Sholo's face clearly, the horror seemed to dissipate.

“Shit, these four fuckers kidnapped little girls!” Zhang Dashan's face was slightly angry.

Though Sholo never thought of himself as a good person, he could hardly control his anger if he thought of the girl who had been begging under the control of the Dragon Gang in the past. The little Lori in front of him was undoubtedly kidnapped. If he didn't happen to meet them and greet the little Lori, he would certainly be a missing abyss.

He didn't speak, reached out and untied little Lori and removed the white cloth from her mouth.


Little Laurie jumped right up after she was free, hugging him around his neck, and her little head buried in his chest, like a cat begging her master to pet her.


Sholo couldn't touch his head for a while.

Zhang Dashan immediately said: “Little girl, you must be mistaken. This is not your father. ”

Don't tell me he doesn't even have a girlfriend, okay?

Little Laurie raised her head and looked at him timidly. She didn't speak and still held Sholo dead, as if she'd just let go and Sholo would disappear.

Sholo only behaved so abnormally when this little Lori was too frightened.

He took her out of the van, and little Lori held him tight like an octopus, drumming with joy: "Dad, Babe finally found you, Mom didn't lie to me, Dad is in the city. ”

Sholo smiled at her and then said to Zhang Dashan: “Call the police and let them handle it! ”

Zhang Dashan thinks it makes sense. They accidentally hit and saved a kidnapped little Lori. They can't be held accountable for all the confusion, and they have a party, and they don't have time to be responsible.

After questioning, the four face men told the reason, they were not kidnapping, but selling. The four men were selling children for a living. This little Lori, who called herself Bebe, looked like Tianxian, could naturally sell a good price, so as soon as they found the opportunity, they pushed away the parents of little Lori and put her in a sack and forced her into the car.

“Brothers, we are wrong, I apologize to you, you... let us go...”

There is no such thing as arrogant flames, lowering their posture, enduring the pain and begging. If the police come, they will be finished. They have done more than one such business, counting the crimes and punishing each other, even if they want to sit on the bottom of the prison.

“Let you go? Dream on, scum like you should be sentenced to death, grass!” Zhang Dashan furiously said that the film Lost Lonely had a great impact on him and he hated traffickers very much.