Peerless Genius System

Chapter 263: Grandpa

Soon, little Lori came out, headed straight for Sholo, held Sholo's hand tight, and stood with Sholo.

“Sholo, your daughter is so close to you, you seem to love her so much as a father.” Tang Wan washed his hands and came here with some envy.

Sholo still didn't know what to say, shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

“Come on, let's go up. Everyone must be in a hurry.” Tang Wan turned the subject away.

Sholo nodded.

By elevator, he quickly arrived on the fifth floor and was led down to the 508 compartment by a waiter.

At the moment you push the door open, the curtain is filled with a huge round table and a crystal chandelier that hangs high on the ceiling. The ground is a red carpet with some old-fashioned style, golden brilliance, and every decoration is exquisite, making you feel like you've arrived at the hall.

Around the round table, sitting are all the party classmates.

“I'll go, Shaw, what are you doing with Tang Beauty? Bring a little girl. You guys look like you're here for a party.” Zhang Dashan had already had a little wine and had to open his mouth.

“Sholo and Mandy, you came so late, you must be punished for three drinks. ”

Sitting in the seat, a young man with the face of Qingxiu Sven stood up with a smile on his face. This person is the class leader Guo Qinghe, wearing a pair of glasses, wearing a formal suit, makes people look at the four words "successful person" in their mind.

“Three too few, at least five, haha...”

“That is, five cups, no less. ”

“Sholo and Wan never had a drink or puke at a college party. I can see that their alcohol volume is very unusual. If I were to say that all five glasses are missing, I would have to blow the bottle directly to my mouth. ”

The others followed the crowd and the atmosphere in the whole compartment suddenly became lively.

“You bastards have been bad for three years, okay, wait for something to eat, then fight with you, I don't think you dare to be so rude.” Tang Wan grabbed her sleeve and looked like a woman.

This frightens the guys and makes them drink more than Wan Tang. That's a fucking death wish.

So we moved the target to Sholo.

“Sholo, what's the matter with you? Why did you bring such a lovely little Lori? ”

“Yeah, it's so cute. I want to be held in my arms. It's so rare. ”

“I'm still a single dog, this little Lori, and I'm booked to be my future wife, and none of you will rob me. ”

Several men and women left their seats and walked up toward Little Lori, squeezing their faces, touching their noses and showing their love for Little Lori.

Little Laurie held Sholo's thighs and hid behind Sholo timidly.

Zhao Mengqi is dressed very beautifully today, wearing a long waist dress, light makeup, has suffered many injuries and the troubles of the sick. Her face is no longer as brilliant and gorgeous as it used to be, but she also belongs to the moderate beauty.

She sat motionless in her seat. From the moment Sholo came in, her eyes had fallen on Sholo. She could not speak of obscurity, regret, shame. This fine man belonged to him once, but now, they look like strangers. When she thought of it, she felt like a knife hanging, she could not wait for time to turn back, and went back to the past, unconscious, her eyes slightly red.

“Ah Shui, if you want to marry this little girl, you have to call Sholo's father-in-law now.” Tang Wan said with amusement.

Sholo's father-in-law?

The people in the compartment were stunned.

The guy known as' Ah Shui ', whose real name is Hu Huan, is short, doesn't look remarkable, but his brain is flexible. He points to the little Lori, who hides behind Sholo and shows up only half his face, and asks Tang Wan in amazement: “You mean, she's Sholo's daughter? ”

Tang Wan glanced at Zhao Mengqi, the stall hand, and wondered: “Yeah, isn't Mengqi here? Didn't she tell you? ”

Everyone looked at each other with an embarrassing look on their faces.

Hu Horizontal laughed twice and whispered in her ear: “As Zhang just said, Menki and Sholo had split up a long time ago, and this was confirmed by Menki. ”

“What? Sholo and Monkey split...”

Tang Wan was surprised and lost her color. Sholo and Zhao Mengqi were a good couple. At the graduation party, they also promised each other that they would marry each other and then go on for the rest of their lives. How could they split up? She realized she had lost her voice and stopped quickly. Then she looked at Sholo and asked with her eyes.

Sholo smiled softly: "It's hard to figure out the fate of something like this, and a lot of things can't be changed by personal will. ”

In a single sentence, I have taken it lightly, and I don't want to explain why it broke up. I just need to understand it in my heart. I still have a little more respect for my old lover.

Zhao Mengqi felt guilty and grateful, how could she not know that Sholo was looking at her face, what a good man she was, why she had been abandoned by pig oil.

“You're right, come on, sit down and chat, waitress. It's ready to serve. ”

Guo Qinghe played round the field, he didn't want to embarrass a classmate party atmosphere.

Zhang Dashan appended: “Yes, yes, today's old classmate gathering, some unpleasant things will stop talking, let's have more fun.” He looks at Hu Levels, "Ah Shui, your mother is more humorous. Come on, let's hear a paragraph. Everyone is happy. ”

“That's too bad, talking about the kung fu, you are the grandmaster of the class, who can compare to your old Zhang.” Horizontal wave, gambling down the wind.

“That's right, Zhang, you go first, we love listening to you. ”

“I remember what you said about hey hey hey, Nima's really classic, and I remember it all now. ”

“Yeah, you chase me, if you chase me, I'll let you hey hey hey, hahaha...”

Looking back at college, everyone was laughing and laughing.

Guo Qinghe also had a bad time. He said: "Dashan, everyone is very dedicated to you, come and talk about one first! ”

“Say one? ”

Zhang Dashan has long been stupidly moving, unable to control his desire to talk about segments in his body.


Both men and women applaud enthusiastically.

“Then say one. ”

Zhang Dashan stood up with two dry coughs and lit up his voice and said, “It's a couple. My wife loves to watch a series of dramas. One day, my wife said to her husband:" Honey, you've been watching a series of dramas with me all these years. I know you must be very patient with me. I shouldn't be so selfish. So well, I won't watch TV dramas today. You can do whatever you want. Give me a chance to make you happy.

As soon as the husband listened, he said, "You also know it's really boring that I've been watching you every day for so many years. You finally found it in your conscience today. I see that you see a lot of these ancient costumes. Your Majesty and your Majesty, they are all chewing words, right? Well, if I don't want you to do anything, I'll test you for something.

Honey, what are you going to test me for?

My husband said, "Say one word, and it will make me happy, but it will make me very angry."

Guess what his wife said? ”

“Old Zhang, don't you fucking sell Guan. If we can guess what you're talking about, will you still be the grandmaster of our class?” Hu Horizontal.

“That is, what exactly did she say to make her husband happy and angry?” There are girls in a hurry.

Zhang Dashan took a sip of tea and said in no hurry: “His wife said:" Honey, your chicken is the biggest of your friends. ”