Peerless Genius System

Chapter 266: Shit.

The minimum remuneration of 50,000 yuan for a class is calculated on the basis of one class per month. In addition to envy, everyone also has considerable admiration for Guo Qinghe. After all, he is a class leader. He has demonstrated good talent and ability in college, has been a micro merchant, has played stock, and has bought a joint venture car on his own ability in four years.

Everyone has become accustomed to looking up at Guo Qinghe, so there is no imbalance in the mind, as if Guo Qinghe should do so, it should be better than them, which is natural, if Guo Qinghe is not good, it is not normal.

“Don Beauty, you don't look very excited. You haven't said a word since you sat down. Are you worried?” Zhang Dashan shifted the subject to Tang Wanxuan.

“Yes, Mandy, you are the class script, second hand. What are you doing now?” Others follow in peace.

Tang Wan sighed: “I am an author who specializes in press releases. I have to submit a press release every week on time. It is very painful. ”

“Press release? It's not news pushed on mobile browsers and chat software, is it?” A girl asked.

Tang Wan nodded and took a sip of juice: “Well, that's the kind of news. ”

“The opening two diagrams, the process depends on the editing, so you are the editor.” Hu was shocked.

Tang Wan flipped his white eyes, but there were 10,000 different styles: “Ah Shui, do you want to fight? What do you mean, the opening two diagrams, the process is all made up, your sister I'm not that low, the news I write is real, without any moisture. ”

“What news have you been writing lately?” Zhang Dashan played funny.

Tang Wan thought about it and didn't hide it. He replied honestly: "News about Lo Fang's boss, 3,000 Lo Shui. ”

After listening to this, Zhang Dashan almost sprayed the beer into his mouth and thought: This Nima is too coincidental.

The subconscious looked at Sholo.

Sholo's face also changed slightly, but soon settled down and continued to feed Little Laurie and eat with herself.

Zhao Mengqi knows everything, but she knows that Sholo doesn't like to be the focus, so she doesn't talk nonsense.

“Speaking of that 3,000 lots of water, I'm still addicted to it. ”

“Yeah, yeah, tongue-in-cheek, hard is scolding Jia Zhengyi's million-fan army without temper. ”

“This is not the most important, but most importantly, that Justice Naja was finally forced to convene a press conference to publicly apologize to Lofong and plead for the forgiveness of the masses. He is said to have paid 30 million dollars in compensation for this, which is truly a great deal of happiness, and the process is even more upside down than the television drama. ”

When it came to 3,000 lots of water, people were happy to talk again about the previous day's cyberwarfare, and the atmosphere in the whole compartment was instantly elevated.

“Mandy, do you have a picture of 3,000 lots of water? He's my idol. I've been following his Twitter, and if you can write about him, I'll give you my word right away.” Hu Horizontal said without a centipede.

There was a shriek inside the compartment.

“Ah Shui, you are skinned. You are not the most adorable height difference with Mandy. When you stand with Mandy, you feel like an indigenous grandson in the sealed list.” Someone laughed.

Tang Wan also touched his bearded head like a comforter to the child. “Be good, don't be skinny, I'll buy you some sugar later. ”

“Sister, I want sugar too. ”

Little Laurie couldn't help but scream when she heard the word sugar.

Everyone laughed at her innocent and lovely expression.

Only a black line stretched out on Hu's horizontal face, making him unhappy.



After a full meal, sing in the karaoke hall in the box.

The singing device has an automatic scoring system, and when you finish singing, it automatically gives a score, 100% full score, and 60% pass.

Qin Guiyue first sang Shui Mu Xinhua's "I Have You All My Life". With the reverberation of the song, Zhao Mengqi's emotions went out of control, tears blurred, crying out loud. This song reminded her of the various past with Shaolo. The scene was so clear that it touched her soul.

Everyone persuaded each other, Qin Guiyue stared hard at Xiaolo and thought it was Xiaolo who hurt him, otherwise Zhao Monqi would not cry so sadly.

“I propose a singing contest, where everyone picks the best song, finishes the rating, the highest scorer wins, how do you like it?” Guo Qinghe saw that the atmosphere was wrong and hurried to propose a singing competition.

“This is good, but the winner has to have some rewards, otherwise there will be no passion.” Zhang Dashan Road.

Guo Qinghe pondered for a moment and then held onto his glasses and said: “Thus, each of us put together 200, the prize pool will have 2,400, the first prize is 1,200, the second prize is 800, the third prize is 400. ”

“Sergeant, if you want me to pay 200 bucks, just say it. You need to play a singing contest.” Hu horizontally photographed $200 directly on the table, pounding his mouth as if he had been greatly aggrieved.

Everyone laughs, because no one will not know that Hu Levels is incomplete, other people sing for money, he sings for life, it is really fatal, it is worse than monks read the scriptures.

“Ah Shui, don't be so discouraged. In case this scoring system doesn't recognize the voice, just recognize your incomplete voice, then you are definitely number one.” Zhang Dashan patted him on the shoulder and said something cool next to him.

“Shit, you'll always be like this. If you don't blow me, I'll die. Get lost!” Hu Horizontal is extremely annoying.

As soon as the prize money is collected, sing.

Everyone pushes the beard level for the first time, nothing else, just to be able to have some fun.

Hu Leng also seemed to like to give everyone a good time. After singing, everyone covered their ears and chose "Love If You Die".

Sholo helped Little Lori cover her ears and ended up being guilty. This guy really didn't dare to compliment him on singing. None of the words were right, but he just closed his eyes and forgot that my singing out loud was both ugly and laughable.

Despite singing so hard, everyone laughed when the final rating came out.

“Motherfucker, a beating like a tiger, a look at the results, grass, eleven points, hahahaha...” Zhang Dashan laughed.

Hu Hoan revealed the expression of being greatly aggrieved and muttering.

As a result, everyone laughed even more, and some people even laughed out tears.

Next, Qin Guiyue, she belongs to MacGruber type, chose the English song "it's Amazing", singing well, the English spoken language is pretty good, makes people sound as drunk, after singing, the system hit 98 points.

“I'll go, it's worse than a hairy one, the first non-laurel doesn't belong. Wow. ”

“It's a long time ago. Forget it. He was the lead singer at Guiyue University. ”

“How could I forget, it's just that it's a machine score, not a human score, and I thought it would be lucky. ”

The crowd suddenly lost color, ninety-eight points, a desperate score.

“I don't have a very good voice today, and if it's normal, I can sing this song full score.” Qin Guiyue said with some regret, she didn't say anything, often went into and out of the bundy and nightclub. She was very confident in singing this song.

Everyone was stunned and Hu Hou shouted directly in protest: “Sergeant, I feel injured by tons. Send 1,200 to Guiyue, I don't want to be hurt anymore. ”


The big guy couldn't help laughing as he frowned.