Peerless Genius System

Chapter 267 Presence

Qin Guiyue scored 98 points, which is basically the first place, but at least the second and third places are not. Everyone's singing enthusiasm is still high.

Some people sing love songs, some people sing inspirational songs, some people sing mixed songs...

Zhang Dashan was quite realistic. He chose "Give Brother a hug". His voice was rough and he sang this song very well.

“Brother, give me a hug, tell me what's in your heart, tell me all the years of your grievances and the changes you've made, brothers, give me a hug, if you have tears, then shed all the bitterness and bitterness that you've buried all these years. ”

When this song sang, the boys in the room had an unidentified feeling, recalling the young man, the maniac, the dare to love and hate, but who had been spared in the years, everyone's diamond horns were slowly flattened by society, as stated in "Big Story West", living more and more like a dog.

Sholo was in a very different mood and shook his head and muttered to himself: "Sing this song to hell! ”

Every time I go to KTV, this song is a must-have song by Zhang Dashan. Sometimes he sings it twice. He is tired of hearing it. Now he can hear it. Even if Zhang Dashan sings better, he feels it is noise, but compared to Hu level, the sound is like the sound of heaven.

Little Lori sat beside him very well, with two little white hands resting on his thighs, a pair of big eyes watching the KTV screen seriously and seemingly interested in the MV content on the screen.

“Little girl, can you sing?” Sholo asked her funny.

Little Laurie nodded, as if inviting performance, and said: "Babe sings the nursery rhymes his mother taught him. ”

Sholo touched her head nicely, no more talking.

At this time, Zhang Dashan finished singing and scored 96 points.

Oh, shit!

Everyone in the room can no longer sit down. Qin Guiyue can sing 98 points. It's no surprise to them. After all, he was the lead singer in the band in college. Zhang Dashan never showed musical talent in college. Why did he sing such an incredibly high score?

“Ugly, ugly, hahahaha...”

Zhang Dashan's mouth was humble, but it was actually a laugh, full of spring light.

“Shit, there's definitely something wrong with this scoring system, even you can sing 96 points, why am I only 11 points, I even sang that treble part!” Hu Horizontal Fire had it all. He always thought that Zhang Dashan, like him, was a lousy singing thief. Once this score came out, he didn't balance his mind to the extreme.

Zhang Dashan patted him on the shoulder, and Joseph said: "That's because Brother sings well, you know an egg. ”

Hu Huan threw a white eye at him and then said to Qinghe Guo: "Sergeant, I demand a new song! ”

“Sing your sister again, it's enough to listen to you sing once, and listen to you sing twice, then I'd rather kill myself. ”

“Just shocked my ear shit. Shui, stop singing. ”

“Sing again, drag you out and play * * * till you die! ”

Everyone objected. They barely listened to Hu Leveling after singing a song when they first had fun. If they listened to him sing another song, they would feel like they would throw up.

Guo Qinghe smiled and persuaded his miserable mother-in-law: “Ah Shui, everyone has only one chance. Since the score has come out, then accept this score frankly. Don't be embarrassed, people won't laugh at you. ”

Everyone laughed as soon as it came out.

Hu Hou gave his signature grievance expression again, frowning, mumbling, dead fish eyes, making the laughter in the compartment even more intense.

Tang Wan has been using her phone to communicate with colleagues about the progress of the investigation on 'Three Thousand Los of Water', but she did not choose a song from the Phoenix legend independently. The rating is also quite high. The score is 92 points, which makes everyone praise.

The song chosen by Guo Qinghe is inspiring.

“Nothing can stop you, your desire for freedom, your life in the sky, your heart is unrelated...”

Soft, magnetic, unspeakable mood.

Even though the rating was only 86, it won unanimous praise and positive reviews.

“The rating doesn't matter, the class leader sings very well. ”

“Right, right, right, at first glance, you've been through a lot, otherwise you won't be able to sing that feeling. ”

“Come on, let's squawk for the squad leader! ”

A round of applause and cheers.

Sholo frowned and fought in society for three years. Everyone's mood was very different. Although it was a simple singing contest, it was too easy to slap the horse. A set of admirations also appeared, once simple classmate friendship no longer.

Guo Qinghe shook his head and sighed: “I can't sing. By the way, who hasn't? ”

Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads, obviously they had already sung.

“Shaw hasn't sung yet.” Zhang Dashan Road.

As soon as it came out, the crowd realized that Sholo was not singing.

“Sholo, you didn't have much presence in college. It's been three years. Why are you still like this? ”

“Yeah, people have to learn to change. It's too low profile. People can't find your talent. That's not possible. ”

“Sholo is not saying you, although the saying is good, start a family and start a business first, but for this society, home is burdensome, it will bind your footsteps, you dare not let go to fight. In college classmates, you should be the only one to have children, there is more pressure on children, it is difficult to get a career. ”

Everybody's preaching like that.

“Where have you all been? You're talking about singing.” Zhang Dashan glanced at everyone.

“All we're talking about is singing, Sholo really doesn't understand the world, he always sees through the red dust, doesn't fit into society, doesn't have a bit of a presence. If it wasn't for you, I'd forgotten he was here.” A girl said.

Qin Guiyue slipped his hands into his waist and coldly said: “He cheated and played with the feelings of Menki. If I were you, I wouldn't dare to come to this party, how dare you talk to find a presence? ”

Everyone heard that even though it would not be unreasonable to hold Zhao Mengqi like Qin Guiyue, it also felt unreasonable, which can really explain why Sholo would be so silent and oligarchy, obviously deliberately reducing his presence.

“Cough… where have you been! ”

Guo Qinghe coughed dry and quickly turned away, “Sholo, do you have any idea which song to sing? ”

Sholo smiled slightly: "Sergeant, I abstain. ”

“You abstained?” Guo Qinghe frowned.

“Yes, if you sing poorly, it won't hurt your ears.” Sholo nodded.