Peerless Genius System

Chapter 268: No Longer Needed

Sholo had a faint smile on his face. If he knew that this party would be so boring, he wouldn't have seen a little of that simple classmate friendship in the past. Even if Zhang Dashan said he broke his throat, he wouldn't have come. It was just some bragging job and boyfriend, sneaking horses, and he started to think he was a jerk without figuring anything out.

Honestly, if you can stay, it depends on your old classmates' sentiment. You can't just walk away, so you can deny everyone their face.

“For what sin, Sholo? You have to sing. You have to sing. This is a game.” Hu's emotions are the most exciting.

Joke, everyone has more than 60, under 60, he is the only one, and still 11 points, this face is disgraced to the grandmother's house, in college he rarely saw Sholo sing, so guess Sholo is also a five-tone incomplete person, when the score comes out, then his 11 points may not be the lowest, even if Sholo's score is a little higher than his, at least he is not the only one singing so low.

“That's right, Sholo. Speaking of which, I don't think I've heard you sing. Now's your chance. Don't back off.” Don Wan laid down his phone and looked over at Sholoh.

“Sing a song and increase your presence. ”

“It's time to act. Seriously, Sholo, you have to change your personality. ”

“Everyone here is a classmate, even if they sing poorly, everyone is happy. It won't be a real joke to you. If you look at his water, you can sing like a ghost and cry. Don't you have to look at him differently? ”

And the people persuaded.

Hu Levels looked at the girl who said he was singing the ghost crying wolf, revealing the frowning, grievance, mumbling, dead fish eyes bitter melon face again, of course, everyone chose to ignore it this time.

“If he doesn't want to sing, forget it, why are we so tough?" ”

Qin Guiyue Yin Yang said strangely, digging bitter, “A beautiful leather bag has been grown. If singing and Ah Shui are a level, isn't it ironic? ”

Zhao Mengqilla pulled Qin Guiyue's arm and whispered: “Guiyue, would you please stop targeting him? ”

She had already felt guilty and had come to the party, mainly to meet Sholo, to meet the man who had once belonged to her, without daring to have any luxury, and she was convinced that the little girl named Bebe was not Sholo's daughter, and that there must have been a misunderstanding.

“I'm not targeting him, I'm telling the truth, he does look handsome, if he sings like a ghost crying wolf, it naturally affects his handsome image, I don't mean any pins.” Qin Guiyue put his hands crossed in front of his chest to argue.

“I want to fuck you, okay? ”

Zhang Dashan burst directly into a coarse mouth.

“Zhang Dashan, what did you say?” Qin Guiyue's face immediately changed color.

“I say I want to fuck you, it's not a needle, it's a compliment to you, praise you for your beauty, otherwise why would I want to fuck you?” Zhang Dashan gazed at the provocative path.


Qin Guiyue's face rose red and she was ups and downs on her chest.

Sholo stood up and patted Zhang Dashan's shoulder and said with great focus: "Dashan, don't insult the female classmates. If you're really thirsty, go to the nightclub and find someone to take back to bed with you. ”

Nima, this...

Everyone was stunned. They thought that Sholo stood up to blame Zhang Dashan. Who would have expected a divine turnaround? This is abusive words. It is too harsh to blame Qin Guiyue for being a prostitute.

Without waiting for Qin Guiyue to erupt, Sholo rushed directly to the male classmate sitting in front of the singer and said: "Help me choose the song" Ugly Eight Monsters, "thank you! ”


I'll go. That's something else. It's insulting Qin Guiyue!

People can't believe their eyes. Is this still Sholo? Still that silent widow in college who worked in silence?

Only Zhao Mengqi knows, in fact, Sholo is still Sholo. He can tolerate classmate friendship once or twice. But three or four times, why do you have to endure it? How can he care if everyone else disregards the old classmates' feelings?

Qin Guiyue chewed his teeth and itched Sholo and Zhang Dashan's teeth.

“... as long as you are hypocritical enough, you are not afraid of the devil... if the script is well written, who is more noble than who...”

As soon as Sholoh sang, that beautiful song sounded like a teachings, like a conversation, sang into people's hearts, and then sang out of their hearts, diffusing the whole box, sometimes moving, singing as shallow as running water, unique, sometimes amazing, if Ludi Bamboo Leaf Ling sounded, interesting.

It's like a voice that touches the soul!

Don Wan stopped and looked at Sholo, listening carefully to his singing.

“Is this the original song? ”

A boy whispered his doubts, but when he saw the system screen showing the status of the accompaniment, he shut up automatically.

This song is very popular. Whether it is the original song or the accompanying song, you can hear it. Who would have thought that Sholoh's singing skills were so superb, it was simply extraordinary and amazing.

“I'm grass! ”

Hu Horizontal's face is dead. Look at this, he can't run first in the countdown, and he still takes first in a shameful score like eleven points.

“Daddy, Babe has to sing too! ”

At this point, little Lori jumped off the couch and hugged Sholo's thighs for a fierce plea.

Sholo smiled and saw how excited she was, so give her a try, squat down, and hand the microphone over to her mouth.

“Ugly Eight Monsters, please don't turn on the lights, I want love, out on the pitch-black stage. Ugly creatures in these obscure times, my existence is no surprise. ”

It happened to be an orgasm. Little Lori was only three or four years old, but she sang very well. When the young child sang this song, she didn't have a rhyme. It was like an oriole coming out of the valley, and her ears were beautiful. It was amazing.

Sholo was also a little unexpected. I didn't think Little Lori could sing so well, and the lyrics were correct. She didn't say she could sing a nursery rhyme. This song shouldn't be a nursery rhyme, right?

He touched little Lori's head to show certainty and reward.

A big and small mix, singing this song out of a new world, makes people feel in the mood, makes people feel like they're going to get pregnant.

Until the end of the song, you haven't returned to God from this beautiful song. It's really beautiful. Especially when the voice of an adult collides with the voice of a little girl, the kind of falling tone that strikes the soul of everyone.

“Congratulations, your singing score is: 100%! ”

The stereo raised the high female tone of the singing system, and then the huge screen showed the word "100”, the whole screen filled with congratulations on the firecrackers and fireworks, while the disco bulbs flashed violently, the entire compartment was bright and colorful, and the system was equipped with thunderous applause and cheers.