Peerless Genius System

Chapter 270: Height of Looking Up

Everyone's brain was blank at the moment, and they couldn't even imagine the relationship between Sholo and Chu Yunhuo, and what kind of relationship would make a tall person at the top of the business pyramid look at Sholo's face and take care of them, which was incredible, even shocking.

The men and women who had preached to Sholo had red and white faces because they suddenly realized that they seemed to have done something very stupid.

Guo Qinghe's face is also unnatural. As a class leader, he has difficulty accepting that there are other classmates in the class who fight better in society than him, which hurts his self-esteem.

He asked anxiously, "What is the relationship between our classmate and Boss Chu? ”

As soon as the question arises, everyone put their ears up and listen carefully to the next answer from the waitress.

The waitress smiled with a slight apology and shook her head: "Excuse me, sir, I'm not sure.” But in keeping with the purpose of God, she has provided a clue, "Mr. Shaw is talking to Mr. Chu downstairs. As his classmates, you can ask him personally. ”

After listening to this, the big guy immediately got up and ran out of the box, went to the hallway of the hotel and looked downstairs.

Only on the spacious, garden-like apron of the hotel, a Land Rover and a Rolls-Royce parked together, while next to the two cars, a young, handsome young man was talking to a middle-aged man with half white hair in a suit.

Without a doubt, that's Sholo and Chu Yunhong!

As for Zhang Dashan, he played with that little girl named Beibei, and Chu Yunxiong's two Sumu black bodyguards were always on guard.

“Sholo actually had a laugh with someone like Chu Yunhong, I... Am I right? ”

“Chu Yunhong's Rolls-Royce was ordered for more than 30 million dollars, and the Land Rover was a Genesis Extended Edition winner, selling for about 1.7 million, and all formalities cost 2 million. ”

“Oh, my God, Sholo and Zhang Dashan mix so well in Jiangcheng? How can you afford a luxury car? ”

You can accept the success of strangers, you can accept the success of people who are better than you, you can accept the success of people who are a lot older than you, but you can never accept the silence and silence of people who have not even been class cadres in college all of a sudden become the existence they want to look forward to, which is too hard.

Those guys who preached to Sholo just now, they all felt hot in the face and couldn't say it.

After Guo Qinghe was shocked, it was silent anger. His hands had to hold his fist tight. How could Sholo spell better than him? How can it be better than him?

“What I just said, Schollo was always low-key and modest, and he didn't necessarily mix very well.” Hu Levels has the flavor of not listening to the old man's words and losing money in front of him.

Qin Guiyue bit her teeth cut, she was the most unacceptable person to accept Sholo's success, coldly cried: “What does this mean? Talking to Chu Yunhong means he succeeded? Does having a Land Rover mean he's rich? That's hilarious! ”

“Can't you?” Hu Horizontal questioned.

“Of course not. ”

Qin Guiyue responded honestly, “We couldn't hear anything about talking to Chu Yunhong. Maybe he was reporting his work to the boss. What's so unusual about a two-million Land Rover? My boyfriend can buy it back in installments. Besides, this car doesn't necessarily belong to Sholo. Maybe it's to pretend to borrow it intentionally in front of our classmates. ”

Everyone nodded in agreement that they couldn't accept that Sholo could buy a luxury car in Jiangcheng for three years. He was a successful person who could sit flat with Chu Yunxiong.

“If that Land Rover beneath is really his, it can only be an explanation. Sholo ate soft food and was taken care of by a wealthy woman.” There is a man who says his inner speculation will come out.

Eh, that seems to be true, so that explains what happened to that little girl called Babe.

Everyone agrees very much with that view.

“Guiyue was right to abandon Maggie for the sake of the rich woman. Sholo was a scum man. ”

“The slag man has his own bad woman grinding. Don't look at him. He's actually having a terrible time. ”

“Yeah, see how long he gets? ”

At this moment, Sholoh seems to have become a public enemy, nothing more, because of Sholoh's achievements, it is unacceptable, much less believable, as if Sholoh should have lived worse than them, better than them must have taken the shortcut, a psychology that is difficult to explain, but pervasive.

“I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. ”

Tang Wan, who had never spoken, smiled and then reported a mobile number and asked, "Are you familiar with this phone number? ”

Hu Horizontal frowned: “Isn't this the number you used at Sholo University? ”

Everyone is unknown, so I don't know why Tang Wantong suddenly reported the number from the University of Sholo.

“Maggie, is this the number you should remember the most from the University of Schollo?” Tang Wan looked at Zhao Mengqi.

Zhao Mengqi nodded and answered honestly: “It's his. ”

“Mandy, what's going on?” Guo Qinghe frowned tightly and his face was full of heavy colour.

Tang Wan smiled deeply: “This number is the mobile phone number used for the registration of the Weibo account ID 'Three Thousand Luoshui’. It was only obtained successfully after my colleague walked through a relationship with a senior officer in Sina Company. ”

Everyone couldn't help but keep their eyes open and stare at Tang Wan.

What does the registration number for 'Three Thousand Los Waters' mean for Sholo?

This shows that the other day, Tongue Battle Hung set off a fierce verbal war on the Internet, forcing front-line host Jia Jingyi to stop broadcasting the show, and called a press conference to apologize that "Three Thousand Los of Water" is Sholo, also the boss behind the scenes in Jiangcheng Ruzhizhong Tianlofang!

Oh, my God, how is that possible?

Sholo, he's the owner of Lofon!

Everyone felt only a suffocating shock. What Sholo had just said was based on the power of the rich woman. It was bullshit. It was their narrow psychological misspeculation. All of a sudden, they felt like they had made a jumping clown once, unable to say embarrassment, unable to say embarrassment, unable to say shame.

“3,000 lots of water is Sholo, Sholo is 3,000 lots of water!? ”

Guo Qinghe looked at Xiaolo who talked to Chu Yunxiong at the bottom and couldn't tell what it was like. He had always felt that he was standing at a height that everyone had not yet reached, and only in the end did he realize that the usually more silent Xiaolo in the class actually stood at a height he needed to look up to. This huge lag made him overshadowed and embarrassed.