Peerless Genius System

Chapter 271: He's Not a Slut

Sholo is the owner of Lofon?!

Everyone can't help but take a breath of cool air, it's unbelievable, think they are all still working for others, live a daily work punch, repeat monotonous life, sometimes they can be pressed by work matters, they really want to change this kind of life, but they can't help it, they feel like they are struggling in the muddy swamp, can't see the hope of future success.

They are in pain, depressed, embarrassed...

But at this moment, one of their classmates, a guy who never loved performance and bad speech, turned into the owner of a company after three years, even Chu Yunhong as a business alligator, how can it be acceptable?

Without a word, Tang Wan walked downstairs. She was going to write a press release about Lo Fang's boss, 'Three Thousand Los of Water'. Now the other party is downstairs, still an old classmate of hers, and she couldn't help but rush to Sholo immediately.

Qin Guiyue's face rose red. She previously said her boyfriend's salary was 300,000 a year. In comparison to Sholo, it was the little witch who saw the great witch. She was like a frog at the bottom of the well, arrogant, but proved extremely arrogant in the end.

She shouted, "What if he succeeds? It only means he's lucky, but it never changes the fact that he's a scumbag man, he plays with Maggie's feelings, he cheats on other women, he's a total asshole! ”

She's just trying to figure out the bad side of Sholo and zoom it in.

People's minds weren't shaped by her this time, and anyway, Sholoh succeeded, more than all of them, and how could they describe a successful person?

“Enough! ”

Zhao Mengqi couldn't help but drink with a red eye at Qin Guiyue. “Sholo didn't play with my feelings. I broke up with him because I couldn't stand the temptation of money to abandon him. He was not a scumbag man, let alone an asshole. When I was sick and operated on, he didn't remember to hate my abandonment and paid for my expensive medical expenses. It was all my fault that this happened. You know? ”

The last was a roar, filled with endless pain and remorse.

Zhao Mengqi cried and wept. She had been suffering in silence and silence, but Qin Guiyue had been forcing her to tell the truth, forcing her to reveal her ugly side to the public. She really couldn't bear to watch Sholo get misunderstood.

This is the truth about breaking up?!

Everyone was so stunned and horrified that it never occurred to them that this kind of subversive reversal would happen.

Qin Guiyue, the whole person, looked at Zhao Mengqi with a gruesome smile: “Mengqi, you... you're lying to me, right? You're thinking about old times, talking to Sholo on purpose, aren't you? ”

If what Zhao Mengqi said is true, what exactly did she do tonight?

She said that she was a good sister with Zhao Mengqi, but this night she kept tearing up the shame cloth of the good sisters. She blamed Shaolo before, all like a dagger, deeply stabbed the good sisters' hearts, otherwise Zhao Mengqi would not cry to tell the truth, completely destroying the image in everyone's eyes.

Zhao Mengqi looked at her with resentment: "When you describe Sholo in some extremely harsh language, he didn't even manage your desire, not because he was arrogant, but because you weren't in his eyes at all. ”

She shook her head and said with tears, "I know him, he left because he was disappointed in us. He may have had a slight anticipation before coming, looking forward to seeing us who had sincere classmate friendships, not even talking and looking at us with colored glasses. ”

This word penetrates deeply into the souls of all men.

Everyone feels a lot better, yeah, three years of social life, everyone has changed, in fact, before coming, who didn't expect to see the sincere classmate friendship, the pressure at work, the fighting between colleagues has long been boring, they are thinking that classmate parties may be the only pure soil in the world, but this pure soil is contaminated by them.

It was supposed to be filled with laughter and memories of a great time gathering in college, but it turned into a bragging convention that showcased careers, objects, wages...

Are you happy with this party?

No, not happy at all, on the contrary, very tired, because suddenly it seems that even the old classmates of the past can't give up their hearts, there is no mental communication, there is only a tendency to move forward.

“Society is a big dye. In three years, people will change, people will become reality. If Schollo still thinks people should be as simple as they were in college, then he's a fool. How can we stand and survive in society if we don't change? So we're not wrong, he's got his own problems.” Guo Qinghe spoke at this time, Sholo's success made him stand completely opposite Sholo.

Everyone is dumb...

Maple Leaf Hotel floor.

Sholo and Chu Yunhong talked a lot. From the first time they met, they both felt a lot better when it came to the difference now.

For Sholo, without Chu Yunhong, he could not have succeeded so quickly; and for Chu Yunhong, without Sholo, his precious daughter Chu Yue could have died. He was grateful for Sholo, and this gratitude was not measured by money.

At the end of the day, Chu Yunhong even spoke of the media for his daughter himself. As a father, how could he not understand what was in Chu Moon's heart? Besides, he could not say how much he appreciated Sholo. Sholo as his son-in-law was enough.

Sholo refused to accept that Chu Moon was still young and in a blind period of love. He was more of a heroic worshipper and obsessed. Chu Moon, though beautiful and inclined to the city, was by no means his favorite dish.

Of course, the conversation between the two ended happily, and they looked up and laughed like they were in the middle of a year.

When Sholo was about to leave, Dong Wan ran over.

“3,000 lots of water, I've been looking for you so hard! ”

Tang Wan ran and couldn't catch his breath. He gasped and was full of men.

Sholo and Zhang Dashan looked at each other and saw the colour of surprise in their eyes.

“Don Beauty, are you drunk?” Zhang Dashan deliberately tried this.

“Zhang Dashan, don't hit the so-so eyes. I already know through Sina that the mobile number used in the registration of 'Three Thousand Luo Shui' was the number from the University of Sholo, that is, Three Thousand Luo Shui is Sholo.” Tang Wan was angry.

Things can't be concealed or hidden.

Sholo laughed bitterly: "Mandy, for the sake of my classmates, keep it a secret, will you? ”

“Yeah, yeah, don't blow Shaw's bottom off the Internet, or Shaw's gonna be in trouble. He hates being a public figure.” Zhang Dashan said.

Tang Wanbai glanced at two people: “Do you think I look like someone who would betray an old classmate for profit? ”

“Not at all, haha... not at all!” Zhang Dashan laughed.

“What do you mean it doesn't look like, it's not okay at all, or I wouldn't have come down to you either. ”

Tang Wan shouted bend for himself, but then he smiled again. "Of course, you two are doing so well now. If I can't do this anymore, I'll come to you later. Don't mention your pants and don't recognize anyone. ”

Sholo was embarrassed, and he thought, "What do you mean, lift your pants and you don't recognize people?"

“I'm going, can you be a little bit of a beauty and really think you're a woman?” Zhang Dashan played funny.

“Sister is a woman, don't take it personally?” Tang Wan raised his head softly and whispered his fist.