Peerless Genius System

Chapter 275: On the Way Home

Sholo had breakfast if nothing happened...

Faced with Chai Zhiying's questioning, Zhang Dashan raised his head and laughed: “How dare we fool you? Didn't you just say that? We couldn't afford the consequences. We were timid and took the money again. We will definitely keep our mouths shut. We must have breakfast now. If nothing happens, let's go. Goddess Su will surely wait for you downstairs. ”

Pick up a small cage bag and eat it up like an egg in your mouth.

Chai Zhiying bit her teeth, and the more she thought the two guys were strange and quite unusual.

“I don't believe you. ”

“If you don't believe us, take the money back. ”

Zhang Dashan did not hesitate to take the card out of her pocket and threw it at her.

Chai Zhiying was stunned on the spot. This is $8 million. Are these two guys out of their minds? You just threw it away?

However, she quickly returned to God and put the card back on the table, coldly said: “The money is yours, but ugly words are in front of you, once the information about Beibei appears, I will make you unable to eat and walk! ”

The next thing you know, you leave. At the same time, take out a phone and dial out and ask the other party to find out about a person who lives in a communal village named Sholoh, and she will definitely find out about Sholoh on the bright side. As a member of the NSA, they all have an ordinary person, and Sholoh's usual identity is Lofong's employee.

“Shit, the fire is so hot, that woman definitely lacks the moisture of a man.” Zhang Dashan Xingchung said something.

Sholo laughed funny: "Why don't you moisturize her? ”

“Moisturize an egg and look like a man, even if she took off her clothes and stood in front of me, I couldn't harden it.” Zhang Dashan was bored.

Sholo shrugged his shoulders and did not answer any more questions. He saw the rice noodles and oil strips specially bought for Su Xiaobei on the table. An indescribable emotion appeared at the bottom of his heart. He was probably reluctant. Although he had only stayed with Su Xiaobei for one night, he seemed to have lived a long time. Without that little girl shouting at his father in his ear, he was not used to it.

“Shit, Su Goddess is also really, can't you let the little girl eat before she leaves? ”

Zhang Dashan had no appetite for the first time, and he was not used to it. The petite and lovely Su Xiaobei left. The whole rental house felt empty for a little less. It was a strange feeling. He stayed only one night, but left an indelible impression in his heart.

Su Xiaobei smiled and even cried loudly. It was deeply branded in the minds of both of them. It couldn't be waved!

“Don't worry, Miss Sue will take care of her. ”

Sholo said this as both comforting Zhang Dashan and comforting himself, turning the subject around, “Take care of the company's business quickly these days, it's time to go home, it's about 20 days before the new year. ”


Zhang Dashan nodded, “By the way, are you coming to the annual company meeting? ”

Sholo shook his head: “No, you are in charge of the headquarters. You have to stand up for the dignity. It's not good for you to stand up for me too many times. If you have an annual meeting, give bonus benefits appropriately to employees who perform well, and mobilize their work motivation. Li Zimeng, Luo Qi, Lin impulse should have special awards. Of course, this is just a suggestion. The final decision is yours. ”

The three men had been very supportive of Lofon's work since he first took over, and he remembered that he would never be stingy with the award.

“Fuck off, Lo Fong's boss will always be you, brother is the dick, bam... wrong word, not the dick, is the company's second best hand, so whoever you say praise will be praised.” Zhang Dashan shouted.

“ ”Sholo does not argue.



Sholo took advantage of Zhang Dashan's opportunity to deal with the company's affairs.

I went to the People's Hospital in the Light Zone to visit my sister. Although the year is approaching, the hospital is always in such a busy state. After all, people are sick or have any accidents, it is not a matter of time.

The top floor of the hospital, Sholo, and Xiao Ruyi in white overalls stood in the wind.

“Brother, are you going back soon?” Xiao Ruyi asked.

Sholo nodded: “In a few days, go back with Zhang Dashan. When are you going home with Tang Ren? ”

“It may take years for our nurses to get laid. We can't have nurses in the hospital for a day, and Tang Ren's two shipments have to go to work until the year after. ”

“To be honest, I didn't agree with you when you married Tang Ren. Although Tang Ren's house was in the same province with us, we could get together too far away. How inconvenient is it if you want to go home? If you marry in your hometown or go to your hometown, you can often come back to the door. However, Tang Ren is a good man. He is good to you, which is enough.” Sholopo said with some emotion.

Xiao Ruyi's playful mumbled and then laughed like a flower.

“Don't smile all day, hurry up with Don Rensheng, I can also upgrade to uncle.” Sholomboard raised his face and reprimanded it in the tone of his elders.

Xiao Ruyi's face was red and she was ashamed: “Brother, this kind of thing can't be rushed, it came when it came, it didn't come when it didn't come, it is only natural to follow it. ”

“Just keep doing it, you've been married for almost a year, your stomach hasn't moved yet, don't know the younger you are, the better you can recover from having a baby?” Sholoway.

“Brother, don't worry about these things. Find me a sister-in-law. By the way, the national goddess Su Li is fine. There was a concert in Jiangcheng a while ago. My colleague came to the scene and took a lot of pictures of her. It's not much like the pictures uploaded on the internet. She's a big beauty. ”

“You have too much respect for me.” Sholo was not very angry, he said.

Xiao Ruyi shouted: “My brother is so good, what's wrong with finding a national goddess to be his wife?” Then hip-hop, “brother, if you can really marry her home, it's definitely about Jong-Jo, we'll all be smoking in Tai Jong's grave. ”

Sholo's face stretched down a black line: "Give you eight words, nonsense, nonsense! ”

Xiao Ruyi threw up his tongue and made a ghost face.

“Well, don't bother you at work. Go home with Tang Ren sometime and meet Grandma and Grandpa.” Sholo took a long sigh of relief.

Xiao Ruyi nodded: “Well, I will definitely go back sometime and do my best. ”

“So first of all, Tang Ren there you say hello for me, and this card has 4 million, the password is 6 1, I didn't give you any gifts when you married Tang Ren, now make it up, put it away, I won't be in Jiangcheng next year, you and Tang Ren will have a good life, if you have any difficulties, you must ask me, I am your brother, I will never make fun of you. ”

Sholo put a bank card in Shaw Ruyi's hand.

Xiao Ruyi was moved and his eyes instantly turned red: "Brother, you are the best brother in the world! ”

Holding Sholo tightly, thinking that next year the city's own brother will be away, there will be an unknown sorrow, tears will gush down.