Peerless Genius System

Chapter 276: Shaw Autumn Winter

Just after the annual meeting of Lo Fang, Sho Lo returned the house of the communal village, cleaned up the courtesy, and set foot on the return journey with Zhang Dashan.

Both are from the West Province and belong to the same city. They belong only to two counties, which are more than a hundred kilometres away. When they were in college, they went to each other's homes, and their families were familiar with them.

“When the fuck is this supposed to be blocked? ”

The car was blocked on the highway, Zhang Dashan was angry, "and the highway, I walked faster than this! ”

“Isn't it unexpected that the peak of return, the massive migration of the population, has taken place?” Sholo put the seat down and lay comfortably on top, calmly saying.

“Cousin, I'm lucky, the other is to drive this car back and load it up, let the left and right neighbors know that Brother is out there, satisfy the vanity, if you knew that the highway is blocked like constipation, I would never drive back for the purpose of loading it up, it must be on a plane.” Zhang Dashan's moody heart can't stand this long as if it had never stopped waiting.

Sholo ignored him and closed his eyes comfortably.

After waiting four or five hours, it finally started moving.

Zhang Dashan cursed and started. He got off the highway at the next toll station and chose to take the national road.

And it turns out that his choice was the right one, the back section of the highway blocked at least a dozen kilometres, the water was impenetrable, and he could not help but look sympathetically at those poor guys blocked on the viaduct.

“Old Shaw, look at those guys, they're stuck like fools, hahahaha...”

On the face of it is sympathy, in fact, it is a disaster and joy. Zhang Dashan laughed and was extremely comfortable.

When I turned my head and found Sholo asleep, I suddenly stopped breathing and lifted my big hand towards Sholo's thigh and patted him: “Wipe, sleep an egg, you turn it on, I've been driving for six or seven hours, it's been fatigue driving for a long time. ”

If you treat Sholo like that, that's it.

Sholo stretched his lazy waist and told him to pull over and drive himself.

In order to rush home as soon as possible, Shologa made the Land Rover roar and wash up. The national highway is no faster than the highway. Many sections of the road are crater depressed. Zhang Dashan shouted to stop immediately when he flew straight past several large pits without braking. It hurts too much flesh. This is his car, although it is carrying resistant, but it is not this way to drive.

“Damn, love is not your car doesn't hurt. Believe it or not, I'll kill you, it's cruel.” Zhang Dashan scolded.

Sholo shrugged his shoulders.

Zhang Dashan didn't dare to give the car to Sholo to drive. The next afternoon, he finally returned to Zhongkou City, West Province, like going to the West to learn the Book.

Sholo's in trouble. Find his own car.

We'll go back to our families, we'll find our mothers, and we'll meet back in a few years.



Forget the shuttle bus, the station is too crowded, the environment in the shuttle bus is not so good. Sholo turned on the APP of his phone to see if there was a ride to the county. Look at this, there really is one. Book it soon.

About twenty minutes later, a white Chevrolet stopped in front of him and looked at the license plate, the same hitchhiker that was booked on the phone.

When the window came down, the driver and Sholo stood still at the same time.

“Winter melon! ”

“Sholo! ”

Two people shouted each other's names at the same time, and the driver was a young man his age, wearing a plaid shirt, with a clean, short hair, thick eyebrows, a long face and a very distinctive feature - a short neck, almost without a neck, to say the least.

The young man's name was Xiao Qiudong, and the Lo Village man, Xiao Lo, played with him until he was big, it could be said that he was small, because of his short neck, they gave him an nickname “winter melon”.

Between elementary school and junior high school, the relationship between the two was very good, they separated from each other from each other since taking the examination to different high schools, but there was frequent contact. By the time they reached the university, the number of contacts became less and less frequent. It was not Sholo who did not contact him, it was Xiao Qiudong who entered the society first step to fight, and each contact was quickly disconnected from the call with no time to do things.

After Schollo University graduated from society, they never contacted him again. He tried to contact Xiao Qiudong, but the other party's phone number was changed, and the new number didn't tell him. He came home last year, and Xiao Qiudong made a loud noise in front of the crowd, saying things like yesterday.

“So what if you go to college, you don't come out to work yet, with a death wage of 4,500 a month, houses and cars are not as affordable as they are, you might as well get out of social practice early, you have more work experience than any diploma. ”

Seems to be promoting the uselessness of reading, but actually stepping on him to lift himself up, because Shaw had already bought a car at that time, and Shaw was totally compared as a peer.

Sholo had thought that Xiao Qiudong was a friend who could make deep hearts, but this last year, let him know that old childhood partners had changed, and their friendship had long been diluted by the river.

When Xiao Qiudong saw that it was Sholo, it was obvious that a brief moment in his face was unnatural, but he quickly disappeared, revealing a passionate smile: “It was you who took the ride, I went. This is too coincidental. Did you just come back from outside? ”


Sholo squeezed a smile and nodded back. Although the relationship between the two was delicate, the outside form still needed to be done.

She looked at the driver's seat and sat with a woman with a clear face and a three- or 4-month-old child in her arms.

“This is my wife, Li Honglian, wife, this is my little Sholo Fa. We grew up together and had a pretty good relationship.” Shaw Autumn and Winter's generous introduction.


Li Honglian greeted Sholo politely.


Sholo nodded his head and his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, as the accent of Li Honglian was very twisted and stubborn.

Xiao Qiudong answered his question and said with a smile: “My wife is from Bao Dao, that's the accent, just get used to it. ”

“So that's it.” Sholo suddenly.

“Don't stand there, get in the car, eh, you bought so many things for your family, it's really filial, put them all in the trunk.” Shaw Autumn and Winter said, bending over and pulling the switch on the trunk.

Sholo put a piece of health care in the trunk.

“Can you put it down?” Xiao Qiudong asked.

“Pack up, I suppose. ”

Sholo put the original debris in the trunk neatly aside, so he put it all down and closed the trunk.

Then open the door and get in the back seat.

And Shaw Autumn and Winter never got out of the car, whistling at her son the whole time, the other was to ask Shaw if he had put anything away.