Peerless Genius System

Chapter 280: Right Neighbor

Xiao Zhiyuan stayed and chatted for a while before returning to the farm.

Dry potatoes, peanuts, rolls... there are many specialties in the house, Grandma and Grandpa brought a lot in Sholo's room.

After cleaning up the room, Sholo stood by the window with a cup of hot tea.

It was dark outside, and the hairy rain came quietly. It was so peaceful and peaceful. At this time, Sholo had a feeling that it was nothing more than a dream. Everything that Jiangcheng was going through, protecting Chu Yue, becoming the owner of Luofang, the Dragon Eradication Gang... everything at this moment seemed very unreal.

Distinction is like two different worlds!

The world is filled with killings, shopping malls, scams, old black forces and cunning, like a wonderful episode, and now it's back to normal reality!

“Ding, ding, ding ~”

A monotonous phone bell rang.

Sholo's eyes were cast on the black phone on the desktop, and the call showed a series of '*’ numbers. He knew that this was an ancient NSA warring country phone. The phone was also equipped by the NSA and was specially tailored by the "8848”. The call was made using a dedicated line, which ensured that the content of the call was strict and would never be bugged.

Face recognition and fingerprints are passed before the phone can be unlocked, otherwise not only can you not use any of the features of the phone, but even the most basic calls can't be made.

“Doom, your contact has left, code-named 'Nightbird', and she should be able to meet you the day after tomorrow.” The solemn voice of the ancient warring nations sounded.

Sholo nodded: “Well, I get it. ”

“One more thing I must tell you is that our NSA sent undercover information back from Blackwater. Kunsha, one of Blackwater's top executives, has your basic information. He is angry at you for destroying the Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps and has sent a 'Cobra Mercenary Corps' to sneak into the country clandestinely. Their mission is to wipe you out at all costs.” The ancient warring nations said.

Cobra Mercenaries?!

Sholo's eyes twitched slightly, and deep inside his eyes jumped into the cold light: “It's okay, I'll kill as many as I want! ”

This understatement stunned the ancient warring nations on the other side of the phone, and said: “There are eight Cobra Mercenary Corps. If the strength of the eight is divided into our NSA warrior ranks, they are of Class B standard, and they have experienced military skills. They are far stronger than the Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps, don't fall lightly. ”


Sholo responded with a request, "Send someone to protect my parents. ”

He certainly lives in the house of Luo Village. Grandma and Grandpa's safety may not need to be too worried, but parents are on the farm and must be provided with personnel for 24 hours to ensure their safety.

“I've sent twenty C-fighters to you with the lark, and you decide how to deploy them.” The ancient warring nations said.

Sholo is grateful to the ancient warring nations for their arrangements and for doing so much for him, which demonstrates the sincerity of the NSA.

“Any other questions?” The ancient warring nations asked.


Sholo won't be so polite, "Why did Kunsha get my message? ”

“In addition to being one of Blackwater's top executives, Kunsha is a drug lord in the Golden Triangle. He has always had close cooperation with the Dragon Gang in Jiangcheng. After the accident, he commissioned the Dragon Scorpion Mercenary Corps to help him investigate. Your time happened to be the most prominent, and a lot of evidence pointed to you. The Dragon Gang Solicity told Kunsha that you destroyed his Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps, which was also warped.” The ancient warring nations were also helpless when they said that.

And Schollo was completely speechless, thinking about his luck a little better!



The next morning I woke up and Sholo started cleaning.

Grandma and Grandpa lived in this house for years, but they were old enough to clean it up thoroughly.

Wipe windows, tables and chairs, cabinets, mop floors...

Throughout the morning, Schollo was busy, scrubbing every neglectable corner carefully with a rag.

On the way out to fetch water, a middle-aged woman next door saw it and was surprised: "Yo, isn't this Little Lo? New Year's Eve? ”

Sholo smiled and said, “Aunt Tao Xiu, the company is on vacation, so it's New Year's Eve. ”

The men of Luo Village are all named Xiao, descendants of the same ancestors reproduced, ranked by “word”, there are many fellow men of the same age with his father, according to the rank, he should call each other uncle, this has always been a place where Xiao Luo is very speechless.

The middle-aged woman had no idea what her last name was. She was quite impressed since she was a kid. Because she used to come to the door and Grandma called her 'Peach Show', he called her Aunt Peach Show. Sholo and her son Xiaoping were also childhood friends. Xiao Ping was two years old.

Aunt Tao Xiu's voice was loud, and the neighbor left and right heard Sholo come back from the outside world, all running out in a rush.

Sholo was not a rude man, so he smiled and greeted every elder who greeted him.

“Xiao Lo, it's been a year. You've become much more handsome. Last year I heard you talked about a girlfriend. Why didn't you bring her back to see her family?” Another dark-skinned woman said.

A skinny middle-aged man smiled and said, "Yeah, I'm old enough to start a family. When I was your age, my son was seven or eight. ”

Sholo smiled: “This kind of thing can't be compelled. You need to look at the fate. When the fate comes, everything goes down the drain. ”

“The fate of this kind of thing is not clear at all. The main thing is to pursue it on your own initiative. Didn't the country count 30 million more men than women? In other words, 30 million men can't marry their wives. Xiao Lo, come on, you're not in a hurry. Your parents and grandparents will be in a hurry.” Skinny middle-aged man said.

“You're right, look at Xiao Qiudong. He is as old as you. He has a son now. Tomorrow he will have a banquet at home. His wife is still from Baoshima. The village of Chunlao is famous. If you don't try your best, you will be beaten by him.” The dark-skinned woman kowtowed to the melon seeds.

Sholo laughed without saying a word. He really didn't want to stand here and get shelled. He told everyone he needed to clean up, so he hurried into the house to avoid these people.

“Don't say that, Xiao Lo's heart must be in a hurry, after all, he is the only one in our village who is as old as he and has not married yet.” Aunt Tao Xiu spoke for Sholo.

“We didn't say much about him either. This little Lo is just too self-esteem. It's not going to work. It's definitely going to hit the wall out there.” A skinny middle-aged man put his hands crossed over his chest and said as if he were coming over.

The dark-skinned woman sighed heavily: "Alas... Xiao Qiudong hasn't studied at university, now she is doing lump sum engineering in Zhoukou City, she has made nearly two years of money, she bought a house in Zhoukou City, and then saw Xiaoluo, went to two universities, and as a result, she worked for someone else, she has read so many books, it's better than Xiao Qiudong's finger. ”