Peerless Genius System

Chapter 281 Arguments

Though Sholo went to the second floor to clean up the hygiene, their conversation went into his ear without a word. In this regard, he just smiled, his heart could not lift a bit of a flurry. That was the idea of the old generation in the countryside. It was his uncle's and uncle's. He didn't account for so much. Let them say that he was happy, but life was his own. It was up to him to decide how to live.

Grandma cared for her grandchildren. When she saw them chewing their tongues outside, she ran out and told them to go away. Don't talk nonsense at the door.

“If you panic, you can go upside down and say it in front of someone else's door, don't you fear that God will punish you for being mute for the rest of your lives? ”

“Sister-in-law Langfeng, we didn't say anything bad about Xiao Lo, we also cared about his personal affairs. Are you cursing us so bad?” The dark-skinned woman said with dismay.

Grandma said: "My grandson is talented and capable in his career, you don't have to worry about him! ”

She's had enough of this, and these left and right neighbors always ask her grandson, Sholo, if he has someone to talk to, when he's getting married, and then they say something cold-hearted, which is what cares about. This is obviously a joke. Today, these people ridicule her grandson, Sholo, in person, and she can't bear it.

“Yes, yes, he is a talented man, better than anyone, but the result is that he can't even find his wife.” The dark-skinned woman came with a little temper and said coldly.

Other people, except Aunt Tao Xiu, showed a little bit of a lively smile on her face. It was really too idle. Something like this could just solve the boredom and become an investment after tea meal.

Grandma's face rose red, pointing to the dark-skinned woman's angry rush: “Grandma An, you can't even discipline your own son, eat and drink sex games, have been locked up in the police station several times, what are you qualified to say about my grandson? ”

When she heard this, her dark-skinned foreigner suddenly burst into flames and looked darker.

She looked at her angrily: "Hello, your son is useful. He threw all his family into the ditch, hoping to grow gold in that pile of mud. At the end of the year, he was as busy as a dog, but he didn't see how much money he made. Your grandson is old and old. Don't say his wife, he doesn't even have a target.

Even if my son is no longer useful, he married his wife, gave birth to his son, what is your family? Tell me, isn't everyone laughing that your granddaughter-in-law can't marry? ”

Couldn't marry my granddaughter-in-law?

Pull down this big hat and squeeze as much as you can.

“You evil bitch, you... you...”

Grandma was ups and downs in her chest and she couldn't even breathe.

Grandpa saw, hurry up and pat her on the back to help her get this tone right. Although he doesn't like to talk, his wife is pissed off like this. Naturally, he won't stand idly by and drink to Far Far Far Woman: “Go, don't stand in front of our house, you are not welcome here! ”

“Uncle Lian Fa, be reasonable, we didn't say anything bad, just expressed a concern for Xiao Lo, Lam Feng came out to curse us, you said, there is no such thing in the world.” Grandma Anyuan said in a daunting manner.

“Yeah, Uncle Lian Fa, Sister Lang Feng is really out of line.” Skinny middle-aged men have spoken in peace.

“Xiao Lo is our grandson. He won't bother you. If you chew your tongues again, don't blame the old man. I won't recognize you!” Grandpa's older, but he still has hard bones.

Grandma Anyuan put her hands in her waist and smiled. “Uncle Lianfa, if you talk like this, you will be very ruthless. Besides, we Shaw family are also a big family. If you speak like this, you won't be afraid of anything happening to your family in the future, won't everyone come forward to help you? ”

Grandma and Grandpa are not the rivals of this mouthful, this is the moment of defeat.

Aunt Tao Xiu stepped out to play the roundabout: “All right, all right, let's talk less, it's all a small matter, don't break your temper. ”

“Humph, they started it when they were hurting and angry!” Grandma An, don't be too cold.

“Are we done? Let it go, little temple. You can't have so many great gods. ”

Sholo came out of the house with a clean towel and rubbed the water stain on his hand. It wasn't cold or hot to say that he didn't want to ignore this kind of crap in the countryside, but so many people bullied his grandparents, he couldn't stand it.

“Lo, what do you mean? Changing the law to curse auntie?” Grandmother An glanced into her eyes and asked.

Sholo smiled softly: “No, as a younger generation, how dare you say that the elders are not? Just don't bully my grandparents. Whoever bullies them, uncle or aunt, or uncle and grandmother, will go as far as they can! ”

Isn't he temperamental? Of course there is.

Does he have a temper? This is certainly also true, provided you don't touch his scales, and at home, his family is his scales.

The left and right neighbors present were stunned, and no one expected Sholo to have such a powerful side.

An Yuanyang made a strange noise: “Yo, you've got a temper, a little bastard who can't even marry his wife. Who are you looking at? ”

That was a terrible thing to say, and everyone in the room frowned.

“Grandma An, this is too bad to hear you say. It's almost New Year's Eve and you're still cursing people like this. You shouldn't.” Aunt Tao Xiu has always had a good relationship with the Sholo family, and at this time strongly condemns Grandma An.

“Xiao Lo had just returned from a year of struggle from the outside world. It was not easy to say that Xiao Lo really shouldn't have said that our village of Lo was a big family and he couldn't look up. ”

“Xiao Lo is everyone watching to grow up. Everyone has also witnessed today. Although Lam Feng's temper is a little rushed, we are the younger generation, so let the elders should be, how can we squeeze with the elders? ”

“Yes, Grandma An, you should apologize to Xiao Lo and Lam Feng. ”

A few people who have a better relationship with the Sholows come forward to speak for Sholoh, and of course, some people remain neutral and have nothing to do with their heights and heights.

“Apologize to them? Shit!”

An Yuanyang was extremely angry and spat heavily. "This little bastard just came back from the outside, doesn't that mean he can't see the dignity of the elders, can he just drink at will? ”

A skinny middle-aged man named Xiao Dynasty came to the house. He was a brother-in-law with her husband, Xiao Dynasty. The phrase 'help or no kiss’ was‘ help or no kiss’. He stood up and resented the crowd: “A kid with no respect for his elders, who should apologize? Do you understand? Don't stay here and apologize to my sister-in-law if you don't understand. ”

“Shaw, are you sure you're not sitting your ass off?” Grandpa couldn't help but drink.

Xiao Dynasty was furious and shouted, “What are you yelling at me for, louder than whose voice?” Slowly, then coldly said, "My son has been running to some shitty farm for almost seven years, and he hasn't made a name for himself. My grandson is almost an old man, and he hasn't married his wife. The good news is that your grandson picked it out, and he hasn't met his fate. The bad news is that your family's money has been thrown into that shitty mud, and he doesn't have the money to marry his wife. ”