Peerless Genius System

Chapter 282: Five Brothers

If Xiao Dynasty came, it was like a sharp dagger, deeply stuck in Grandma and Grandpa's heart.

Because Xiao Zhiyuan went home to start a farm and put a lot of money into the farm. Over the years, the life of the family has been very painful. Not only Xiao Zhiyuan, but Grandma and Grandpa have endured the cynicism of the people around them. In Luo Village, Xiao Dynasty has always been the representative of the people. From time to time, he has spoken a few words in the ears of both old people to spit Xiao Zhiyuan.

“Xiao Dynasty, you... you...”

Grandma was so angry, she picked up a broom and drove away. “Fuck off, you guys, don't stay in front of our house! ”

An Yuanyang panicked slightly and took a few steps back, afraid of being hit by the broom in Grandma's hand.

Xiao Dynasty immediately glared at his eyes and drank loudly with his face: “Don't you dare move me, I'll dig a pit and bury you alive! ”

The voice had just fallen, a big hand came at him without a sign, grabbed his collar, and the powerful power was emitted by the five fingers. Xiao dynasty only felt his feet off the ground, his collar caught dead and his neck tightened, a strong sense of suffocation instantly poured into his brain.

Xiao dynasty came to look at Sholo with his eyes open. I can't believe Sholo's hand would be so big that he could lift him up with one hand.

Everyone else in the room was stunned, and I really didn't expect Sholo to be so powerful.

Sholo looked indifferent and said coldly: "Uncle Dynasty, let's call you uncle for now. I just said, whoever bullies my grandfather and grandmother will roll as far away as possible. Why, do you think of my words as ear wind? ”

In response to Sholo's gaze, the Shaw dynasty couldn't help but beat a chill. It was a dangerous smell like an angry beast. When he was young, he went up the mountain and hunted. Such was the look of a wolf, and he could not go wrong.

Sholo's eyes twitched and a mocking smile hung in the corner of his mouth: “I don't care what you say. I would only smile at you behind my back or in front of me. But my family, my grandmother and grandfather, do not allow any of you to be humiliated. This is a small punishment. If there is another time, I will ruin your leg! ”

A faint tone, but full of chills.

Yan Zheng, his arm swung, Xiao dynasty was thrown out irresistibly, he fell heavily into the paddy field in front of the sun valley, “Wow” became a falling soup chicken, or was it a falling soup chicken full of sludge?

“Grunting ~”

Everyone couldn't help but swallow a sip of saliva, shocked by the harshness he showed, apart from being deterred by Sholo's strength, and now they realize that they don't know anything about this child they're looking at growing up.

When he found Sholo's eyes throwing at him, Anyuan's body was a frightened, panicked voice: "Son of a bitch, you... what are you doing? ”

Sholo didn't say a word, just walked past her one step at a time, her face was cold as frost, her eyes scattered a little chilly.

He had killed many people, this anger erupted, An Yuan Lady was a common rural woman, how could she withstand such a powerful oppression, when her legs fell softly on the ground.

Sholo walked up to her and looked down at her: "Can you leave our sun valley? ”

Seems like a request, but the tone is irresistible.

Anyuan was sweating cold and climbing out of the Sholo family's sun valley range.

Sholo looked at her funny and said, "In rank, I have to call your aunt. In fact, that's what I call you. I've always respected you, but you, little bastard on the left, little bastard on the right, I owe you? Or is it that my dad owns a farm, and you're supposed to make fun of me and scold me for not owning a family? ”


Anyuan was silent and did not know what to rebut.

“Women rip their voices out and yell at people. It's a whore act that only damages your image in everyone's eyes. What do you think you're doing? Take my advice, practice shutting up, it's good for you!” Sholo smiled.

Then he turned to the audience and said, “Uncle, aunties, the same family as Shaw, make peace, dig less bitterness and irony, be more sincere, I Shallow still respect you, and our family still welcomes you! ”

Those who are neutral and look lively can't help but feel hot on their faces, Sholo, which is a change of law to call them unfriendly to their families.

Sholo didn't say much, turned his head and smiled softly: "Grandma, I'm hungry. ”

Grandma hurried down the broom and revealed a charming smile: "Okay, I'm going to cook and make your favorite green potato paste. ”

Sholo nodded: “Hmm. ”

“Lo, you've grown up! ”

Grandpa praised Sholo's shoulder and walked into the house with Grandma to help burn the fire for lunch.

Sholo didn't want to stay outside and turned around and walked indoors.

“Sholo, you fell on me, you don't apologize to me for a few hundred more bucks. I'm not done with you. I'm telling you, they'll be back from abroad soon for New Year's Eve, and I'll make you cry.” Xiao Dynasty had climbed up from the paddy field, his whole body was dirty and wet, he couldn't resist this breath and spoke harshly to Xiao Lo.

Hearing this, Sholo stopped, turned around and laughed. “If I remember correctly, you're five brothers.” It refers to Xiao Dynasty and Anyuan Lady, “there are many people, is that why you said that when other people come, they are full of gas, and they are not afraid of anything? ”


Xiao Dynasty snorted softly and raised his head proudly. It was the default.

It is true that the five brothers, together with their sons, are a large group of people, and no one in Lo Village has more men than their family.

Although they did not do anything to teach the same village, going to another village to teach the same village had a history, because one of the brothers' daughters insisted on divorce, the five brothers went to the daughter-in-law's mother's house to make trouble, beat the daughter-in-law's family, and heard that the daughter-in-law's brother had been hanged and beaten by them.

It is precisely because of these glorious events that the majesty was erected in the village of Lo, where few dare to disobey their intentions.

For example, the people of the village moved back from the river together to seek God's blessing of the big stone. After using it, they were directly moved back to their own home by their five brothers. It became their private property. The people of the village only dared to complain privately, but nobody stood up to say that it was unreasonable.

How can we privatize public property if everyone contributes?

But the five brothers dared to do so. Xiao Dynasty had once exaggerated with alcohol, saying that the big stone belonged to their family, who dared to beat anyone up.

“Uncle Dynasty, I must remind you that this is a rule-of-law society, not one with big fists and many people can take over the throne. Everything has to be about the word.” Sholo laughed playfully.

If he is not from the same family, he is too lazy to waste his tongue, and if the other side is a black society, he will only beat his clothes to the point.