Peerless Genius System

Chapter 286 Special Assignments

Lo Village is small, everyone passes 10 or 10 times, just for two or three hours, the whole village knows that Sholo has a beautiful girlfriend, and is also a rich girl with a million-dollar car.

“I told you, how can Lo look so handsome and work so hard that no girl likes it? ”

“The girl is like a star on TV. She's so charming, my ten daughter-in-laws are no better than her. ”

“Yeah, Little Lorna, the kid is just too low-key, restrained, and talking about such a good girlfriend won't spread the word. ”

At one point, Sholo became the subject of discussion in the village of Lo. Everyone was happy about Sholo and proud of Sholo. Imagine who in the village of Lo was so powerful that he could talk about a beautiful and rich girlfriend. No, only Sholo has ever been.

There are, of course, people who are extremely unhappy.

Like Fargo An and Xiao Dynasty, like Xiao Qiudong.

Xiao Qiudong has always been the best youth representative in Luo Village. He has been praised not only for his career, but also for his love. He married a treasure island wife, so he was a big winner in life. How many people nodded when they talked about him and shook their heads when they talked about Xiaolo.

Today, everyone praises Sholo, his light is dimmed by comparison, his heart is really unhappy, especially when he sees his wife Li Honglian, after giving birth to a child, the whole person becomes blissful and fat, the five officials walk like, almost can be described in the word "ugly”, his unhappiness is magnified to the extreme.



At home, Sholo sat on a wooden sofa, holding his chin in his left hand, tapping gently on the armrest of the sofa with his right hand, gauging Ji Xiyin standing in front of him.

Keith Ying was wearing a turtleneck sweater and a pair of black sweatpants, and that wonderful figure was uneven and well represented, and she stood there like a little girl who wasn't deep enough to look at Sholo.

“Are you the lark?” Sholo coughed softly, breaking the silence in the lobby.

“Yes, Mr. Schollo, I am the liaison assigned to you by the NSA to convey the NSA's orders and act as a bridge between you and the NSA. It is an honor to be Mr. Schollo's liaison officer. Please be more coaching! ”

Ji Siying was in awe of Sholo, his voice was gentle and beautiful, and after that he bowed deeply to Sholo.

Sholo thought the woman was interesting, at least she didn't disgust him, and he asked curiously, "Why are you lying about being my girlfriend? ”

“As Mr. Schollo's liaison officer, it takes 24 hours to keep in touch with Mr. Schollo, and I falsely claim to be Mr. Schollo's girlfriend, which facilitates the work and does not call for gossip.” Ji Siying answered meticulously.

Sholo laughed dumbly: "That's very thoughtful of you, but you're a very difficult lie to do! ”

Indeed, the whole village knows that he has a girlfriend, and he is also a handsome looking foreign girl. The threshold of their family is about to be broken. All the villagers are curious to visit the house. They want to see the scenery of his girlfriend. Good thing Grandma and Grandpa stopped him below. Otherwise, they will definitely come upstairs and turn the second floor space belonging to him into a vegetable market.

Kiss Ying shocked herself and bowed again: "I'm sorry, I didn't know this would be difficult for you, I... I'll go out and explain it to them. ”

He turned around and walked towards the ground floor.

“Come back, no need. ”

Sholo is speechless, which explains what it is. It's already complicated. Isn't it more complicated to make another scene?


Ji Siying retracted his footsteps, like a child who had done something wrong, rubbing his hands, and stood anxiously.

“You don't have to be too cautious, be casual. ”

Sholo poured herself a cup of tea, also poured her a cup, took it up, handed it to her, "Please drink tea. ”

Ji Siying was slightly stunned and stepped forward, taking the teacup with his hands: “Thank you, Mr. Sholo! ”

Sholo shook his head helplessly, one sentence on the left, Mr. Sholo on the right, is this his own liaison officer or his own subordinate? That's a little too polite.

“The ancient warring nations say there are still twenty C-fighters with you? ”

“Yes.” Ji Siying sipped tea and focused.

“Where are they now? ”

“Ambushed around Mr. Schollo's parents' farm, Mr. Schollo's parents were secretly protected and, once traces of the Cobra Mercenary Corps were discovered, they escorted Mr. Schollo's parents away at the first opportunity.” Ji Siying said.

Sholo nodded, so there was nothing to worry about. Twenty Class C fighters, even if they couldn't compete with the Cobra Mercenary Corps, should be enough to keep his parents safe.

He refocused his eyes on Keith Ying and asked, "What level of warrior are you? ”

“Back to Mr. Schollo, I'm a Class C fighter.” Ji Siying replied respectfully.

“Class C fighter? ”

Sholo's eyes slightly squinted and suddenly two cold flashes erupted. He was like a leopard pounding over Kiss Ying, his right hand clawed, five fingers like a knife, tearing up the void, locking into Kiss Ying's snow white neck.

Keith Ying's pupils shrunk and his subconscious retreated and dodged.

But Sholoh's claws were shadowy, followed closely, she couldn't hide, dropped the teacup in panic, lifted her left palm to clap Sholoh's arm, his right hand quickly pulled a knife from the waist and countered while blocking, the knife seemed to be a cold light, and the sound of "buzzing” pierced Sholoh's chest.

This is subconscious conditional reflex!

Sholoh's right foot took the lead and kicked her in the abdomen, not only defusing her attack, but also stabilising her by kicking her back four or five steps.

It all happens between the flint of electric light, very short, but very dangerous, one attack at a time, one stop at a time, and if it is the rivalry of the enemy of life and death, one will fall.

“Mr. Schollo, you…”

Keith glanced at Sholo in confusion, covering his hidden and aching abdomen.

“Try your level. ”

Sholo moved forward the teacup he had just discarded in Kiss Ying's panic. A drop of tea in it didn't spill out. Sholo glared at Kiss Ying and couldn't believe that in such a short period of time, Sholo was able to hold her cup steadily.

“The level of C-level warriors is true, my grandfather and grandmother are safe. You take care of them more. Although I live here, there are times when I neglect them. ”

Ji Siying hastily picked up the teacup. The main point was: "Yes! ”

In fact, she did not explain to Sholo that she had a special task, which was to find out why Sholo's hands were so strong, because the NSA survey showed that Sholo's experience from childhood to age was very ordinary, until six months ago, so the NSA firmly believed that there must be a secret, and that secret was unknown, and she was the only one who slowly found the answer on Sholo.