Peerless Genius System

Chapter 289: Xiangrui Meat Duck

The middle-aged woman stood tall and straightened, showing surprise on her face: "You... how did you know? ”

“As I said, I'm fatalistic, and I can read.” Sholoh nodded.

It's really simple to see what middle-aged women used to do, because middle-aged women's right palms are habitually rough, either grinding tables for a long time or blackboards for a long time, and middle-aged women are naturally only wearing the profession of teacher.

“You have excessive confidence in your eyes, because you have developed over the years of your career to say you listen to me, I do the behavioral habits you learn, and this habit makes it difficult for you to accept the advice of others, such as when I say that the white duck is Xiang Rui's representative, you immediately rebut, completely disagree, but I also said, I am fatalistic, I suggest you buy the white duck, because it is good for your family, after all, sister, think for yourself. ”

Sholo said it and turned away to create a sense of mystery.

The middle-aged woman was already shocked by the six-godless, feeling she had met the living fairy guiding her down the road. She immediately chased her way, and smiled with enthusiasm: "Boy, I hear you buy a white duck, can you tell me what else needs to be done? ”

Although she used to be a teacher, the feudal ideology was deeply rooted, otherwise she wouldn't have disliked the white duck, and she happened to encounter a bad thing, that her son was very unobedient and had been causing her trouble, she felt it was bad luck, when Sholo correctly revealed her profession, she thought Sholo was a fortunate little fairy.

“It's best to buy two. It's a good thing.” Sholoh was blunt with his hands behind his back.

“Okay, okay, I'll buy it. Thanks for the reminder. ”

The middle-aged woman consented and ran to Xiao Zhiyuan, “Boss, pick me two of the fattest white ducks! ”


Xiao Zhiyuan and Huahuoying sucked in the cool air, shocked, sold two in less than a minute, which is amazing.

The middle-aged woman identified Sholo as a living fairy. After buying two of them, she drank loudly and asked everyone to come here to buy ducks. A middle-aged man with her came over and heard what had happened to her. She was at once disbelieving.

“How could he have guessed?” The middle-aged man pointed at Sholo.

Sholo approached with a smile: "Uncle, are you suspicious of me? ”

“Not suspicious, not believing at all, you're lying to people to buy ducks at your house. ”

The middle-aged man thought that the middle-aged woman had been deceived and actually bought two white-headed ducks, which was so ominous, he shouted, "Come and have a look, there's a liar here, he tricked us into buying his duck. ”

This voice shouted, and Sholo's spotlight suddenly became the whole alley.

Sholo smiled softly: "Uncle, are you well paid? ”

“Of course!” The middle-aged man raised his head with pride.

“The unit doesn't have to work yet, does it? ”

“Of course.”

“Sons and daughters are family, right? ”


Then Sholo looked at him with a smile and stopped talking.

The expression on the old man's face solidified instantly, and he thought, "How did this boy see it?"

Someone immediately asked, "Dude, how do you know that? ”

“The young man is fatalistic, he can read, of course he can see.” The middle-aged woman is now a loyal follower of Sholo and has no doubt about Sholo.

Sholo glanced over at the man in his thirties, staring at his face, that affectionate, smiling, reluctant look on your brother-in-law's face, and Sholo immediately guessed his career again.

“I can also see what you've sold and what you've sold. ”

So the end of his face like a god's stick, “It's like a virtual product, selling insurance? ”

“Ah?! ”

The man stunned and didn't realize that Sholo's tone was questionable. He nodded frequently and said excitedly, “Yeah, man, you're amazing. I really sell insurance. ”

This time the whole alley blew up, one or two guesses right is luck, and the three guesses right, it can't be luck.

When Sholoh guessed the occupation of two men again, everyone present believed that Sholoh would be fated, would see each other, and as a rural man, most of them believed in it, at a time when the eyes of Sholoh were already filled with fervent reverence, especially the middle-aged woman who had just begun to see the gods of the world.

It's amazing!

Guess what everyone does.

And of course, they don't know that Schollo uses psychology and micro-expressions, and the answer is in the eyes, the eyes are the windows of the mind, through which smart people can see the mind.

Sholo did not use a positive tone when speculating about their profession, but slowly tested, and once tested, they would have corresponding micro-expressions on their faces.

Go back to the starting point: “The townsfolks, come buy our ducks. They can grow so fat and expensive. That's because they are Xiangrui meat ducks that I have especially held up. Kill Xiangrui meat ducks in the new year. They will definitely have a big harvest next year. Eat Xiangrui meat ducks, they are healthy, everything is fine and everyone in the family is safe! ”

“Well said! ”

“Boy, we believe you. ”

“Give me two. No, give me four! ”

All the buyers were brainwashed by Sholoh. Believe Sholoh's words, when the feeding-grown duck turned into a Xiangrui meat duck, not only did it respond to the auspicious celebration of the New Year, but it was mainly from a living fairy mouth that could be pinched. Buying it would never be fooled, it would only make the family better.

At one point, Xiao Zhiyuan's duck was mugged, fifty of them sold out in a blink of an eye, and many buyers who had not bought Xiangrui meat duck were reluctant to leave. They had to buy a Xiangrui meat duck, and Xiao Lo told them that they would still sell it on the next market day, so they were relieved to leave.

Xiao Zhiyuan and Huahuoying were completely stunned at this time, and said that they sold out 50 ducks in half an hour and 15 minutes. If the money in their pockets hadn't gotten thicker, they couldn't believe it would have been true. When would their business have been so good?

“Son, you're amazing! ”

Huahua Ying rushed over and held Sholo tightly. He was so happy he couldn't help himself.

Then she turned to Xiao Zhiyuan and said proudly: "Zhiyuan, now it's time for you to admit that your son is better than you, better than you? ”

Shaw muttered and sighed: “You can't admit it, but...” He raised his head and revealed a smile. “This is my son, he is more powerful than me. ”

He also had a thick face once.