Peerless Genius System

Chapter 291: Drinking Divine Water

When Xiao Qiudong's face was full of discomfort, Xiao Ping smiled embarrassingly and immediately changed his mouth: “Of course, our winter melon is also very good, engineering and marrying Bao Island wife, which is famous in the eight townships of ten miles. ”

“What winter melon don't winter melon, what are you projecting, cursing me of a short neck? Call me Shaw Autumn Winter, call me Donkey Melon, and I'll roll over with you!” Shaw Autumn and Winter's face went down and Shaw Ping shouted in anger.

Xiao Ping was stunned and could only laugh afterwards. He nodded and said "Yes”.

These Sholoh are all in the eyes, Shopin's age, since he was a kid, he was like a brother. He was so low three times as today, he was reprimanded by Xiao Qiudong and had to be respectfully greeted with a smile. How could he not see the cat when he was tired?

“Miss Ji? Hello, my name is Shaw Autumn Winter, and Shaw's relationship is very good. He didn't dry his pants when he was a kid. He wore my pants. By the way, we really grew up in the same pants.” Xiao Qiudong reached out to Ji Siying, his face changed faster than the book, the moment before was still angry, and the moment after that he smiled with enthusiasm.


Sholo sighed helplessly, and he could hardly understand that his childhood partner would become so hypocritical that he could not see any sincerity.

Out of courtesy, Ji Siying reached out and held Xiao Qiudong, smiling: “Hello! ”

“Miss Ji, you must be from Jiangcheng. If you can own a luxury car like Alpha, you must have more than tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars in the family. I'm curious. How do you like us, Sholo? This bastard is not from the same world as you.” Xiao Qiudong asked in a strange way.

Ji Siying's smile converged and shrunk her hand back. There was hostility in her eyes. How could she not understand that this guy was picking on something?

“Oh... Miss Ji, don't get me wrong, I'm just curious, after all, that you and Sholo are too much like fairy tales of a princess and a poor boy in a world to end up with.” Xiao Qiudong moaned with a smile.

Xiao Ping frowned and whispered: “Autumn and winter, you don't like this, it's a bit of a provocation between Lo and Miss Ji. ”

“Taunt? Who picked it up? I said it was pure curiosity. Do you understand that there's a problem or is your brain not working?” Xiao Qiudong turned his head and shouted at him.

There was a banging drum in the division court, covering Xiao Qiudong's voice in the past, otherwise his voice, I'm afraid everyone would look this way.

Xiao Ping dared not speak angrily, his fist tightened and loosened. He feared that Xiao Autumn and Winter would not lend him money. Before, all the family was so cheerful, he had to kneel down to Xiao Autumn and Winter before he promised to borrow money. How dare he upset Xiao Autumn and Winter?

“Autumn and winter, don't be arrogant!” Sholo's cold way.

“Arrogant? ”

Xiao Qiudong raised his eyebrows, as if he heard a funny joke and laughed out loud, “Sholo, my dear brother, how can you tell I'm arrogant, I'm just a little heavier, but definitely not with arrogance, Ping, what do you think? ”

Xiao Ping asked for help and nodded immediately, squeezing a smile on his face: “Autumn and winter are right, not arrogant, Lo Zi, your words are biased. ”

“Did you hear that? Even Ping said you were wrong.” Xiao Qiudong snorted proudly.

Sholo shook his head and laughed, finding this Shaw Autumn Winter really boring.

Xiao Qiudong's eyes turned to Ji Siying, laughing and laughing: “Miss Ji, can you satisfy my curiosity, how exactly did Sholo attract you? ”

Ji Shiying glanced at Sholo and said seriously: “He's brilliant! ”

“Oh?” Xiao Qiudong surprised.

Ji Siying added: “Better than you, more handsome than you, any better than you. ”

Though it was fake with Sholoh's couple, she saw hypocrites like Sholoh brushing with Autumn and Winter.

Such straightforward words almost made Xiao Ping laugh.

The smile on Xiao Qiudong's face solidified, replaced with a full face of haze, and then he laughed out loud: “Hahahaha... Miss Ji is so funny, the words are good, the colour is not attractive to everyone, the lover's eyes are full of sissy, it seems true. ”

The laughter in his eyes was the rage of biting his teeth, Ji Siying's words, it was like stomping his dignity on the ground, Sholo was stronger than any other, which was a great humiliation for him, he could not help but say loudly that it was a little white face, waste, not qualified to be compared to him, of course, he had not lost his mind, nor was he angry enough to completely tear his face apart with Sholo, so he endured.

Sholo didn't say anything, just glanced at Keith and said, "This liaison is good!

In fact, he doesn't have much thought about Ji Siying. He can look like her, have a good body, and have a more humane personality. Most importantly, Grandma and Grandpa loved her. If there was a spark between them, he couldn't accept it.

At this time, Xiaoquan's reading of the elderly man's spell became more and more urgent, and the painting character in the void was moving faster and faster, and the rhythm of the gong drum was accelerating, as if some ceremony reached the orgasm, suddenly pulling up.

Suddenly, Xiao Quan opened the eyes of the elderly man, and the cloudy old eyes were very sharp, making him afraid to look directly.

When the drum stopped, his old and full voice rang: "Sacrifice the blood spirit, open the barrel of God, protect the Shaw clan, be well, not invade! ”

The Shaw people present immediately got up, neatly lined up in three rows, looked piously at the Divine Palace of the former Master, Xiaoquan Ren elderly man caught a rooster, cut his head off blood, index finger and middle finger merged, soaked blood, gently put a red dot on the brow heart of each Shaw, then another bowl from the innermost divine bucket of the Divine Palace to the front.

“Mr. Schollo, is this a drink of water?” Ji Siying asked softly.

Sholo nodded: “Bless the eyebrows and protect them. ”

“Do you want to finish it all? ”

“If you can finish it, just three small sips if you can't finish it, and the rest on the wall, don't fall on the floor.” Sholo advised that this was the idea he had accepted since childhood, that divine water could not be poured on the ground, otherwise it would lead to blame.


Kiss nodded heavily.

“Who is this girl? ”

Xiaoquan Ren's old man came to Ji Siying's face, and the old man's wrinkled face raised doubts.

“Grandpa, she's Lo's girlfriend.” Chang Xiaodi informed.

“Who is it?”

Xiaoquan was old, deaf, and he didn't hear clearly.

Chang Xiaodi walked up and shouted in his ear: “She is Xiao Lo's girlfriend, who comes to worship the Master, and sooner or later she will also enter the door of our Xiao family. ”

“Oh, it's Lo's girlfriend, okay, Lo's got skills, she's such a beautiful girlfriend. ”

Xiaoquan Ren's old man looked at Ji Siying with a smile, reaching out to her eyebrows a little bit. The blood of Yan Hong was like Zhu Hong's eyebrows. It added a fairy smell to her, "Son, light the blood spirit, Master bless you for life, drink the divine water, Master bless you not to invade! ”