Peerless Genius System

Chapter 292 Parkinson's Disease

Although he is a native Lo villager, but Sholo does not believe in the spiritual manifestation of the Master, but the Master is a faith of the Lo villagers, passed down from generation to generation, he has a deep respect for the Master.

Ji Siying almost finished drinking a bowl of divine water, it was very cool and sweet. It did have a slight fragrance. It was heartwarming. After drinking it, the five dirty hearts seemed moisturized. While Sholo was not paying attention, she secretly took a small bottle and filled it with the rest of the divine water in the bowl, and later took it back to the NSA for research and analysis to see if the water was hidden any secrets.

After the ceremony, middle-aged women from Lo Village entered the side kitchen to cook chicken porridge.

The old man Xiaoquan wrote a pair for the division court. His calligraphy was recognized by the whole village, and he was the only old man who could write the brush and pen.

“Young people should practice brushstrokes. This is Mulberry from the ancient ancestors. It's so rich that they can write to live. If they don't pick it up, they'll lose it one day.” Shoredi's long words focused heavily on young people in the village of Lo.

Some nods to identity, others snort as a joke, and others are unresponsive, as if all of this had nothing to do with them.

“Was Grandpa's brush well written?” A seven- or eight-year-old boy asked curiously.

“Sure. ”

Chang Di said proudly, “The old lady is a Qing dynasty show talent, she is familiar with four books and five scriptures, can write seven steps of poetry, the brush strokes are even captured, even the calligraphers in the county praise the old lady's writing very nicely. ”

“Wow, Grandpa is so good! ”

The boy's eyes were filled with admiration and reverence.

“Shh... be quiet, the old man is going to write.” Someone made a loud gesture to keep everyone quiet.

Two red pairs of paper spread out on the desktop, Xiao Quan Ren wore a pair of old glasses, held a pen to prepare to write, the whole division court calmed down, everyone stared at him, for many people, it was a pleasure to read the old man's writing, because the old man not only wrote well, but also came up with a very good pair, rich in pounds.

Today, however, Xiaoquan's elderly appeared to be in poor condition. The brush stopped in the middle of the sky, it was too late to write, and the brush was trembling constantly in his hands.

“What happened to Grandpa?” The boy asked again.

“Don't talk, Grandpa's meditating. You have to figure out what to write before you can start writing.” His father whispered to him.

But after 10 minutes, Xiaoquan's elderly man still didn't pencil, and the ink-dipped brush kept shaking. Finally, a drop of ink dripped from the tip of the pen and fell on the red paper, forming a large ink point.

This is definitely a calligraphy taboo!

Writing brushstrokes is absolutely unacceptable.

Everyone looked at each other and said, "Grandpa, what's going on?

“Parkinson, the old man has a very common neurological degeneration in the elderly!” Sholo saw it at a glance.

Though it is said that the divine waters protect, the hundreds of diseases do not invade, but it is just a belief and a desire. In fact, there is no true hundreds of diseases do not invade. Hearing this from Shaw, Shaw's face shows a stiff color: “Xiao Lo, are you sure the old lady is sick? ”

“Sholo, don't be ridiculous. The old man is healthy. Don't curse the old man.” Xiao Autumn and Winter scolded.

Sholoh ignored, answering only Shorty Long's question: “Parkinson's clinical manifestations mainly included static tremors, motor retardation, muscular straightness and postural gait disorders, the old man's inability to move, and constant tremors in his hands, a distinct characteristic of Parkinson's disease. ”

“You're not a doctor. How can you be so sure?” Xiao Qiudong drank.

Others have the same question, at least it is the doctors who have the right to speak.

At this time, Xiaoquan let go of the brush pen and smiled and moaned: “Xiao Luo was right. The other day I went to the county hospital to examine him, and the doctor said that I had a disease and it was difficult to remember his name. Xiao Luo told me now and I remembered what he was talking about. ”

“Grandpa, it's Parkinson.” Sholo smiled and corrected.

Xiaoquan Ren smiled. “Right, right, that's Parkinson. Alas... people are getting old, they're not using it, and their memory is getting worse. ”

Confirmed, everyone looked at Sholo differently.

Chang Xiaodi asked, "Lo, since you know what the disease is, you should know how to treat it. ”

Sholo shook his head: "This is an old age complication that cannot be cured at this time, but it will not have any effect on the life expectancy of the old man. It is just that when focusing on something, some part of the old man's body will tremble unbearably and cannot remain still. ”

Everyone is relieved to hear this, as long as it doesn't affect their lifespan.

“Xiao Lo, it looks like you didn't go to college for nothing, you know a lot of things. ”

“Yeah, this Parkinson I've never even heard of, you've given me knowledge. ”

“Looks like we're going to have to get our kids to read more, and it's going to be useful. ”

Xiao Qiudong's face became very ugly. If he didn't go to college himself, he would use his career to compare Sholo's career to explain the uselessness of reading. At this time, it was undoubtedly subverted, which made him resent Sholo.

“Of course, Lotso is the only undergraduate student in our village. He has the highest degree and must know a lot.” Xiao Ping praised Xiao Lo without being stingy.

Xiao Qiudong was really angry, but pointed the spear at Xiaoping: “Nonsense, who can read college knows a lot of things, now college students have long lost their gold content, college for four years is not studying things, but is busy dating, eating, drinking, and having fun, no schooling, college is out of a group of good eaters and lazy people. ”

He's the swinging curse of Sholo.

“Winter melon, this is absolute. ”

“Yes, Xiao Lo is not, otherwise Miss Ji won't like Xiao Lo either. ”

“We still need to read more books and grow more insight and knowledge. ”

If Xiao Ping doesn't dare to fight back Xiao Qiudong, the big guy won't be polite, and Luo Village is so big, everyone knows about Xiaoping, everyone knows that Xiaoping borrowed money from Xiao Qiudong, Xiao Qiudong is so disrespectful to Xiaoping, indiscriminately reprimanded, this is very unpleasant for everyone to see, what's the difference between grabbing someone else's handle and threatening other people's little people.

Xiao Qiudong didn't say another word, after all, he also knew the reason of the crowd's mouth.

Once the discussion is over, there is a problem that has to be faced. The old man can't write a pair right now, so who should write a pair for the division court?

Chang asked again and again, all of them are shaking heads. Everyone is a farmer. In domestic farming, farming in the fields is definitely hard work, but dancing with pencil poles, that's not good enough. Don't talk about brush writing, it's like writing pencils with pencils has been tampered with by chicken claws. It's very ugly, you can't even get your hands on it.