Every year the Master Guild is written by the old man, this year the old man is ill, can't write the pair, what should we do?

Chang's eyebrows wrinkled deeply, which gave him a hard time.

“I heard that a man in Chen Jia Cun can write a good word, why don't you invite him to write it?” One proposes.

But there was an immediate veto: “Ridiculous, this is our Xiao family division court. If they were invited to write a pair of Chen family members, wouldn't it be a joke? This can't be happening! ”

This really makes sense, with everyone's support, the position of the division court is too heavy. In many important festivals, foreigners are not allowed to enter the division court, let alone write pairs for the division court.

“Why don't you go to town and ask someone to use their computer to make a copy?” Another idea.

Chang shook his head: "Yes, it has to be posted by 12: 00 pm. How can it be? Besides, it's so late, the town is closed. Who can I find? ”


Everyone's eyebrows are locked, obviously this is a big problem, and I think that Chang Di was right about what he said earlier. It's time to practice brushstroke. Sooner or later, the old lady will leave. We can't change the rules of the division court.

“Don't worry, Schollo went to college, could do anything, writing brushstrokes definitely won't do, just let him write a pair instead of the old man?” Xiao Autumn and Winter shouted.

His purpose was simple: to push Sholo out and embarrass him, and he was going to tell everyone, "What the hell is college?" That's bullshit.

Yeah, how could you forget Sholo!

Everyone suddenly realized that they were all looking over at Sholoh and looking forward to it.

Chang Xiaodi asked in half a letter, “Lo, can you write a brush stroke? ”

“Uncle Di, didn't you deliberately make fun of Sholo, he's an undergraduate student, the most educated guy in our village, if he can't even write, nobody can write. ”

Xiao Qiudong deliberately raised his voice and patted Sholo on the shoulder, "Brother, don't hide and pinch now, the family needs you. ”

Xiao Ping bit his teeth, how could he not know what Xiao Qiudong was up to? Should college students be able to do everything? Should college students know anything? Don't you want to make Lotso look ugly in front of the people?

He found a ladder for Sholo: "Lo, it's okay. Few people can write brushes right now. It's not that embarrassing. ”

Xiao Qiudong immediately looked angrily and scolded: “Xiao Ping, what do you mean? Think I'm trying to embarrass Sholo? ”

“Isn't that right?” Xiao Ping whispered.

Xiao Qiudong was furious: “What's your attitude? Do you want to borrow money? ”


The phrase touched Xiaoping's most vulnerable nerve directly, raising his head and staring at Xiao Qiudong in agony and impatience.

“Cough... Autumn and winter, don't say such things here in the division court, everyone is a family, the division master will be very unhappy when there is a spirit in the sky.” Xiaoquan Ren's old man coughed dry.

Shaw grows up in solidarity: "Yeah, the personal matters between you were settled in private, and now we're just talking about writing pairs.” Turn around and look at Sholo, "Lolo, can you? ”

“I'll try. ”

Sholo smiled and walked up.

At this time, Xiao Qiudong said in a snorting tone: “Sholo, don't be strong, I was just saying, if you really don't want to make fun of you, nobody will feel laughing at you, the division court is the heavy place of our Xiao family, must have to write very well, if writing is twisted, like being eaten by a dog, it can never be posted. ”

As soon as he came out, everyone looked at him in disgust, like a fly, extremely disgusting.

Sholo sees him completely as air, lifts the brush, and starts to ink.

This inky posture makes Xiao Autumn and Winter laughable. It's really not very beautiful. When the old man wrote calligraphy, it was polite and more beautiful, so that he had an artistic attitude. However, Xiao Lo, at first glance, this action is an outing, even the posture of grabbing a brush is extremely ugly.

The old man Xiaoquan, beside him, also had to wrinkle his eyebrows and think: This Xiao Luo should be strong!

“Lo, are you sure you can do this?” Chancellor Shaw was half-hearted and half-hearted.

“I'll try to write it down. ”

Sholo closed his eyes, thinking about linking vocabularies, and at the same time spent 500 points to exchange for a calligraphy ability. In that moment, the brush in his hand seemed to have become part of his body, no longer as frivolous and unfamiliar as it had just been, and many words appeared in his mind.

Of course, he wasn't trying to hit Shaw Autumn and Winter in the face, it didn't make any sense, he just wanted to contribute something to the division.

Sholo dropped a pen and a word "Joe" was written.

“Hey, is this a book? No, it's not a standard script. Is that a script? Looks like it's not much like the usual script.” Xiaoquan Ren's old man's eyes lit up. That word is unusual.

Xiao Qiudong, who had a ridiculous look on his face, froze and said incredibly: Can this guy really write brushes?

Ji Siying was a little excited because she felt it was time to put another note in her little notebook.

Sholo looked focused, the brush in his hand was written like a dragon walking snake, the appearance of the outgoing was long gone at first, replaced by a calligraphy master's background and connotation, cheerful, no pause.

The uplink is: Zudeliu Fanghui Sun and Moon;

The next league is: Zonggong passed on to the Mountain River.

Write, pause, clean, bring water without dragging mud, make the surrounding Lo Village people look drunk, they don't understand the calligraphy, but they can deeply experience a kind of atmosphere, an artist infectivity.

Xiao Quan Ren has already stared at Xiao Lo's face. The cloudy old eyes are filled with hot light, and the joy is in the shape: “Good word pair, Sun Moon Mountain River, how impetuous is this, and this word, such as running clouds and running water, but it is also very powerful, so young to have such a deep path, good, good, good, hahaha...”

He is not only a magician in the village, but also a talented man. His assessment is naturally authoritative.

“Little Lo is a college student, awesome! ”

“The writing is wonderful. ”

“Son, you're gonna have to go to undergraduate school like Uncle Lo when you grow up, you hear me? ”

Everyone looked at Sholo with a praiseworthy look. This is really amazing. It's a divine man to let the old lady give such a high praise.

Xiao Qiudong's face was as ugly as it was ugly. He didn't know what was going on. He was suppressed by Xiao Lo everywhere this year. You know, last year, the year before, the year before, the year before, he was comparing Xiao Lo completely.

“Grandpa, can you put this pair on?” Chief Shaw asked.

Xiao Quan Renru's measurement of these two words by Zhibao's face was incredibly bright: “If even such a pair is ineligible, then the pair I wrote before is even more ineligible. ”