Peerless Genius System

Chapter 296: The Five Brothers

After taking a leg of Sholo, Xiao Autumn Winter's entire face was hot and painful, and swollen at the visible speed of the naked eye. Below his forehead was blood, one tooth was kicked out, and his mouth was full of blood. The pain of words made Xiao Autumn Winter cry.


Everyone in the division took a sip of cool air, and the kids were scared to see it.

Sholo moved around his neck for a moment, his face was frosty, his feet were lifted out of the division, and if he was not angry, he would have to calm down with blood.

At that point, five middle-aged men came running over with four young men in disgrace, stunned when they saw Shaw Autumn and Winter lying on the ground moaning, but when they saw Shaw, nine people looked angrily.

“Sholo, you are now a winged elder, right? As soon as I came back, I heard that you touched him and beat my wife. If you don't give me a statement today, I will break you a leg in front of the master to teach you a lesson, you son of a bitch! ”

Sholoh shouted at a middle-aged man with a flat head and a pair of not-so-angry tigers.

It was the five brothers and their sons from the Shaw dynasty, and this flat-headed middle-aged man was the boss of Shaw dynasty.

When I heard the movement outside, everyone in the court ran out.

“Uncle Chao Fa, Heaven and Earth Conscience, Xiao Lo did not beat the Far Grandma! ”

“We were all there that day. Xiao Lo did get rough with the Dynasty, but that was because the Dynasty was going to bury Lam Feng alive. ”

“Yeah, we can all testify that Lo didn't hit your wife at all. ”

Those present that day spoke for Sholo at this time.

“Did Sholo hit my wife in the morning?” Shaw twisted his hair and asked Shaw to come.

Xiao Dynasty came to pat his chest and swore to Dandan: “Why didn't you hit him? He slapped Anyuan! ”

“Asahi, if you want to take my place, I won't itch to say a few words to him. That little bastard slapped me. My face was all swollen and just disappeared for a few days.” The dark-skinned foreigner came from home and pretended to be weak, almost wiping tears.

Xiao Dynasty immediately became uncontrollable, pointing to Sholo and growling: “Son of a bitch, you're so tired of living, you dare hit my wife.” He swept away everyone's anger. "Wait a minute, no one can help him. Anyone who dares to help his old man destroy him, beat my wife, and if he doesn't teach him a lesson, he won't know how to respect his elders! ”

Everyone was deterred by his momentum. The brother of the brother-in-law's daughter-in-law was hanged and beaten up. He was also whipped. That was a tragedy. The brother-in-law's brother was almost killed alive. Xiao Dynasty also spent three years in prison for this. With a black history in this regard, who dared to provoke it?

Chang Xiaodi coughed dry and stepped out with his scalp: “Asahi, if there is something to discuss, it's all his own family, don't hurt the peace. ”

Although he is a secretary, his tone is not hard enough in front of a coarse man like Xiao Dynasty.

“Don't hurt your temper? Clerk, if your wife gets beaten up, can you talk to her in peace?” Xiao Dynasty chilled out.

Xiaodi long-eyed and jumped: “Xiao Lo is for everyone to know, you can't just say that Xiao Lo hit her on the one hand and the other side of the dynasty. I wasn't there that day, but there were a lot of people there who saw clearly and clearly what happened that day. Everyone said that Xiao Lo didn't hit your wife, that is, he didn't hit your wife. ”

“You mean my wife deliberately framed this little bastard?” Xiao Dynasty pointed to Sholo.

“You should know in your heart that she is not unlikely to frame Xiao Lo.” Shoredi Avenue.

“Bullshit! ”

Anyuan Xingchung came over and screamed, "What's in it for me if I wronged him for nothing? That little bastard just slapped me. If he hadn't rushed over here, he would have punched me and kicked me in the face with shame. ”

“Sholo, you bastard, you gave me your face, don't you dare hit even my mother, which hand now think about it, I'll fucking cut you! ”

A young man dressed in flux with earrings held a kitchen knife in his hand, angrily pointing at Sholo to scold and drink, it was Xiao Chaofa and Anna's son, Xiao Dihong.

“Yes, yes, chop him up, this kid is arrogant now, he doesn't even see you five brothers! ”

Shao Qiudong, who had risen from the ground and stood aside, endured the pain and fueled the fire. Hopefully, the bigger the fire, the better let the five brothers of Shao Dynasty kill Shao Lo.

“People insult each other, attack each other, Master has a spirit in heaven, I'm afraid to be cold!” Xiaoquan let the old man shake his head and sigh unrestrained.

“There's nothing wrong with you here, old man. Go back and rest.” Xiao Dynasty's tone of speech to Xiaoquan's elderly man is quite polite.

Xiaoquan let the old man groan softly: “Watching so many of you bully Xiao Lo, as the elder of the clan, do you think I can rest in peace? ”

“Hey... you old bastard, call you old man lift you up, you really think you're a character?” Shorty scolded.

“Bang ~”

Xiao dynasty slapped him and went up, resenting him: “Who told you to talk to the old man like that, I dare to curse the old man later, I won't smoke you, you little bastard! ”

Xiao Dihong was terrified of his father and withdrew under his hot cheeks.

Grandma Anyuan cared about her son and pushed Xiao Dynasty: “What are you hitting your son for? Sholo hit your wife and brother. Go hit him now. Hitting your son is nothing. ”

Bad bitch!

Everyone hated Anyuan in their hearts. Xiao Dynasty went to jail. This Anyuan woman could never escape her responsibilities. This is a vicious woman.

Xiao Dynasty stared at Sholo, shouting viciously and harshly in an irresistible tone: "Son of a bitch, get over here and kneel down to your aunt and Uncle Dynasty three times, and slap yourself again, or I'll break your leg! ”


Sholo shrugged his shoulders and gave a mocking sneer, and his eyes were even more dazed.

He put his hands in his trousers pockets and slowly walked down the stairs, asking Far Far Away, "Did I really hit you? ”

In response to Sholo's eyes, Anyuan Lady didn't come for a while, but when she thought of her husband and several brothers, there were many of them, she didn't need to be afraid of Sholo at all, so she put up a pointy sour and mean look, kowtowed a pumpkin seed, Yin Yang weird Qi said: “Oops... now I'm afraid to admit, where was the original look, aren't you very strong? And a rich lady with a tail in the sky. ”

The voice was so pointy that those who heard the story were biting their teeth and shaking their fists in darkness. This wicked woman was so angry.