Peerless Genius System

Chapter 307: Kill Him Yourself

Sholo smiled and grabbed the scalp from the white man's wound, then pulled it hard to the right.


Like the sound of a rag in the silent night, half the scalp of a white man was raw and torn apart, blood seeped in, Whiteson's skull was hazy in blood, intense pain and unspeakable terror currents swept across his body.


The great scream of the white man echoed in the silent night, like the howl of a demon being thrown into a frying pan.

The scalp was torn apart, it was no longer a physical pain, the fear in his heart was more than all, the white man struggled hard, but his hair was caught dead by Sholo, his hands were trampled, the great power made his face purple, a few desires faint, the blood seeped out faster.

In this scene, Ji Si can't help but suck in the cool air, her cheeks are white, and Sholo's demonic side is undoubtedly exposed at this moment, making her head tremble, Liu Mei deeply raised, too bloody, too harsh and spicy.

“Can you contact Kunsha for me?” Sholo asked with a smile.

The white man tried to nod his head and the pain distorted his face. He suddenly felt very much like the leaders of the previous 20 NSA members. After suffering, he succumbed. Ironically enough, did the fruit really pay off?

Sholo gave him a transmitter and then let go of his hand.

The white man endured unspeakable pain and dialed a number with his trembling fingers.

“Cobra, is the mission going well?” A slightly dull and murky voice came out of a special communications device.

“Boss, I... I...”

White man's voice was a little trembling, the target's strength far exceeded his comprehension. His mad attack was like a children's play in the other party's eyes, but he had to accept it. His scalp was torn apart, cold wind poured in, like a knife cutting his flesh, the unbearable pain made his seven foot hard man tear rally flow.

“What's wrong with you? What's going on? What's going on?” The sounds in the comms seem a little burning.

Sholo took the comms and replied, “It's all right. The cobra mercenary mission failed. ”

As soon as the message came out, Kunsha on the other side of the transmitter was obviously stunned. Half an hour later she asked coldly: "Sholo? ”

“It's me.”

Upon hearing the response, Kunsha was angry, and he sent an elite mercenary regiment, which did not annihilate the man, much to his surprise. The cobra mercenary regiment was enough to annihilate Sholo, as he had originally expected.

"Congratulations, you're alive! ”

“Really? Then I have to tell you the bad news. The only person left in your cobra mercenary regiment is a man with a thick beard.” Sholo raised his eyebrows and understated.

“Bastard!!!” Kunsha was furious.

His position at Blackwater was already declining, and now with the loss of the Cobra Mercenary Corps, his position will surely fall again to a valley bottom.

Sholo didn't get angry, he continued: “Mr. Kunsha is also Chinese, you should know the NSA in China. This guy with the thick beard, I put it in the NSA. If Mr. Kunsha has the guts, he comes to the NSA headquarters. By the way, I will come to you personally sometime. You can't always give me a gift, but I won't give you a gift back, right? ”

The information revealed by this phrase made Kunsha's heart beat straight. Is Shaw a member of the NSA?

I ~! @ # ¥%...

He almost cursed. If he had known Sholo's identity, he would not have sent a group of cobra mercenaries to China. For a moment, the loss was heavy. It took him two or three years to cultivate such an elite team, and the loss would have been borne by him alone, and he would have been impeached collectively by other senior members of the company.

“Boy, I'm in North Carolina in Magnesium, and I hope you have the guts to come.” Kunsha tried to control her emotions and was indifferent and emotionless.

“Don't worry, I'll stand in front of you one day! ”

Sholo smiled and finished the conversation.

Keith Ying looked at him and didn't say a word, revealing Sholo with Sen's fangs, making her feel scared in her soul.

The white man was even more afraid. In his eyes, Sholoh was the devil who could rip people off their scales alive.

“Where are our 20 men? Are they alive or dead?” Sholo asked him.

“They... they are dead...”

White men don't dare to tell half a lie. God knows what this demon will do to him in the next second.


Keith opened his eyes in horror. Though he had long guessed that something might have happened to them, she still had a little bit of luck. After all, it was 20 C-fighters. Did they all die?

Sholo grabbed the collar of the white man directly: "Take me to them. ”

Go ahead, grab it like a puppy and walk to the campfire.

Soon after, the bodies of the twenty warriors were found, nineteen were sealed with a knife in their throats, the other, the leader moved, tortured as adults, and no flesh was intact all over them, especially the legs that looked like flesh eaten by a piranha, and the eyes blinded by a dagger, striking.

I've been tortured before!

Ji Siying's eyes turned red on the spot and wept over his tragic encounter.

This is a companion who came here with her from the city of Xia Hai and took special care of her on the road, but now he's dead, tortured to death, and it's hard to feel that way.

Sholo turned his head and looked at the already disturbed white man, coldly: “Pick up all your nails, sprinkle salt on the wound, chop off the meat on your leg with a knife, then use the torch as a barbecue. Nice, fun! ”

“I'm sorry... I'm sorry...”

The white man couldn't help apologizing, his snot came with his tears, because he felt a strong killing machine in Sholo's eyes.

Sholo ignored him, squatted down, put his dagger in the hands of a forest that was already a cold corpse, held him tight and said to a corpse, "I think the most important thing you want to do is kill him yourself. ”

The voice had just fallen, his hand resting on the woodland moving shoulder pushed smoothly, the woodland moving corpse as if alive, holding the dagger toward the white man sitting on the ground and pounding.

“Pfft ~”

The dagger stabbed from the heart of the white man, the blood splashed, the white man's eyes opened, the corner of his mouth spilled blood, slowly reversed to the ground, while Lin moved that lifeless face less than twenty centimeters from his face, he looked at this face that he had tortured to look like, and slowly died in deep fear and confession.