Peerless Genius System

Chapter 310: Stunning

Walt Xing was wearing a blue shirt, which had to be smooth, and the dashboard, wrinkles in the corner of his eyes, and a few strands of white between his hair, showed how old he was. His son Hua Xiaorong was more casually dressed. Like a dude, he hung himself and had no shape.

When he offered to borrow money, Huahua Ying also happened to rush from the farm to his house, the wind and dust servant, wearing clothes with a little mud.

“Brother, Rong! ”

Huahuoying greets Huadxing and Huadaorong warmly.

“Ho Ying, why are you here alone, far away?” Ward Hing said.

“A bunch of people were working on the farm, and he was going to be there to watch, and he couldn't let them steal from us, so I came alone.” Huahuoying smiled back.

Walt Xing smiled softly and said, "Does he still remember me? ”

“No, he won't. How can he remember to hate him?” Huahua Ying hastily explained.

“Auntie, you are so hypocritical. My uncle clearly remembered to hate that my father didn't lend him money. What was there to watch? He didn't understand engineering construction. Even if they stole from me, I'm sure my uncle would never find out.” Hua Xiaorong took a banana from the table and peeled it and ate it.

Huahuoying scratched him: “Xiao Rong, what are you talking about? Your uncle is really too busy to smoke. ”

Whatever had been done to her husband Shaw Ji Yuan before, it could not change the fact that he was a family.

Wade Xing also glanced at Hua Kao Rong and reprimanded him: “Eat your banana. You're almost thirty years old. You're still so brainless to talk to.” Head up, smiling at Huahuo Yingdao, "He Ying, you and I are brothers and sisters, if I have anything to say, I am actually here to borrow money. ”

“Borrowing money? ”

Hua Haoying glanced at his son Sholo and changed his mind, “How much do you want to borrow? ”

“Not much, it should be 90,000 cents for Little Lo. 400,000!” Walt Xing sipped tea and moaned.


Huahuoying couldn't help but swallow a sip of spit, his heart smiled bitterly. Four hundred thousand is not enough. How much is that? That's too easy to say.

Wade Xing shrugged his eyes and said, "I didn't see a second-hand room in the county through a relationship. Sitting north and south, the balcony of the master bedroom facing the river, more than a million square meters only 600,000, I have already paid 50,000 deposits, I have to pay the rest in full within three days, it is just 400,000 short. ”

“This… brother, 400,000 too much, we…” Huahuoying gave a difficult expression.

“Four hundred thousand more, I've heard, you're now working on a leisure farm, investing eight million, four hundred thousand in front of eight million is the witch to see the great witch.” Walter Hing's emotions were slightly exciting.

Huahua Ying refused directly: "It is precisely because of the investment of 8 million, it is difficult for us to borrow 400,000 at once! ”

Lending 400,000, isn't that what the lion said? She knows that her son Sholo has so much money, why can he borrow it? Her son's money isn't from the wind.

“Ho Ying, if you say that, you will earn your share. I am your brother.” Ward Hing said.

“You're my brother, but some things have to be separated and can't be confused.” Huahua Ying is not muddy either.

“Don't say that again. ”

Ward waved violently and suddenly changed his face, "I just asked, are you borrowing or not? Do you know that if you can't pay the balance in three days, the deposit of 50,000 won't be there, and you're really not going to help? ”

“No help! ”

Two faint words came out of Schollo's mouth, and Schollo put down his teacup and said to Walt Hing, “Uncle, you are welcome to come to the door. If you borrow money, please go back. ”

Walt Xing was stunned for a while and did not expect Sholo to be so strong and resolute.

And he laughed, "Lo, is that how you talk to your uncle? ”

Sholo raised his head, humming softly: "My uncle? When my dad came to your house with a bunch of gifts for help, what did you do to him? Just throw those things out and tell him to get out. I'll never forget my dad's lonely figure and his strong smile when he faced me.

You said it was my uncle, then why did you treat me like your own nephew once, and why did you treat my father like your own brother-in-law? You don't borrow money, but why did you insult my father? Insult his dignity as a man? ”

The words red Huahua Ying's orbit, which was always the pain in her heart, although she was not there, but she could probably guess one or two when she came back from her man.

Walt Xing laughed furiously: “Am I wrong? What can he do on the farm? He's just tired himself to death. He won't grow gold in the mud. He's just a dumb pig. What's wrong with him? He's been on the farm for seven years. I don't think so.”

Ji Siying Liu Mei was slightly stunned. She obviously did not expect Sholo's uncle to be like this.

“No one else has the right to comment on my dad.” Sholo's cold way.

"If he borrows money from me, I'm qualified to comment," said Walt Hing. ”

“Then there's nothing to talk about. Take your time!” Sholo ordered the eviction.

At this time, Hua Xiaorong stood up and pointed at Sholo and scolded: “Sholo, you don't even recognize your own uncle. You are not a fucking thing! ”

Sholo looked at the cold: "Get your fingers off me! ”

Huawei Rongrong chuckled: “What if I don't take it away? Don't think I don't know, you are the rich chick next to the list, if not, you are not as good as a piece of shit in my eyes... ah...”

The howl sounded, the electric light firestone room, just now not a lifetime Hua Xiaorong suddenly retracted his finger, painfully holding his hand to the ground, bean-sized sweat beads flowed down on his forehead.

Ji Siying glared at her eyes. She looked really real. Just momentarily, Sholo's hand suddenly pinched against Hua Xiaorong's hand and quickly retrieved it. It was as if nothing had happened.

“Rong!? ”

Walt Xing shouted Hua Xiaorong, then stood up and stared angrily at Sholo, "What did you do? ”

Sholo smiled calmly: “Nothing, I don't like people pointing their fingers at me and yelling at me. His fingers broke. If he sent the doctor in time, he could get better for about ten and a half days. ”


Walt Xing lifted up Hua Kao Rong and left. He stood beside Hua Haoying and said angrily, "Good son you taught me! ”

Huahua Ying did not speak, she had such a brother, she was caught in the middle, inside and outside is not human.

“Wait, take these things away, I don't need them.” Sholo points to the wine and gifts on the table.

Walt Xing turned his head and said viciously: "No, it's for the animals! ”

“Motherfucker? Heh...”

Sholo smiled coldly and did not wait for Walter Hing to react. As a shadow swept up, a palm lightning struck Walter Hing's left cheek.

“Bang ~”

After a crisp sound, Walter Hing, who was just standing, was slapped and knocked unconscious.

Hua Xiaorong sat paralyzed and looked at Sholo in horror, sweating.