Peerless Genius System

Chapter 315 Panic and Despair

“Boom! Boom!”

The cockpit door was knocked out by everyone, but the result was still the same, with the door closed tightly and firmly.

“Lieutenant Choi shut down the autopilot, strayed from the course and drove the plane into the thunderstorm cloud. Once the lightning struck us, we were all dead.” A knowledgeable staff member was pale, sweaty and shaky.

The words, whether the flight chief or the flight attendant, or the passengers on the plane, were all dead ashes on their faces, and they never thought that death would be so close to them, that the thunder and lightning outside, like a demon with teeth dancing claws, would devour them at any moment.

“Out of the way! ”

Sholo left his seat and stepped towards the cockpit door.

“Yeah, a few more people, sure can break the hatch open!” The flight attendant nodded for a long time, sparking a glimmer of hope deep in his eyes.

“You misunderstand what I'm saying. I'm asking you all to step aside.” Sholoway.


Everybody's stunned, wondering what the hell this guy's thinking. Does he think he can break down the cockpit door by himself?

“Listen to him. Spread out! ”

Tan Zhenfu has an unspeakable trust in Sholo. Help disperse the people in front of the hatch.

Sholo's eyes looked at the hatch, and all the power slowly poured into his right arm, concentrating on his right fist, accompanied by a scolding, and he punched hard, impinging on the tightly closed hatch.

The boxing wind whistles and the power flies!

“Boom ~”

With only one loud sound, the cockpit door was thrown out into the cockpit as if it had been hit by a racing car, and the gauge and operating buttons in the cockpit reflected the eye curtain.

God, the cockpit door was blown open by him!

The first class crowd and the crew were stunned, forgetting for the moment the current crisis situation.

“Ha-ha-ha... brother, I love you so much, drag that scumbag deputy out and beat him to death.” Wang Yanzhu cheered, and at this moment finally saw the hope of life.

Sholo walked into the cockpit without any hesitation.

The captain had been knocked unconscious by Choi Tiju, whose head bled to the seat, and the deputy captain, Choi Tiju, a fat middle-aged man, who was white and fat, saw Sholo walking in and was temporarily stunned.

Sholo grabbed his collar, lifted it like a puppy and threw him out of the cockpit.

The angry crowd immediately went up and punched and kicked Choi Jihu.

But the flight chief was the most sensible, and he hastily stopped: “Stop fighting, stop fighting, just because he knows how to fly, if we knock him out, we can't even land safely. ”


Everyone sucked a sip of cool air, anger suddenly dissipated, as birds and beasts spread away, some looked at Choi Jixi on the ground, hope he was okay, after all, they were just too angry, they all killed.

Choi Ji was punched in the face, his mouth and nose were all bloody. He laughed a few times madly and then growled at everyone: “Hit me, keep hitting me, let's go see God, hahahaha...”

He's really crazy, and he's still laughing, revealing two rows of bloody teeth.

The flight attendant frowned: “Lieutenant Choi, I don't know what grievances you've been subjected to, but you can't spill them on the passengers. They're all innocent. Please make sure the plane lands safely. ”

“Right, right, right. We're innocent. Don't breathe air on us. ”

“It was wrong of us to hit you just now, Lieutenant Choi, go and fly the plane. ”

“We have no quarrel with you. You're going to die. Don't pull us back. ”

The passengers spoke out. If they were angry with Choi Ji, they would have to treat him like an old man.

Wang Yanzhu also gave Choi Jihua a fan with a fan. He smiled like a dog's leg. “Lieutenant Choi, listen to me. There is nothing in life that can't be done. Anything bigger will be done tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, that's bullshit. You see, you're getting old and young. Wife and children too. If you let them know you committed suicide on this day, how can you make them feel? ”

As soon as this was said, Choi Jixue's emotions suddenly went out of control, his eyes were red, he grabbed Wang Yanzhu's collar, and he yelled angrily: “My wife put a green hat on me, and I raised my son for more than a decade with another man. I killed them all in anger and put their bodies in the wall. ”

Wang Yanzhu was frightened by his frightened face for a while. Others were also stunned. How could he not expect this Choi Ji to kill his own wife and son? This is a psychotic and distorted homicidal maniac.

Shit, how could a man like that fly a plane and let it land safely? He just wants to die now!

“I advise you all to sit in your seats and wait for the gates of heaven to open. It's too late, everything's too late. I've cut off all contact with the airport. The plane is now like a blind man, flying wherever it is. Even if I go now, I can't find the airport. There's no spacious runway.

The plane couldn't land, and the end result was a lightning strike that killed people, or ran out of fuel. From this 10,000 meters of altitude, it fell like a meteorite, and a blast exploded, and we all turned to ashes, hahahahahaha... ”

Choi Jihui looked insane and painted a colorful picture of what happened to the plane.

Civil aviation aircraft are semi-automatically operated, and always in contact with the ground control room. For example, bypassing harsh weather areas such as thunderstorm clouds, accurately positioning airports for landing, etc., are mainly accomplished by relying on the ground control room. The captain and deputy captain are only auxiliary operations. Without the guidance of the ground control room, the captain and deputy captain cannot know where the aircraft is going, and how can they land accurately at the ground airport?

“You bastard! ”

A male security officer lost his mind, grabbing Choi Jixue's hair was a punch and a punch.

“It's no use hitting me, let's all die together, let's all die together, hahaha...”

Choi Tiju was laughing madly despite being beaten to death with blood on his face.

The passengers on the plane knew by now that they were bound to die, trembling independently and that someone had taken out a pen and prepared a suicide note.

Adults with children, hugging their children tightly, inside the cabin, a dead silence, as if an invisible force had suppressed all the sounds, outside the ship window, lightning flashed, some hundreds of meters away from the plane, powerful current made everyone's scalp numb, hair floated like electricity, the power supply system on the plane was affected, so that the lights kept going out, but eventually it turned on, so as not to aggravate the panic.