Peerless Genius System

Chapter 318: Landed

Sholoh's eyes penetrated the heavy night veil, staring straight at the firewall on the ground, which was used to mark the starting line, flying the plane and descending on the target.

The aircraft's system automatically monitors the off-ground altitude, and a similar warning sound sounds in the cockpit.

Five hundred meters!

Three hundred meters!

Two hundred meters!

The entire fuselage wobbled violently and all passengers were in a weightlessness state, in which they would definitely be thrown out if seatbelts were not fastened in their seats.

“God bless, God bless...”

Someone closed their eyes and muttered their prayers.

“Mr. Shaw, the lights are turning red!” Always watching the APAPI lamp, Tan Gefu suddenly shouted.

Double red light, which indicates that the head pressure is too low and can have a huge impact on the front support rod.

“Get up! ”

Sholo held the lever tightly in his hands, scolded him and forced him to pull his head a little higher.

“Boom Boom ~”

A trembling eardrum sounded and the plane crossed the firewall and came into contact with the ground.

At the moment of contact, the shaking intensified to the extreme point, as if sitting in an uncontrolled car, as the car rolled over, turbulent, the passengers closed their eyes, waiting for the death pronouncement, whether life or death is the decisive moment.

“Grab your trolley and don't let go!” Sholo shouted and drowned.

Though frightened, Tan Gefu did not know only to scream out loud like a normal woman, but also kept his mind and held onto the trolley hard.

After landing, the plane still roared forward like a beast, and the tires on the support frame were braking urgently and frictionally on the ground, creating so many colorful sparks on the ground.

The main reason why the fuselage wobbled so much was because the head was so low and the speed controlled by personal sensation was too fast when it landed on the ground, causing the aircraft to have a balance problem.

Sholo's hands controlled the trolley and tried to calm the steel beast down. The passengers' screams echoed in their ears, and they all felt like they were dying.

It's a short time, but it's as long as a century.

A few minutes later, the steel giant roaring at the speed of gliding finally stabilized, dropping to about eighty miles, and the plane continued to glide forward under the action of a brake, slowly decreasing until it stopped steadily.

It stopped, it stopped safely!

The passengers on the plane looked at the fire trucks outside the ship's windows and the rapidly approaching airport staff, all of them as if they had walked from hell and returned to their homes, tearing and crying out of excitement.

“We're back on the ground. ”

“Live... live, we are not dead. ”

“Great, great, hahahaha...”

Though many people are vomiting violently, it is difficult to hide the excitement inside.

The flight chief and the crew on the plane had an incredible feeling that the captain had been attacked by the deputy captain, who was eager to bury everyone. That was the case, but was turned around by a mysterious man named Shaw, who kept everyone alive. Everything he had experienced was extremely unreal like a dream.

Sholo's breath was long relieved. He was already sweating. If Zhang Dashan were here, he would surely complain on the spot. The first time he flew on a plane, he met a deputy captain who wanted to commit suicide. His life was on the line. If he hadn't merged the genius system, he and these passengers would have to be a ghost in the air.

With that in mind, he turned around and looked at Choi Tiju. If there was no one else here, he would have killed Choi Tiju by now.

Choi Ji had woken up. When he discovered that the plane had successfully landed at Xia Hai Airport, his face was dead ash and his mouth was mechanically repeated: “How is it possible, how is it possible...”

Yeah, how could it be, how could the plane have landed smoothly on the ground?

The airport staff in charge of the rescue had opened the docked ladder, connected to the open cabin door and the fire brigade and the doctor nurse had arrived for the first time. The airport staff did not eat dry meals. They had seen the Boeing 747 landing at too low a speed and head pressure, and absolutely no passengers had been injured as a result, as was the case in the real situation, and many people were bleeding and in need of emergency help.

The flight chief interrupted the excited passengers and security personnel: "Let the injured get off the plane first. ”

Order was maintained well, and everyone, although excited, was able to remain sane and take the lead in getting the wounded off the plane and receiving emergency help.

The head of the airport and the head of civil aviation also rushed in for the first time to learn from the flight attendant what had happened.

“This Choi Chi Wai is so damned!” The civil aviation leader scolded with a black face.

The leadership of the airport is a laughing acknowledgement of the work of the flight chief: “Comrades have done well, withstood the pressure at a critical juncture and failed to cause accidents on the plane, causing casualties, which deserves recognition and appreciation, and I sincerely thank you on behalf of the company. ”

“Actually, we didn't do anything, and we couldn't have landed safely without a passenger on the plane who knew exactly how to fly the plane.” Chef's Road.

Others nodded, and in their hearts, Sholo was the hero who saved everyone's life, the hero's credit they wouldn't rob.

The two leaders looked at each other and saw surprises in each other's eyes.

“Passengers? Which passenger?” The civil aviation leader frowned and asked.

The airport leader also asked, "Didn't the old horse land on a plane? ”

“Not an old horse. The old horse had already been knocked out by Choi Jixue.” The flight chief shook his head.

It seemed to verify what she said, that the captain had been lifted off the plane with a stretcher.

What's going on here?

The eyes of the civil aviation and airport leaders were full of shock. They lost contact with the ground. Don't say the plane landed completely automatic, it was semi-automatic, it was completely manual. They had always thought that the old horse was driving the plane. After all, the difficulty coefficient of completely manual landing was too great to allow the plane to land intact on the runway of the airport, which can be said to be almost perfect operation.

But now the flight chief tells them that it's not the old horse that's operating, it's a passenger that's driving, which is... What kind of international joke is this? A passenger is even more powerful than the captain they trained on civil aviation?

“Where is he?” The civil aviation leader asked urgently.

“He's still on the plane, with Xiaofu, and should be coming down soon.” The flight attendant smiled.

The two leaders threw their eyes at the cabin door, and they wanted to see who they were, not their own people on civil aviation? Whoever it is, it's Kung Sen!