Peerless Genius System

Chapter 319: Yellow Beef Rice

But after a long wait, even Tan Gev got off the plane and still didn't see Sholo get off the plane.

Both civil aviation and airport leaders look at the flight chief with a questionable look, meaning where is the man who can fly the plane?

The flight chief hurried toward Tan Gefu: “Xiaofu, where's Mr. Shaw? ”

“Didn't Mr. Shaw come down?” Tan Zhenfu blinked and asked back.

“When did he get down?” The flight chief asked urgently.

“Shortly after the hatch was opened, he picked up his luggage and came down.” Tan Gefu Dao.

The flight chief had a bad time.

“What's going on? What about people?” asked the civil aviation leader aloud.

The flight attendant showed an embarrassment: "Leader, as we spoke, he seemed to have left with the other passengers. ”

- What? - What?

The faces of civil aviation leaders and airport leaders suddenly became ugly, and such an airplane pilot walked under their noses, and they were planning to hire him as captain at a high price.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Can't watch anyone?” The civil aviation leadership launched a complaint.

“I'm sorry, it's my responsibility, I...” The flight chief lowered his head and admitted his mistake.

The airport leader waved: “I don't blame you for this. After all, nobody guessed he would sneak away, but that's okay. The basic information on every passenger can be found in the system. It's not hard to find him. ”

Reminded by this statement, Tan Gefu stepped forward: “I have left his contact details for both leaders. ”

Civil Aviation Leader Happy: “Then contact him and tell him we want to meet him. ”


Tan Jiefu nodded and called, but found him on the phone.

At this time, the phones of the civil aviation and airport leaders rang simultaneously, and the two men, after looking at the phone call display, quietly raised their minds. Obviously, this was the phone of their superiors, and they were all prompted by their superiors: it was forbidden to trace the passengers who had safely landed on the Boeing 747!

After they finished the conversation, their eyes were full of horrors. What was the identity of that person that allowed his superiors to give orders directly to them?



At exit A of Xiahai Airport, Sholola walked out with her suitcase.

On the phone: "Thank you, Chief Gu. ”

He did not want to be the focus, so he informed the ancient warring nations that they had brought everything down through their relations.

“You don't have to be polite with me, it's bad for you to get too much attention, but you've impressed me again, even civil aviation can fly, and I'm wondering now if there's nothing in the world that you wouldn't. ”

The ancient warring nations were becoming more and more interested in Sholoh, and according to the information available to him, Sholoh possessed a great deal of skills, and every skill could be said to have achieved the highest level, like computer technology was just one of Sholoh's skills, and he found that this guy was a genius, developing in every way, and he seriously doubted whether Sholoh was well received by God and had developed more brains than normal people, which is why he created such a monster.

“I just happened to read about flying a plane.” Sholo hit a sloppy eye.

“If you read a book, you know how to drive. Destroy, you're a genius. ”

The ancient warring nations were not stingy enough to appreciate themselves, "By the way, I'll meet you sometime, and I'll show you the NSA's computer elites who can't even match your fingers, so you can coach them for me. ”

Looks like it's paying off!

Sholo raised his eyebrows and smiled obscurely. He never thought that the ancient warring nations were saving him for free. He and the ancient warring nations were always just a deal, one that didn't want to go to jail, the other that wanted to have a sharp edge that served the country, or a deal that you wanted.

Nod your head: “OK. ”

After a few more chills, the two of them ended the call.

Sholo put his phone back in his pocket, took a hard breath of summer air and looked up at the night view of the summer sea, a city he had lived in for four years, without much change, at least the airport was the same as it had been.

At this point, a woman with short shoulders and a small body walked over.

She asked with a smile, "Are you Mr. Schollo? ”

“I am, you are?” Sholo nodded.

“Hello Mr. Shaw, I'm Miss Su's assistant. My name is Robin Xiang. You can call me Xiao Luo. Miss Su asked me to pick you up.” The woman bowed.

Sholo smiled slightly: "Thank you! ”

“Nothing, I'd also like to thank Mr. Shaw for you.” Robin Xiang was talking and helping Sholo replace the suitcase.

Xiao Lowan refused: "I'll take the luggage myself, you lead the way. ”

He's not a person who's willing to bother others, especially if a woman helps herself with her luggage.

Robin Xiang did not insist too much. As an assistant, she had acquired some skills to observe the colours of the speech. She knew that Sholo was not in the guest house, but really didn't want her to take it.

“Mr. Shaw, this way. ”

She gestured with her hand, then went on to say, “In Jiangcheng, I lost Bebe, thank God you saved Bebe, otherwise I don't even know what to do. ”

“It's not your fault, it's the gangsters.” Sholoway.

“If I'd fought the gangsters bravely, maybe Babe wouldn't have been robbed.” Robin blamed himself.

Sholo smiled and didn't say anything.

Soon after, when he arrived in front of a black business car, Robin Xiang opened the door and asked him to sit up, then took the driving position and slowly drove the car, but at this time, a white van suddenly broke out of one side, blocking the front of the black business car.

Robin was scared to scream and stepped on the brake.

The black business car was forced to park, and a dozen centimeters away from hitting the white van.

“It's a yellow cow.” Robin Xiangdao.

“Yellow cow?” Sholo is confused.

Robin Xiang explains: “Yellow Bull is a ticket dealer. They and their crazy fans, called" illegitimate meals "in circles, form a business chain that specializes in tracking, snooping, photographing celebrities on a daily basis and unpublished itineraries and jobs. They must have thought it was Sister sitting in a business car, which is why they forced us to stop. ”

As soon as she had finished, the white van ran down four or five men with cameras in their hands and a single shot and photograph at the black business car.

“Goddess Su, let's have a look. ”

“We spent a dozen days at the airport trying to see you with our own eyes. ”

“I'm a huge fan of yours, Miss Su. Please get out of the car and let me have a look. I've always dreamed of standing face to face with you. ”

A group of people clapped their windows outside and shouted.