Peerless Genius System

Chapter 320: Star Moon Bay

Looks like stars aren't so good either!

Sholo couldn't help but feel sad that the stars were always alert to being followed and that their lives were easily disturbed. At this point, the stars were no better than ordinary people.

Robin Xiang put down some window glass and shouted at the yellow cow outside the car and the bastard: “You're wrong, this is not Miss Su's car! ”

Speaking of which, hang up upside down, prepare to drive the car backwards some, then bypass the white van in front.

But she underestimated the madness of the group of yellow cows and illegitimate rice. When she saw the black business car running away, someone blocked the back of the car directly with their body, and someone slapped the window glass hard, yelling loudly to see Sulu.

“It's over, they won't let go. ”

Robin was so anxious, these people were so crazy, they were just extreme star chasers, she took out her phone to call the police.

At this point, a big man outside took an iron hammer out of the van.

“Goddess Su, let me see you! ”

While yelling out loud, the hammer in his hand smashed hard against the glass of the black business car, obviously to smash the window glass of the car, in order to see his idol, he was already mad and would not consider anything.


Robin Xiang, who was about to call the police with his phone, was scared to death, and this was the first time he had encountered such a crazy bastard meal, just like he had been attacked by a gangster.

As soon as it was too late, Sholo opened the door of the business car and rushed out like a ghost. A knife chopped off the neck of a man with an iron hammer. The man fell and fainted without a single cry.

He knocked one out, Sholo was shaped like electricity, and instantly he came behind the other two, two knives, and easily put them down.

Finally, there was a man in the back of a black business car, who smelled movement coming out of the back of the business car, but could not even see the figure of the other party. One fist whistled and bombarded his face, his head turned to Venus and his body turned to the ground like soft mud on the beach.

After all this, Sholo immediately returned to the business car and closed the door.

The whole process won't last more than ten seconds!

Robin Xiang was already stunned at the moment, she didn't even realize that her phone had slipped out of her hand. She turned her head and looked at Sholo in shock. She didn't even see what had just happened. All she knew was that Huang Niu and Baisheng Rice had fallen in the blink of an eye.

“Should be ready to go by now.” Sholo cautioned.

Robin Xiang nodded like a chicken pecking rice: “You can go, you can go. ”

Busy driving the black business car back a bit, then bypassing the business car in front and back on the road.

But she couldn't calm down at all, and from time to time she looked in the mirror and thought to herself, "Who is this Mr. Shaw?" You're too good at this!

And soon the shock turned to worship: "Mr. Shaw, have you ever practiced martial arts? ”

Sholo smiled: “Practiced. ”

He was also speechless and often had to fabricate lies in order to disguise a genius system that was integrated with himself.

“No wonder he beat down the yellow cow and the bastard rice in a flash. With you next to your sister, your safety can be guaranteed.” Robin smiled.


I think you mean Sulu!

Sholoh hinted and shook his head: “You misunderstood, I'm not here to guard her. ”

“I know you're here to be Babe's dad.” Robin smiled.

Sholo stopped talking and sat in his seat with pride, turning his head and looking quietly at the backward street view outside the car, he saw the bus station where he had been waiting for the bus, the KTV concert hall where his classmates had gathered together, and the familiar subway station.

A lot of college memories came to mind. He really didn't expect to go back to this familiar city. The first person he thought of was class leader Guo Qinghe. But the reunion at the end of last year made him not feel very good about Guo Qinghe, so he would not contact Guo Qinghe. There was no common language, and there was no difference.



Half an hour later, a black business car arrived at the Starling Moon Bay Hotel.

“Miss Sue lives here?” Sholo asked.

Robin nodded: “Yes, the security system is perfect and the hotel management is very concerned with protecting the client's personal privacy. Sister spent nearly 100 million dollars buying an apartment here. ”

A hundred million?

Sholo was a little surprised, turns out to be a superstar.

He also often sees celebrity mansions on the internet and seems to prefer this kind of hotel-style luxury apartment, so he doesn't find it strange to live in a Sulu apartment.

The Starling Moon Bay Hotel is a typical European classical setting, where you can experience a rich and elegant atmosphere.

Robin Xiang parked the car in the garage and took Sholo to the 52nd floor by elevator: "This is where my sister lives. ”

After ringing the doorbell, the mahogany door was quickly opened by a woman dressed in homewear, surrounded by an apron, with a slight mark of age on her face, looking fifty or sixty years old.

“This is Aunt Lee, the nanny my sister hired. ”

"Aunt Li, this is Mr. Shaw. ”

“Mr. Shaw, please come in. The lady's been waiting a while.” Aunt Li owes her courtesy.

Sholo walked in and looked around, with modern appliances, snow-white leather sofas, mahogany furniture tables and chairs, and a three-meter high bonsai at the corner of the stairs, at least 600 square meters.

“Is this the size of an apartment where Miss Su's mother and daughter live with Aunt Lee? ”

“Yes.” said Robin.

And Sholo asked, "Where's her family? ”

“Sister's family are mothers and brothers, they don't live here, not that sister doesn't want them to live here, to protect them from the people outside so that they can live like ordinary people.” Robin replied.

So that's it!

Sholo nodded suddenly and understood Sulu's approach.


That's when a childish noise came from the second floor.

Sholo turned his head and Su Xiaobei ran down from the second floor with a pair of small feet. She was like a pink carved jade. Her skin was snowy and white. A pair of glittering eyes were like black gemstones. She had a delicate john nose and a small red mouth. She looked more holy than an angel and more beautiful than an elf.

“Su Xiaobei, slow down! ”

A beautiful figure flashed out of the room, shouting Xiaobei.

Tall blue silk, fine white jade neck, it is a dusty beauty, sexy beauty, attractive unlimited imagination beauty, but who is not Sulu?