Peerless Genius System

Chapter 322 Marketing Nest

In the morning, when the curtains were opened, a fresh air poured in front of me, and a few little birds crisp on the tree outside the window, so unhappy.

“Daddy, Daddy...”

Sholo was about to wash up, and Su Xiaobei's little girl was knocking on the door outside.

Sholo had to open the door and let her in.

“Dad, it's breakfast. Did you brush your teeth? Mom said she had to brush her teeth sooner or later so she wouldn't grow worms.” Su Xiaobei was very serious about preaching to Sholo.

“Daddy, brush now! ”

Sholo graciously touched her head and walked into the bathroom.

The little girl also followed her in and grabbed the edge of the sink with her little hand. A pair of big black gemstone eyes looked at Sholo without blinking.



“Why don't you live with me and Mom? ”

“Daddy wants to work at night, and living with you and Mommy will interrupt your rest.” Sholo made up a reason.

The little girl frowned: “You can work during the day. ”

“There are daytime things. ”

Sholo put down his toothbrush and teacup and gently pinched her little face.

After washing his face again, he lifted Su Xiaobei and walked out.

Coming to Sului's apartment, on the dining table in the lobby, with an abundance of breakfast, toast, baguettes, corn, pastries, milk… etc., Aunt Li was still busy in the kitchen. When she saw Sholo holding Su Xiaobei in, she greeted him warmly: "Mr. Shaw, breakfast is ready! ”

Sholo nodded his greetings, then sat down at the table and shouted "early” at Sulu Dao, who sat opposite him.

Su Li did not return to him, but looked up at him.

Clear and stunning faces, long curved eyelashes, delicate little yawn nose, crimson, thin lips, a scattered black hair reflecting a seductive glow in the sun shining in from the balcony, the purity of the essence baked an extraordinary poetic touch.

“Su Xiaobei, now that he's up, can you eat properly? ”


Little girl lights her head melon.

Sholo put her on her own bench with a smile.

The little girl smiles sweetly at Sholoh from time to time during breakfast, and Sholoh smiles back.

Looking at the two really like the intimate father and daughter, Su Li did not come by a moment of envy and jealousy, even anger. Su Xiaobei was brought up by her hand, but she was completely compared by an outsider. Instead, she looked like an outsider, but she couldn't say anything. She hired Sholo to play such a role as Su Xiaobei's father. Sholo seemed to do very well. Isn't that what she wanted?

“I have to go out after breakfast.” Sholo says hello to Sully first.

“As I said, you can do your own thing while you play a good role.” Su Li didn't even look at him when he spoke.

Sholo didn't say another word, and the woman seemed very reluctant to talk to him, and he happened to be a master who didn't like to talk much, and remained silent, which was good.



After leaving the Starling Moon Bay Hotel, Sholo dialed his cousin Ding Zhenyun's number. His first task was to pull this lost little social youth out of the distribution nest there.

As soon as he heard that he was alone, Ding Zhenyun immediately agreed to meet in a place.

It was a subway station. Sholo arrived without seeing Ding Zhenyun. He was picked up by two strange young men.

The yellow muscles are thin and look like they are severely malnourished.

One of them grabbed Sholo's hand with enthusiasm: "You are Zhenyun's cousin, we are his good friends, he asked us to pick you up. ”

“Why isn't he here?” Sholoway.

“He doesn't have time. He has to study. Come with us.” Another humane.

Schollo already has a rough conjecture in his heart that learning in class is more than brainwashing.

Promised, followed the two, crossed several lively and noisy streets, and finally, walked into a dirty, messy, bad alley. There were advertisements for rental houses everywhere, and each house was very dilapidated. The people met here were basically the elderly, and the cries of children came from one of the houses.

Obviously, there are dense and numb workers here, including people from all over the world.

Sholo followed the two into a dark, painted corridor, and then went all the way to the eighth floor before finally reaching his destination.

In one of the rooms, seven or eight people sat on the floor, listening to the notebook, the pencil, spiritual, snow-white shirt was spotless, about the age of twenty-seven or eight, and the speech was utterly spoken.

His cousin Ding Zhenyun sat on the floor with the others and listened seriously.

“Brother Lu, Zhenyun's cousin is here.” One of the men who brought Sholo here said.

The young man who was speaking immediately greeted him with enthusiasm and held Sholoh's hand tightly: “Brothers should have come sooner rather than later. We happened to be in entrepreneurship class. Sit down and listen, Zhenyun. Bring your cousin in. ”

Ding Zhenyun is short and dark. Although he has more than twenty years, he still looks like a developing young man, but seems to be inherited from a different generation. He looks a little like Sholo.

“Cousin, come on, let's sit down and listen to the lessons before we go back to the old days.” He came out La Sholo and went in.

“You're thin. ”

Sholo's heart aches immensely. He saw cabbage and radishes in the kitchen outside. He had some knowledge of the marketing organization. He knew that Ding Zhenyun's diet must have been very poor for some time. He feared cabbage and radishes every day, or a mixture of the two, and malnutrition was the only reason.

“If you suffer so much, you will become a human being. It is nothing to suffer now. When you become rich in the future, everything is worth it.” Ding Zhenyun hey hey laughed.

Sholo shook his head helplessly and looked at his lean cousin, very heartbroken.

“We went on to say that if you invest just $3,800, you can get a qualification in the chain of sales, and then develop three people, who will develop three people each, geometrically multiply, and earn $112,000 by the time you get out. The company we work with has a fair and reasonable five-tier three-tier system, that is, five tiers, three promotion phases, simply replaced by the English letter abcde, which is senior salesperson, business manager, business director, business team leader, and intern salesperson. ”

The man known as Lu said that he was happy, and the little blackboard had a doubling pattern on it, which was explained in detail.

Sholo really wanted to laugh, how obvious the distribution structure is, without any water blending.

“When you personally sell one or two products for the company, you are an intern salesperson for the company, and when you and your company sell 64 products cumulatively for the company, you are the business manager, do you find it difficult? I'm telling you intuitively, the difference between d and e, you can make over 700 bucks.

the difference between C and D can be about $4,000, that is, when your left and right arms reach 16, you can make a profit, and for you personally, it might just be a couple of places, in short, you're sitting here waiting for someone to make you money, doesn't that sound exciting? ”

Seventy-eight people listening to the lesson applauded. Ding Zhenyun listened with the most input. His applause was particularly intense.