Peerless Genius System

Chapter 325: Yang Hongzhi

“Glass, this is the guy you invited to be a grandfather to Becky. Nice, handsome, talented, makes me want to bite.” The woman leaned over her head slightly and looked up and down at Sholo, revealing a sweet smile of all kinds on her face.

Sholo ignored her trick and picked up Su Xiaobei running over.

“His name is Sholo. ”

Sulu introduced Sholo's name to the charming woman, but did not introduce Sholo to the charming woman, because in her opinion, there was no need for Sholo to get too familiar with his girlfriend.

Nor did the charming woman introduce herself to Sholo, turning the subject around: "Come on, we haven't played tennis together in a long time, our bodies are rusting. ”

Su Li nodded.

Because she wanted to bring Su Xiaobei, she asked Sholo to follow her after she had time.

As a driver, Robin Xiang drives a black business car carrying Sholo, Sulu and Su Xiaobei, while the charming woman drives her own Ferrari.

“Sister, did Sister Yeon change another car? This Ferrari has never seen it before.” Robin was curious.

Su Li gently embraced Su Xiaobei in the back seat. Her red lips started gently: “She had a passion for the car. Twenty limited edition cars were in the garage. This 599GTBFiorano was one of them, recently mentioned. ”

“Sister Yeon is so rich, when will I be satisfied with a thousandth of her?” Robin Xiang worships the way.

Sholo sat in the co-pilot's seat. He had no interest in the woman. When the car quieted down, he turned around and said to Su Glass: “Miss Su, I thought about it, 200,000 monthly salary...”

“Are you short? ”

Su Li frowned and frowned coldly interrupting. This man is really a scoundrel. 200,000 is still too little.

“You're mistaken. I'm just saying that the pay is fine. ”

“Just do it? You mean you don't want the pay?” Sulu's eyebrows wrinkled deeper.

Sholo nodded, “You give me the apartment, and if you convert it into rent, it costs about $3,000 a day, and 90,000 a month, which is kind of my salary, isn't it? ”

Su Li decided to look at Sholo for a while. She wondered why the man who once lived in a messy place like Jiangcheng slums refused to pay 200,000 yuan. Shouldn't he feel that the more he was paid, the better?

Her eyebrows shouted: “No need, everything is carried out according to our agreement. You don't have to feel ashamed. If Su Xiaobei hadn't been close to you, I wouldn't have come to you, let alone given you such a high reward. ”

“Looks like I have to thank Beck! ”

Sholo smiled and looked at Su Xiaobei sitting next to Sulu.

The little girl was still young. She heard Sholo's conversation with Sulu. She didn't even know what they were talking about. She just looked at Sulu with her big black gemstone eyes, and then looked at Sholu. She whispered and couldn't say anything cute.



Two cars arrived at the Eden estate in the summer sea, one after the other.

The place is perfectly clear to Sholo, the rich man's land, full of hundreds of millions of villas, at least a mile between each villa, guarantees the independence of the villas so that the owners are not disturbed.

Shen Shenyen's house is right here, and number 88 is where her villa is.

Covering at least 600 square meters, this does not include private swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, well done greening, sandalwood, red maple, silver cedar… these transplanted trees alone are worth about 5 million.

I must say, Shen Yeon is really rich!

After getting off the car, Luo Pingxiang whispered to Xiaoluo Shen's information, the president of China Pharmaceutical Group, the industry under the name mainly in the medical field, medical equipment, research and development and manufacture of new drugs, etc., the headquarters of China Pharmaceutical Group is in Xia Hai, but its branches have spread all over the country, and even the products are sold overseas, which is really huge.

Shortly afterwards, another person arrived.

A young man accompanied by two bodyguards,

The man retained a clean, clean, short hair, white face, five officials Jun-soo, rarely has a respectful temperament from the inside out, can not be cultivated by a non-doorman.

“It's Yang Hongzhi. ”

A slight resentment appeared in Robin Xiang's eyes. “He has been pursuing his sister, but she didn't like him and refused him several times, but she still didn't want to get her face together. She couldn't do anything about him, she couldn't be too guilty of him. Otherwise, she would most likely be hidden by the company. Yang Hongzhi's father is the biggest shareholder of the company. ”


Sholo was not interested in these, pulling Su Xiaobei and walking on the lawn next to this tennis court.

“Mr. Shaw, let's go over there.” Robin saw Sulu's wave.

“Then let's go.” Sholo nodded.

Su Xiaobei reached out with two small hands: “Daddy carry me! ”

Sholo crouched down and let the little girl lie on his back. Then she carried the little girl and ran away. The little girl couldn't close her mouth.

“This is...” Yang Hongzhi glanced at Sholo and asked.

“He's my dad. ”

Su Xiaobei announced loudly.


Yang Hongzhi turned his head and looked at Su Li in confusion.

Shen Qinyeon laughed: “It was Glass who hired me.” I caught him in the ear, whispering, “Xiaobei didn't know what was going on. He was very close to this guy. He also recognized him as her father. Glass paid him to be Xiaobei's grandfather in order for Xiaobei to grow up healthy and happy. ”

“So that's it. ”

Yang Hongzhi nodded suddenly. He excluded Sholo from the greeting for the first time. He waved at Su Xiaobei, "Xiaobei, we meet again! ”

Su Xiaobei hid behind Sholo's back in awe.

“Say hello to Uncle Yang.” Sulu Dao.

“Hello Uncle Yang.” Su Xiaobei shouted softly with the sound of a thin mosquito fly.

“Beck, you're a good boy! ”

Yang Hongzhi touched Su Xiaobei's head. “It's been a long time since I've seen Uncle Yang. Do you want Uncle Yang? ”

Su Xiaobei shook his head.

Yang Hongzhi was very hurt by this shaking of his head.

She shook Sholo's neck: "Dad, can we go over there and play? ”

“Okay.” said Sholo.

Yang Hongzhi looked surprised for a moment. He pulled his lungs out of Su Xiaobei and often bought toys and candy. This little girl was still so alienated from him. Instead, he was so close to this guy who didn't know where he was coming from, which made him even unbalanced.

“Beck, you must be mistaken. He's not your father. ”

In the future, he was going to marry Su Li. Su Xiaobei could only call him Daddy. Listen to her call someone else's Daddy. He didn't really feel like it.

“He is.” Su Xiaobei affirmed.

“I don't know which gutter it came from, how can you say he is your father, Bei, I can understand you want to have a father's mood, in the future Uncle Yang will treat you like your own daughter, you can think of Uncle Yang as your father.” Yang Hongzhi's gentle path.

Sholo noticed that the little girl seemed to have a tendency to cry. “When she grows up, she will naturally understand that her current perception is wrong, and now correcting it just hurts her. ”