Peerless Genius System

Chapter 329 Anger

Eight to zero, and it has always been Sholo's ball right, let alone Yang Hongzhi. Even if he were anyone, he would feel impatient and angry. One eyebrow of Yang Hongzhi was erected, a green ribbon burst on his forehead, embarrassing himself in front of the woman he liked. He really wanted to live Sholo.

Sholo ignored his harsh expression and jumped back into the basket at the moment of the catch.

At this time, Yang Hongzhi was like a mad beast, yelling at Sholo and pounding on him. He was ashamed and angry. This time, he didn't throw basketball at Gesholo, but directly hit Sholo's body.

“Boom ~”

A limb dull impact sounded, Sholo's chest was hit by Yang Hongzhi's shoulder, in the middle of the air, withstood such a shock, the body slightly lost balance, backward two steps to stabilize the shape, chest hidden some pain.

Meanwhile, the throwing basketball again “snapped” into the basket with precision.

“Shi, t!!! ”

Yang Hongzhi's eyes flashed an unstoppable rage. He was angry to stamp his feet in place. He took off his coat and threw it hard on the ground.

“Are you playing ball or someone? ”

Sholo put his hand on Yang Hongzhi's shoulder and asked coldly.

Yang Hongzhi was furious, it was harder to maintain the gentleman's appearance. He threw his hand away. He turned around and grabbed Sholo's collar. He roared out loud: “What's wrong with me beating you? ”

He was just deliberate, angry, and if he hadn't left a trace of reason, he would have let two of his bodyguards scrap Sholo now.

Sholo was indifferent and cold-blooded: “Let go! ”

Welcoming his eyes, Yang Hongzhi struck a cold tremor all over his body. His subconscious release of his collar made him feel like a frog stared at by a venomous snake. He was on the verge of extreme danger. As if not, the next second his life would be lost on the spot.

Seeing a clash between the two, Yang Hongzhi's two bodyguards, Shen Zhenyeon and Su Li all walked up.

“Master Yang, it's just a game, why should you be angry?” Shen Zhenyeon broke a sip and eased the atmosphere.

At this moment, realizing Su Li was present, Yang Hongzhi forcibly pressed down his anger. He could not lose his image in front of Su Li, squeezing out an incredibly false smile: “When did I get angry when you said that, I just found Mr. Shaw's collar button loose, I just tied it up for him. ”

“Oh, really? I guess I blamed you, huh. ”

Shen Tinyen smiled softly. Of course, she understood that Yang Hongzhi was lying with her eyes open, but she would not go to break it. "Major Yang Da should exercise now, go, rest, I have prepared a rich wine dish. ”

“Not in a hurry, there's one last ball.” Yang Hongzhi.

The two bodyguards looked at each other and said, "Miss Shen will give you steps down. Why don't you follow down? Do you think you can still defeat?" It's nine to zero now!

And they quickly released, because they saw the harsh color in Yang Hongzhi's eyes, and their young master was ready to take a heavy hit on Sholo.

“Are you sure it's better than that?” Su Li asked faintly.

“To do something, it has to start and end, and it's the last ball, soon.” Yang Hongzhi laughed.

“Then finish the last ball!” Sholo's cold-blooded statement.

Yang Hongzhi's eyes flashed a vicious color, haha smile: “Glass, go down first, Mr. Shaw seems to want me to eat a big goose egg, I also wonder if I will eat a goose egg. ”

Su Li did not answer him, but walked up to Sholo and whispered in Sholo's ear: “Be careful! ”

Sholo was slightly stunned. I didn't expect Su Li to tell him to be careful. It seems that Su Li's heart is clear inside. This Yang Hongzhi will no longer play basketball by the rules.

Nod your head and walk towards the basketball on the other side sometime.

“Daddy, come on! ”

Su Xiaobei stood outside the scene, holding a little pink fist. He was thrilled to cheer Sholo up. His face was filled with a naïve smile.

Sholo returned with a smile and an "OK” gesture.

“Mr. Shaw, this last ball, you're not going to be ready to jump, is it? It's so boring. Sven like a pussy, it's a man who's brave enough to attack. Let me see your skills.” Yang Hongzhi spoke to stimulate Sholo.

“As you wish! ”

Sholo raised an arc and laughed, taking the ball from this side to Yang Hongzhi's field.

“Finally, the dirty mud is hooked. If I don't get rid of you today, my last name isn't Yang! ”

Yang Hongzhi's heart hey smile, center of gravity pressure, defensive posture, eyes full of vicious cold light, not only did he hire a coach to teach him a lot of basketball skills, but also taught him how to play the black hand in the fight, can make the opponent suffer different degrees of damage, lightly bruised hands and feet, heavy or broken bones or internal injuries, while for Sholo, he only wanted to seriously injure him.

“Glass, it doesn't feel good. It looks like Major Yang is going to kill Sholo. ”

Off the field, Shen Qinyeon whispered. If Yang Hongzhi really tripped on Sholo, she looked down on Yang Hongzhi. This is a losing ball and losing.

Su Li's face was cool and refreshing. “Call an ambulance just in case! ”

She doesn't look like Yang Hongzhi for no reason. This is a deceitful second ancestor. For example, now, she is clearly provoking herself, but she cannot lose altogether. If Yang Hongzhi is not the son of the shareholders of the company, she will not take care of him at all.

Shen Shenyen nodded and felt that the words made sense. This Yang Hongzhi was not a good man.

At this point, Sholo accelerated the ball toward Yang Hongzhi, a fake move broke left, then instantly carried the ball back, turned to the right, rushed under the basket, speed like a wind, and blinked in front of the basket.

Holding the ball, he rushed two steps, his torso burst out, single-handedly holding the basketball and rushing into the basket!

“No way, Sholo, is this a basket?! ”

Shen Yeon, who was on the phone, was stunned. She usually liked to watch basketball games. The trend was obviously to snap baskets, but also battle axe snap baskets.

Su glazed slightly and thought it was unlikely that Sholo's bouncing power would be so good.

Right now!


Yang Hongzhi's face was blushing, his eyes yelled and jumped. He tried his best to rush into it. In his prediction, Sholo must have lost his balance and flied out.

The bodies of the two collided in the air, the dull collision sounded, Yang Hongzhi suddenly changed color, because at the moment of the collision, a force he could not resist came from Sholo's body, he felt that he hit not a person, but a mountain that burst in.