Peerless Genius System

Chapter 331 Eight Years of College

By the time we arrived at the Western Province Aviation University, it was near noon, and Sholo headed straight to the bulletin hall in the third cafeteria, which was already overcrowded, because no one was queuing outside, so everyone was crowded out of that tiny window by a bunch of bees. From time to time, there were foot pushes and complaints.

One of the fat, round, short men complained particularly harshly.

“Don't squeeze. You'll get pregnant again. ”

“Step on my foot, you faint soul! ”

“This bullet is mine, don't grab it with me. ”

Medium hairstyle, black Middle Mountain suit, fat round face, looks golden and triple fat instant vision.

Sholo stood still, because the fat man was an acquaintance, his college classmate Tung Tong, but Tung Tong sophomore year because his credits seriously failed to reach the standard repeat grade, but his credits still seriously failed to reach the standard, Tung Tong Suo sex suspended the school, of course, he also heard Zhang Dashan say, Tung Tong applied to return to school after two years of suspension, originally thought Zhang Dashan made it up, now that he saw Tung Tong, he verified the previous words.

And when Fatty grabbed three pieces of meat sauce and squeezed it out of the pile, he turned to meet Sholo face to face, and he blinked his gruesome little eyes before finally confirming it.

“Sholo?! ”

The incredible, incredible face made him think for a second that he had traveled through time and back in time, but the naive face around him woke him up from that unrealistic fantasy.

“Long time no see, Tung Tung.” Sholo greeted him.



Ten minutes later, they sat face-to-face at a table.

Sholo also ate the bullet, but Tuton robbed it for him. Fatty wore darts and squeezed the crowd out to buy the bullet. No one dared to say no. After all, he still had a fierce face.

“I just thought I was blinded. I didn't think it was really you. When did you come back from Jiangcheng? Could it be another story of the three killings of Hu Han? ”

Tung Tong was very talkative, and he was very excited to meet his old classmates while eating bullets and talking.

“Back this year, we are going to develop in the summer sea. ”

Sholo took a bite, or was that familiar smell, and he had to remember a lot about the past.

“Welcome, now I'm not alone, there are people who harass me when I'm bored.” Tunnel tunnel.

Sholo raised his eyebrows: "You weren't alone, were you, Sergeant? ”

“Don't mention Guo Qinghe, he is now the Gold Medal Lecturer of the marketing organization, I have never contacted him.” The head shakes around the pipe tongue.

Gold Medal Lecturer for the Marketing Organization? Guo Qinghe?

Sholo was stunned for a moment, and the tongue made him a little overwhelmed.

Guangtong went on to say: “Guo Qinghe dressed like a human dog in order to disguise himself as a successful person, to deceive those poor people who want to get rich overnight to pay automatically. He chose a place in the county or town below Xiahai City, specializing in deceiving foreigners. ”

“How do you know all this?” Sholo asked.

“The first downline he developed when he first joined the marketing organization was me, can I not know, I'm glad I'm sober, or I'm really stuck. ”

Tung Tong sighed, he had already killed a bowl of bullets and ate a second bowl. "Forget it, let's not talk about him, chewing his tongue root is not good. That's why I didn't go to the reunion he started at the end of last year. By the way, did you and Zhao Mengqi fix it? ”

“We broke up.” Shorothan replied.


Tuton reacted calmly and did not find this strange.

Sholo turned around and said, "Did you get your diploma and degree now? ”

“No, I don't even remember how many disciplines I hung up. I feel like I can't even count my ten fingers. It's hard to make up for the past, but the diploma and degree card is a piece of paper in my opinion. The education is not important, it's about talent. I've long since given up on the idea of getting a diploma and a degree certificate.” Tung Tong bluntly said.

Waiver of diplomas and diplomas?

Although education in the moment is not everything, finding a job is a knock on the door, and it's not really possible, so these two certificates are more indispensable.

Sholo was really afraid to agree with Tong: “So now you're working? ”

“No, no, no, no, I've been living at home, but I ride my bike to the school library every day to read, grow my insights and become a talented person.” Tung Tong then ate the third bowl of bullets.

“How can you feed yourself if you don't work?” Sholoway.

“Eating old people, my mom and dad are both in business units, now the salaries of both people are almost 20,000, even if they retire later, sitting at home all have 7,80,000 to take, I am their only son, their money is my money, I consume in advance, and after I become a talented person in the future, it is easy to earn tens of millions of dollars to honor them.” Tung Tong's confident path.

Hearing that, Sholo couldn't help but shake his head, he didn't know what Tong thought, but if it were him, he would never feel so comfortable. He really wanted to ask, what talent, talent is 278 years old and still do nothing, stay at home to feed his parents?

He can't understand the talent in Tung Tong Kou, of course, it's a family matter, he's an outsider, he's not qualified to judge.

“Tung Tung! ”

At this point, a soft-spoken call came.

Tuton and Sholozic looked to the source of the sound, a middle-aged man in a black suit with glasses and a Sven figure, with very little hair, high hairline and a bit of baldness.

“It's Old Yu.” Tuton put down the chopsticks.

Sholo, of course, knew who Old Yu was, his full name was Yu Jiangu, and he was their college class director.

He hurried up and greeted Yu Jiangu as he walked over: "Mr. Yu. ”

“Sholo? Why are you here? ”

Yu Jiangu was quite unexpected. This was the last student he brought. Zhang Dashan, a bad student, was impressed. Sholo, who had a good relationship with Zhang Dashan, naturally went deep into his mind.

“Don't be surprised, he's ready to hang out in the summer sea, just go back to his alma mater. ”

As soon as Tung Tong looked up and drank the last bowl of bullet soup, he hit a hiccup and said, after all these years, he and Yu Jiangu had long formed a relationship with the same division and friend. It was very casual to talk.

“So that's it. Welcome, huh...”

Yu Jiangu smiled and patted Sholo's shoulder, and then taught him, "Don't go too close to this soul in the future, don't think about progress, it's a nightmare all day, my second student is about to enter society, this soul is still walking in place, other people's college for four years, he was eight years, eight years even won the resistance, but he can't even get two certificates. ”

Speaking of Tung Tung Tong, he was sad for a while, as a class director, because Tung Tung Tong, he didn't know how many times he had been laughed at by colleagues, and his old face was disgraced.