Peerless Genius System

Chapter 332 Exchange of Minds

“Old Yu, soul faintness is my verbal meditation, don't steal it! Hey! ”

Tung Tong's weird voice sounded like a duck, like a duck strangled in the neck struggling to hiss.

Yu Jianyu glanced at him in disgust, warning: "You son of a bitch, I can tell you, don't bring bad Sholo, dare bring bad him, I castrate you. ”

“This is unjust. I don't need to take it at all. The soul of Dashan is completely poisoned. Sholo has such a good relationship with him again, I'm afraid it's already broken.” Tuton dug his nostrils into a path he didn't think he would.

(“A owe...” Zhang Dashan, sitting at Lofang headquarters in Jiangcheng a thousand miles away, reading documents in his office, sneezed and muttered to himself, “Shit, which beautiful woman remembers her brother? ”

“…” Sholo said without words.

Yu Jianyu directly rewarded Guangtong's head with a chestnut burst: “You think Sholo is as bad as you, he knows the nightmare day after day. I remember very well that his combined grades are among the top in the class, and he also won a scholarship at the school level, right, Sholo? ”

“It's all in the past, I didn't think Mr. Yu would remember. ”

Sholo also secretly admired Yu Jianggu's memory. He actually remembered his scholarship. It seems that he did win it once in freshman year. He was also a first-class scholarship. Later, because of his diligence, his grades were moderate, he had no connection with the scholarship.

“Students with good grades and poor grades are most impressed with us as teachers. By the way, how's that kid Zhang Dashan doing now?” Yu Jianyu took the initiative to bring up Zhang Dashan.

“Not bad, starting a company in Jiangcheng.” Sholoway.

Although Luofang is his, he is nominally Zhang Dashan's, and he retires behind the scenes, which is actually equivalent to Luofang's major shareholder.

Yu Jiangu was amazed: “That son of a bitch can open a company in an economically developed city like Jiangcheng. It's amazing. You have such a good relationship with him. I'm sure your position in that company is not low? ”

“You can talk.” Sholoh humbled the way.

“Not bad. I looked out for both of you in college. You didn't disappoint me.” Yu Jianyu patted Sholo's shoulder to admire.

"Yu, you seem to have said the same thing to other students who came to you last time. ”

Yu Jianggu once again gave him a chestnut in his head: "No one treats you like a mute without talking! ”

“Yu, I want to draw a circle curse on you. Come on, bald.” Tung Tong's way of submission.

As soon as I heard the word ’bald' Yu Jiangu jumped like a fox trampled on his tail, his face turned red and flushed like a thunder: “Soul Little Boy, I said how your hair has fallen so fast lately, so you are cursing me, believe it or not, I will kill you! ”

“Anger, anger is so much easier to cause hair loss...”

“You little redneck, I'll kill you if I lose my hair! ”

Yu Jianyu was furious with the crown. There was no Sven as a teacher at all.

“Hello Mr. Yu! ”

At that time, two or three girls passed by and greeted him.

Yu Jiangu immediately recovered from the furious state and tidied his collar. He nodded with a smile. "Hello. ”

Sholo couldn't help but laugh for a while. How could he not have found Yu Jianyu, the class director, to be such a funny person?



The three of them ate together, and Yu Jiangu told Sholo: “Sholo, you've been out of school for almost four years. You've accumulated some social experience. You'll share your experience with your pupils and sisters later, so that they can get ready to step into society in advance. They're also in school for the last semester. ”

“Mr. Yu, this...”

Sholo was very difficult, he never liked to talk to people, he could say less than one word, which suddenly required him to make sense to the fifty or sixty people, which was a difficult thing for him.

“No pressure, just get to know your younger siblings and tell them about some of your memorable experiences in society, so they know that our engineering management is not a cold-door specialty, and it's very easy to eat outside. ”

Yu Jiangu smiled, put his hands on Sholo's shoulder, his eyes were sincere and sincere, “Just do me a favor, those boys are too jumpy, they don't listen to what I'm saying, but if I change to a successful senior in my career, the effect will definitely be different, I sincerely hope that they can spell out a fierce career in the future, so that I also have light on my face, unlike someone, I will only drag everyone's back legs. ”

Speaking of which, I took a deep look at the silly, smiling Tutoring next to me.

Tung Tong stunned and glanced at him. “Yu, look what I'm doing. What do you mean? I'm obviously ashamed of you. ”

“Guantong, you have this awareness, the teacher is very pleased.” Yu Jianyu slapped him on the shoulder twice with a good heart.

“Dirty soul, old man! ”

Tung Tong's face darkened.

Sholo laughed twice, and for that matter, he couldn't refuse. After all, he was a class director for four years of college.



At 2 p.m., Sholo and Guangtong followed Yu Jianggu to the engineering management class, which is graduating this year.

Tung Tong is an old oil bar and has always had a name in the engineering management profession, so Ben was obliged to attend the meeting.

After Yu Jianggu told the students something to tell them, he asked Sholo to go in and highlight Sholo: “Classmates, this is your senior, four years old. His name is Sholo, and he is now one of the founders of a pastry baking company in Jiangcheng. He came to the summer sea this year to set up a branch office in the summer sea. ”

Listen to him, the boys and girls in the class have different expressions, they have admirers, they have curiosities, they have surprises, and of course, they have snorts.

“Now let him share his experiences and thoughts with you. Welcome!” Yu Jianyu led the applause.

Fifty or sixty students in engineering management followed by a round of applause, enthusiastic.

After a round of applause, someone turns their ears together.

“Four years older. Isn't that the same as eight years? ”

A lot of people looked to Tung Tung Tong, who sat in the last row playing with his phone, and 'eight years' was a nickname that everyone had given him, ridiculing him for eight years of college, and of course, maybe nine or ten years later.

Sholo stood on the podium, looking at the next naive face, his heart was filled with emotion, because he had also sat underneath, Yu Jiangu stood on top of it, and it felt like the rest of the world.

He smiled slightly, not frightened, and said softly: “Actually, I don't know what to tell you, just tell me one or two of the regrets I've put together over the years. ”

“Mr. Shaw, aren't you a successful man? How can you be sorry? ”

At first glance, it was Yilin, the schoolmaster in the class, who was questioning her, but the pronunciation of the four words‘ successful person 'bites heavily and has another ironic meaning.