Peerless Genius System

Chapter 336: Perfection

Guan Yilin was rapidly drawing engine drawings, and after glancing at Sholo, she couldn't help but grunt and cast a despicable glance.

Yu Jiangu also deeply pinched the sweat for Shoro at this moment. He wondered what the hell was going on. You really don't know where to start drawing?

“Elin has finished a third. ”

“It's like a schoolmaster in our class, it's fast! ”

“Looks like our senior is losing to Elin. ”

Many people whispered that the result was doomed, surely Guan Yilin Sheng, without any suspense.

And then Sholoh finally started, and it worked on the AutoCAD interface, drawing dots and curves that were scattered and not integrated, which simply didn't work together.

What is this drawing? Is it really an engine?

Everyone frowned suspiciously, then shook their heads and laughed, because they couldn't relate to the way the engine looked, it was all just a few scattered curves and circles, you can be polite, this is a ghost painting character, I don't know what it is.

“Senior, are you sure you're drawing engines?” Synthia put her hands crossed in her chest and asked in disdain.

Sholo doesn't answer her, he keeps working on himself.

And Guan Yilin encountered difficulty at this time, and she realized that the curved surface of the engine needed to be drawn first using the tangential method, so she had to delete the previous seven or eight movements to redraw them. As the drawing went deeper, her eyebrows became more wrinkled, because more and more problems appeared, all in the order of drawing, she had been moving forward in the deletion and reconstruction actions, and the drawing was slower and slower.

“The disadvantages of not planning the drawing steps ahead of time are now exposed.” Yu Jiangu shook his head and sighed in his heart.

When he looks at Schollo's drawings, let alone the engineering students, even he can't relate those scattered curves, circles, dotted lines to an engine.

What kind of situation is this?

Yu Jiangu Baixi couldn't figure it out. He believed that Sholo was not a random painting, but how does this look like he was painting randomly, without a seal and without even the most basic pattern, he took a pen with a child and painted it randomly on a clean blank paper.

He looked at Tung Tung Tong, who was also a fog, and stalled him.

Sholo took a long breath, then left hand paddle, right hand controlling the mouse, on the interface of AutoCAD awesome continued operation, under his dot, the excess lines disappeared one by one, leaving only a small cut, and as those excess lines disappeared, the flywheel part of the engine appeared magical, like the art of engraving, engraving a boulder out of the required form.

This is…

Everyone around me was stunned. It was the first time they saw this kind of early drawing of all the lines, and then they changed it and deleted it, leaving behind the lines that make up the engine. This technique was fantastic, and it was amazing.

“The intake manifold appeared. ”

“The cylinder head also came out. ”

“It's a cylinder now, for Christ's sake, that's too fast. ”

Looking at the shape of the engine on the Sholo AutoCAD interface, engineering management students were shocked to open their eyes. Do you still think this is a four-star engineering drawing? How can it be drawn so easily and smoothly without any redundant or wrong steps?

Yu Jiangu also couldn't hold on to the excited mood, squeezed a position, the more he looked at Sholo's operation, the more shocked it was, which erased a line segment or curved segment without a single pause, indicating that Sholo's mind had already done the drawing work, at this time only to use AutoCAD to draw the steps completed in his mind.

Is this the strongest brain?!

His incredible face, such complex engineering drawings, could be constructed entirely in his brain, which is simply unimaginable.

Guan Yilin's drawing speed has now become a snail, because every part of the drawing reveals a lot of problems, it is still the order of drawing, the wrong order prevents her from drawing the rest of the drawing, so she has to re-delete the painted part and determine the correct drawing order, and move hard.

When she saw that Sholo had drawn two thirds of the engine, she gave up. She knew that she had lost, that she had lost, that she had lost without a whole picture, that she could not find an accurate drawing route in her head like Sholo, and that she could only move forward slowly, although she could eventually draw it, it would certainly take more than four hours.

“Sholo's painted! ”

Tung Tong suddenly shouted excitedly.

Sholo just took his hand off the mouse, and on the laptop in front of him, it was a 3D engineering drawing of an engine, automatically sized, with every detail handled in place, exactly like the engine shown in the textbook, and even more sophisticated in color than the picture in the textbook.

Yu Jiangu looked at the drawing and couldn't help but raise his hands. He taught the discipline, even if he was himself, it would take at least three hours to draw the engineering drawing, but Sholo took only forty-five minutes, and the drawing was remarkable and amazing.

“Pfft, pfft...”

Other students in engineering management also applauded and applauded. At this moment, Sholoh's image suddenly rose in their minds, which was really impressive, and they were oral.

Guan Yilin's eyes no longer had the arrogance of a previous heart, some of it a shame, a consciousness to revisit.

“Senior, you must whip us. ”

“Yeah, Senior, we just looked at people low, don't mind, come on, push us hard. ”

“Sir, do you have a girlfriend? ”

One hundred and eighty degrees of attitude flipped, one voice called it a friendliness, and one girl blushed and asked Sholo if he had an object, which was self-evident.

Sholo shook his head and laughed helplessly.



After exchanging his thoughts and experiences, Yu Jiangu was obliged to ask for a thank you. Sholo couldn't push off, so he had to promise.

Not far from the classroom, Guan Yilin ran over and blocked them.

“Elin, what are you doing?” Yu Jiangu frowned, thinking that Guan Yilin was still trying to find Sholobby.

“Mr. Yu, I want to apologize to Mr. Shaw. ”

Without waiting for Yu Jiangu to reply, Guan Yilin bowed deeply to Sholo and apologized, “Senior Xiao, I was wrong. I think I am too arrogant. I'm sorry! ”

“It's okay, that's how everybody comes here. ”

Sholo smiled slightly, he really didn't care. After all, he was a student and sister in the same school, and seeing them was like seeing their own time, very kind.