Peerless Genius System

Chapter 342: Destiny Tied Together

Sholo's account book was a separate one, carried with him his ID card, and promised to marry Sully was just an expedient plan. He assumed that the woman would soon get tired of the game and end the relationship with no real name.

He even wanted to try to do Thongshui's thought work, making her feel that the first time was not really decisive. So many married couples did not leave the first time to each other. Today's society is normal, but Su Li's resolute eyes made him abandon this idea.

In the afternoon, they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a marriage certificate.

Because of Su Li's special identity, he walked a little bit of a relationship, which was handled by a trusted staff member. The marriage certificate was made in duplicate, one for Sholo, and one for Su Li. He looked at the marriage photo of the two people on the marriage certificate, and Sholo was all mixed up.

Married, yourself. Is this a married man?

Very untrue, without a lively banquet, without the oath of the Mountain Alliance, and even less without any emotion, the two men were so tightly tied together by a certificate.

“Miss Sue, I hope you will not regret today's foolishness.” Sholo said seriously.

Su Li did not take this statement. Turning to her limited edition pink BMW MiniCooper, she said coldly: “Go with me to see my mother. ”

Sholo snorted softly, put away the marriage certificate, opened the back seat door and drilled in.

The two of them were sitting in the car, Sulu was driving in the front, and Sholo was sitting in the back, all without a word, like two icebergs, colder than each other.

Sulu took the lead in breaking the silence and looked at Sholo in the mirror: “Did you get a job in the summer sea? ”

The tone is apathetic, like asking an irrelevant person.


Sholo held his chin with his hands, backed by soft seats, and carelessly looked out at the street view.

In Su Li's eyes, this is the appearance of hanging and not thinking about going forward. Although she has no feelings for Sholo, she is now her husband in name. She somewhat hates him. “As a man, you must have your own career. You can find a decent job as soon as possible. If it doesn't work, you can go to my friend Shen Shenyen's company, and I will help you...”

“Don't worry about work! ”

Sholo interrupted, he knew it would be like this, the woman was too good, the good woman would always have her own thoughts and ideas, and use her own values to dictate the behavior of a man.

Su Li didn't say anything, seriously driving the car.

Pink BMW MiniCooper travels all the way to Silver Dragon Hills, where a single house is separated, but without Shen Yeon's luxurious home, the environment is elegant, quiet and perfect for living.

Sholo followed Sullis to one of the houses, where the door was opened by a shortly-bodied nanny who led them into the door.

On the sofa in the lobby, a noble lady was sitting there kowtowing to melon seeds and watching TV. Her hair felt like it had been electrically shocked. There was an explosion, a black mole on her face, and that black mole made her look more sour and thin.

Is she really her mother?

Sholo finally made up his mind that the woman who drugged Sulu that night was indeed his mother and was not lying to him. He could not help but admire the fact that there was such a mother in the world.

As soon as the woman saw Su Li, she sat down and threw a packet of melon seeds aside. She stood up and looked at Su Li nervously.

Su Li sat down on the couch next to her and looked at the woman: “Don't be nervous. I'm not here to ask for sins. I'm just here to tell you something. I'm married! ”

“Ah? Are you... are you married? ”

The woman opened her eyes and was surprised by this sudden news, "When did this happen? With who?”

Su Li threw her marriage certificate in front of her, and her face was covered with frost.

The woman picked it up and looked at it. Her eyes trembled, pointing to Sholo. Her emotions were out of control and she said to Sulu: “How could it be him? Daughter, how can you marry him? In this world, only Hongzhi is worthy of you. You are right. How can you marry such an unknown little redneck? ”

How could her precious daughter marry such a priceless, stateless piece of shit?

“It's not because of you! ”

Su Li sighed coldly, “Wang Wan Jing, you are my own mother, but you drugged me, want me to be ruined by others. Is there a mother like you in this world? ”

Wang Wan Jing's eyes turned red: “This is for your own good. The strength of the Yang family is so strong. Your marriage to Yang Hongzhi is the perfect match. Your union with him is the most perfect...”

“Enough! ”

Su Li's eyes also turned red, tears spinning in his eyes, but still held on, revealing the strong part of the bone, “You gave me life, doesn't mean I have to listen to everything you arranged. Sister just listened to your arrangement, so you left the scene. Don't you think you made enough sins? ”

“I... I...”

Wang Wan Jing cried silently. Su Li's sister touched her weakest nerve. She only felt a dark spot in front of her. She almost didn't faint, but the whole person had been paralyzed on the ground.

“From now on, don't come to me again. I don't want to see you again. You and Su Chan Ye's living expenses will be charged to you on time every month. You better plan how to use it. Spend it in advance. Find your own solution! ”

“Daughter, what are you doing? I'm your mother.” Wang Wan Jing sighed.

“By the time you drugged me, you and I had broken our relationship. ”

Why doesn't Su Li feel pain? If she wasn't her own mother, she would definitely sue this person in court.

She said very resolutely, then took the marriage certificate, held Sholoh's hand, and left with Sholoh. She walked out of the house with tears on her face, pale and tired.

Sholo took a tissue out of her pocket and handed it to her: "Wipe it. ”

Su Li scratched him with grudge and quickly grabbed the tissue, wiping tears from his face against Sholo's back.

“Didn't you say to keep it a secret and tell your mother that it was appropriate for us to get married?” Sholo asked.

“She won't say anything. ”

Sulu frowned, turning around, and said coldly, "Besides, that agreement is just a restraint on your behavior, and I'm not in it.”

“Okay, final interpretation right in you. ”

Sholo was too lazy to argue with her. He was not prepared to marry at all, even though he had received a certificate. He would not really take Sulu as his wife. He just hoped that the game would end soon.

Somehow after he received this certificate, he was tied to the fate of this woman, unable to push away, unable to escape, from the beginning of exclusion, slowly to mutual attraction, eventually becoming the only one, of course, of the other.