Peerless Genius System

Chapter 343: Rings

Licensed marriage like home was so complete, Sholo didn't tell his family, after all, he couldn't even accept this kind of thing, let alone the family, he spent a day or two with his eyebrows locked in.

And Keith Ying, who hasn't been in touch for a long time, called all of a sudden, and Sholo's mind flashed: This is more suitable for being his wife.

“Mr. Schollo. ”

“Are you back in the summer? ”

“Yes, I'm outside the Starling Moon Bay Hotel, and it lets me take you to headquarters.” Ji Siyang's voice is very soft, like an Oriole out of the valley, pleasant ears and a sense of emptiness.

“I'll be right down! ”

Sholo got up and changed his clothes, and he was still ready to be a member of the NSA. Of course, Keith Ying knew where he lived. The ring he wore on his fingers had global positioning and the NSA had a precise grasp of his location.

A black jacket, a slim navy blue jeans and a pair of hiking shoes left Sholo.

His costume is worth no more than 2,000, and if someone knew he was Lo Fong's boss, they wouldn't believe it, because it was too sour for an identified boss.

Dark and vertical hair, oblique Feiying's sword brow, elongated with sharp black eyes, although in plain plain clothes, is still difficult to hide the natural handsome and clean smell of Sholoh.

“Daddy, open the door...”

Just as I was about to go out, outside the door sounded Su Xiaobei's tender and friendly cry.

Sholo shrugged his shoulders, and now he is not playing, both nominally and legally, he is Su Xiaobei's father.

When she opened the door, she saw the little girl with her head up, her eyes twinkling like a big black gem, and she looked at him with a delicate little box in her hand. When she saw Sholo, she raised the little box with her hands high and said: "Dad, Mom said this to you! ”

“What is this?” Sholo crouched.

The little girl gave a sweet smile, so she mysteriously said: “Daddy can see it when he opens it. ”

Sholo graciously touched her little brain melon, then took the little box and opened it. The expression on her face stirred in a flash. A bright diamond ring was quietly embedded in it, engraved with a few English letters on its inner surface - KELA.CN, a Koran diamond ring, whose magnificent trim and sparkling diamonds made it worth it.

“You put it on! ”

A cold, icy voice rang beside it.

Sholo turned his head and walked over in a burgundy trench coat, dressed in a noble glass, with a slight fragrance. He noticed in particular that the woman's right hand unnamed finger had an extra ring, which seemed to pair with the ring Su Xiaobei gave him.

Standing up, he frowned and asked, "What do you want? ”

The corner of Su Li's mouth twitched slightly, clearing his voice: “Now that you are married, you must have this ring.” Eat up, add, "and expect you to buy thousands of dollars in land assessments? ”

Sholodin looked at her, he didn't know what was going on in this woman's mind, obviously there was no emotion, not even good feelings between the two of them, just because of a fucking accident, the moon was licensed to marry, this is definitely an absurd marriage, what does it mean to wear a ring, make this absurd marriage more real?

“Dad, put it on. You're gonna look great. ”

Su Xiaobei raised his head and smiled at him with a naive and rotten face.

Sholo could not give Su Li face, but he would still give this little girl face. He squatted down and smiled. “Xiaobei put it on for me. ”


The little girl leaped to try. After Sholo gave her the ring, she held it carefully with her little white, white hands. "Dad, on which finger are you going to wear it? ”

“Whatever. The right size for that finger.” Sholo laughed.

Su Glass shouted in a hurry: "Anyone who says they can wear it at will must wear it on their left hand unnamed finger. ”

No finger?

The little girl was in trouble. She didn't have the concept of a nameless finger in her head. Afraid that Su Li would blame her, she whispered to Sholo: “Dad, where is it just a nameless finger? ”

Sholo had to stick his left hand finger out: “This one. ”


Su Xiaobei nodded, then looked seriously at Sholo and put it on.

Sholo weighed back and forth a bit, a little surprised, he didn't think that the ring was the right size, not loose, and... it was pretty, the inner circle was golden, the outer circle was bright, the diamond set was not particularly large, like the pen of God adorned it, not stretched, the noble atmosphere was restrained.

He raised his hand and said to Su Li: “Or did you do that without fear that the outside world would know about our relationship? ”

Su Li looked at him indifferently and did not think otherwise: “What does wearing a ring stand for?” She suddenly saw Sholo wearing a ring on her left index finger. She couldn't help but lift a willow brow and looked disgusted. “Where did you buy that ring yourself? It was ugly. Take it off. ”

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry. ”

Sholo refused directly. He really didn't believe in this evil. A woman like that could eat him to death? Whatever you say?

This is absolutely impossible, and his masculinity is not allowed.

Touched Su Xiaobei's head: “Xiaobei, stay at home, Dad is going out. ”

“Okay, Dad, be safe. Babe's waiting for you.” The little girl was a good girl to light her head melon.

Sholo didn't even look at Sulu anymore and turned around and walked to the elevator.

Su Li did not interfere with him, and she hoped that the man would put up a career in Xia Hai instead of staying at home all day to earn a living with her.



As soon as he arrived in the hotel lobby, he saw Ji Siying sitting on the couch waiting for him.

She kept staring at the elevator, so the first thing she knew when Sholo arrived was that she stood up respectfully and greeted Sholo with a happy smile: "Mr. Sholo! ”

A dark hair is scattered, skin is white as snow, clear and bright pupils, curved willow brows, and thin lips are delicate as rose petals.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Sholoway apologized.

“It doesn't matter. For me, Mr. Schollo is the boss, his subordinates, etc. should be.” Ji Siying was busy waving.

Sholo nodded, "Let's go then. ”


Ji Siying naturally looked behind Sholo and looked at Sholo's back. Her mood was excited and delighted, as if the whole world was warm as if she felt like she had been reunited with the object for some time.