Peerless Genius System

Chapter 346 Cyber Warfare

The IT Hall, with more than a hundred faces, all looked seriously at Sholo, who was already standing in front of a computer. It was a battle of honor, but also the ultimate test of whether the other side was doomed. Everyone present, including the ancient warring nations, the Orient Shuo, and Ji Xiying, felt a stifling tension.

“Here we go!”

The ancient warring nations gave the order.

Hundreds of IT people sat brushed down, then ten fingers missiled on the keyboard.

Ji Siying has never dealt with these IT people before. Although she doesn't know how to program, she can also see how powerful these people are because their speed is dazzling, their fingers on the keyboard are illusory, and the blue screen generates a line of code, which is very scary, basically two seconds is a line of strange code data.

She couldn't help but wonder: Are these people's hands robots?

I'm afraid only a robot can strike so fast and sophisticated!

When she turned her eyes to Sholo, she found that Sholo had just sat down, and the next second, her eyes trembled violently, because Sholo was hitting the code faster than these IT people, and ten white fingers, like playing some kind of exciting piano song, a line of code was quickly generated on a computer screen, and someone else was two lines a second, and he was four or five lines a second.

Ancient Warring States and Oriental Soul also looked stunned for a while, then nodded their greetings, and it was not surprising that a superhacker had such a speed.

Construct sixty-fourth offensive program!!!

Sholoh thought, it's a new program in his mind, rather than a program, it's a set of multifaceted mirror virtual software, or a smart software that can be attacked.

Zhou Aerospace and other people's eyes focused on the computer screen in front of each other, finger missiles, to fight for honor, they will all make their lives learn to defeat Sholo, everyone has only five minutes to prepare, and once that time has passed, the real confrontation will begin.

Network battles are not the same as in real life. If you hit each other, you can fix each other up, so that the other can no longer control the computer. Everyone lays out a large number of vulnerabilities outside their own ports, fake, fake combinations.

As the team leader, Zhou Aerospace had his own set of home watching skills. He skillfully laid out his cellular coal system. The effect was to let the other party unknowingly enter his surrounding circle without knowing it. By then, she could immediately kill the offending Sholo by clicking lightly on the start. After the bubble defense was completed, he made a look at the other three team leaders and made an "OK” gesture, meaning OK, just wait for the other party to fall into a trap.

The three captains had some waxy yellow faces that suddenly had some life, and the look in Sholo's eyes became a bit obscene and fraudulent, as if they were some morons preparing to molest a helpless teenage girl.

“Time's up! ”

The stopwatch in the hands of the ancient warring nations rang ‘Ding’ and he immediately shouted at the microphone.

“Attack! ”

The four team leaders roared, leading their respective subordinates through virtual cyberspace, like a group of warriors with spear swords, roaring up towards Sholo.

With an arc laugh on the corner of Sholoh's mouth to counter the attack of so many people, he had to turn into countless friends with monkey fur, like the great saint in The Journey to the West, while his friends were viruses, index fingers tapped the Enter key, and countless viruses made a devilish, sharp laugh in cyberspace and attacked these IT people.

Both horses soon fought against each other on the server, for this nitrogen-free war, the server is the initial battlefield!

“Sculpture trick! ”

Chow Aerospace and the other three captains laughed with disdain, their fingers jumped fast on the keyboard, a simple antivirus program was built in a matter of seconds, and they became a giant thing that devoured the virus in cyber virtual space, and any virus within their range of attack would be captured by them, and assimilated, like a black hole with super suction.

On that little server battlefield, the horses of both sides, the ten-finger missiles, the unspeakable seriousness and weight on their faces, Sholoh certainly can't be that easy. After all, these are national IT personnel, the national elite, since he has sat in this position, he must win, not only to win, but also to beat all these people down.

“Lee, what's wrong with you? What are you doing to me? ”

“Didn't you attack me first? I thought it was a virus. ”

“Song, what are you doing attacking my computer? ”

“Impossible, I'm attacking the doomed computer. ”

All of a sudden, the whole hall was in a blame, and over a hundred IT people were complaining about each other because they found themselves attacked by their own people.

What the hell is going on?

Zhou Aerospace suddenly had a bad feeling, check what was happening.

At this point in time, the other party has a defensive program on the back end of the port, the main function of the defensive program is to divert all attacks, such as one of them, and then the defensive program moves them to another person's computer port, similar to a bounce.

“Stop the attack! ”

He immediately issued an instruction in the virtual world of the Internet.

Such an indiscriminate attack would have no effect at all, but would have left the parties in turmoil.

Sholoh was calm and continued to refine the sixty-fourth offensive program. The virus had just given him time. Now the sixty-fourth offensive program is prototypical and capable of defensive tasks. When it's all done, it's the end of the game.

Keith glanced at him, and she found that Sholo, who fought in front of the computer, had a unique charm, mystery, self-confidence, and appearance. She had a passion for Sholo. At this moment, she had to look a little crazy.

At this time, the already messy battlefield returned to calm, with only a few remaining viruses roaming around, like patrol ships, leaving no one even carefree.

Zhou Aerospace joined the other three team leaders to start a probing attack on Sholo, but nothing was gained. The program after Sholo's port was not moving like a mountain, and it was even more airtight, unattackable, defensive and helpless.

“Fight him! ”

One of the grumpy group leaders ordered that such impasse was simply not an option, and when the time came, they would not defeat themselves.

Zhou Aerospace bit his teeth so hard that he didn't fear the impact of death first.

More than a hundred people shouted, concentrated their firepower, all showed their mastery of home, launched a crazy attack on this program, sent out a series of codes, but in the virtual world of the Internet, just like attacking a city, rammed the gate, built a ladder wall, ranged artillery attack... etc., everything is extremely useful.