Peerless Genius System

Chapter 348: Don't Mess With Him

In the eyes of these IT people, Sholo and De's esteemed teacher are no different. Everyone has shown great interest in the sixty-fourth offensive program, which is horrible, and is able to intelligently replicate the enemy's way of attacking and paying tribute to the enemy. Such an advanced program makes them bent over.

Sholo answered their questions and told them how to construct the sixty-fourth offensive program, which was also the textbook he gave them, and the sixty-fourth offensive system contained almost all of his computer knowledge, as long as they were able to study the program thoroughly and reach a point where they were flexible enough to apply it.

The ancient warring nations and Oriental Soul did not interrupt Zhou Aerospace's studies and turned and left with a smile.



The exchange of computer program knowledge lasted for two hours, and after a rough understanding of the sixty-fourth offensive program, all IT personnel immediately began to run, analyze and observe, and discover that it seemed simple to build, but that it contained the principle of five lines of gossip. The deeper the understanding, the more they felt it was incomprehensible and wonderful, leaving them deeply trapped in the study of it to become insanely obsessed, even.

“This part of the code is supposed to be for copying and learning, so what is it for? ”

“No, this part of the code is for copying and learning. ”

“You're all wrong, what really dominates is this set of code, which is like a master, and the program runs around it. ”

“How could the core be there, obviously, are these groups okay? ”

Examining that statement, there are a thousand Hammarets in a thousand hearts and minds, each person's views are different, and an independent offensive procedure can be constructed based on each person's views, but this independent offensive procedure is clearly only a very small part of the sixty-fourth offensive system.

“Thank you, Mr. Schollo! ”

At this point, Kiss Ying brought a glass of water.

“Thank you.”

Sholo nodded politely, took a sip of water, told these IT people so much, his voice was a little dry, looked around, “Where's Chief Gu and Director Oriental? ”

“They told me to take you to them as soon as things were done here.” Ji Siying smiled.

She was tall, she was born a demon, and she was heartbreaking with a smile.

Sholo drank the water and then stretched out a lazy waist, looking at the IT people who were drilling against the sixty-fourth offensive program, raised their eyebrows and smiled: “Well, let's go, things are busy here now. ”


Kiss nodded.



“Thinking! ”

Just walking out of the IT building, a man with an inch came up with a bunch of roses in his hand and laughed. His body was strong and resolute, and his body was full of strength. Contrary to his size, it was that miserable white face, deep eye socket, hidden green, and he was also a little impatient to breathe. If he looked at his head alone, he would definitely be a sick man.

“Ren Maohua?! ”

Keith subconsciously shouted out the man's name, but a disgusting color soon appeared in his eyes.

The man with the pale face walked up to her and handed out the flowers: "Thoughtful, it's for you.” Suddenly on one knee, "be my girlfriend! ”

Keith Ying looked at Sholo and then shook his head without hesitation and refused: "You are a beautiful flower, but it's not for me, so give it to another girl. ”

“Ming Ying, don't you understand my heart? When I first saw you, I fell in love with you at first sight. Your smile, your beauty, your everything, was deeply imprinted in my mind. I love you so much that I can't help it. Promise me, I will always be good to you.” Ren Maohua's voice and expression.

For this confessional image, Sholo beside was very embarrassed, and he coughed dry: “Miss Ji, I'll wait for you in the front. ”

Speaking of walking a distance forward, he confessed that he was no longer blind and lively.

Ji Siying's heart was tight. He frowned at Ren Mao Hua. “Mr. Ren, I made it clear to you that I don't like you. Please don't waste any more time here with me. ”

Without waiting for Ren Mao Hua to reply, she turned and immediately caught up with Sholo. She quietly observed Sholo's expression, afraid that Sholo would misunderstand her and Ren Mao Hua.

All said that the pursuer could identify his enemies at a glance, Ren Maohua was like that. He saw Ji Siying walking so close to Sholo, his eyes slightly squinted, suddenly an acceleration, a few steps appeared in front of Sholo, blocking the path of the two people.

The rose in his hand pointed at Sholo and asked Ji Siying in a questioning tone: “Who is he? ”

“Who is he, Mr. Ren? No need to know, please step aside. ”

Ji Siying's tone became much colder. As a liaison officer, although her strength was only C, she was in some way superior to that of a warrior, especially for such a non-compliant warrior.

“You don't say that I ask myself. ”

Ren Maohua stared at Sholo and said, "Give me five seconds to tell me your name and your rank of warriors, or I'll make you sing the national anthem on your knees until I'm satisfied, say it! ”

The last sound was almost a roar.

“Ren Mao Hua, let me remind you, the little black house tastes bad!” Ji Siyang cold-blooded.

“Ming Ying, if you'd like to come with me to the cabin, I'd be happy to keep you inside for the rest of your life, and we'll have a baby inside.” Ren Maohua grinned and mocked.


Ji Shiying's face appeared colorful, and he had no favor for a vigorously entwined guy like Ren Maohua.

Ren Maohua then took off the smile on his face and shook Sholo's voice in the countdown: “One! ”

Sholo wiped a spit star that he sprayed on his face and snorted coldly: "Pursuing a girl is your power, but stepping on someone else to lift you up, that's over. ”

“Has it passed? That's what I like. What can you do with me? ”

Ren Maohua smiled shamelessly and then coldly counted, “Three! ”

Sholo shook his head, indicating that he was helpless and directly bypassed Ren Mao Hua, who was too lazy to see him as such.

“Ren Maohua, I warn you, do not provoke him, even if you are now an A-level warrior, do not provoke him, I am for your own good. ”

Keith Ying rushed into Mao Hua and left behind. Hurry up and catch up with Sholo's cruelty. She had seen it with her own eyes. She treated the enemy with no mercy. She remembered the terrible scream of the leader of the Cobra Mercenary Corps that night, which was an extremely dangerous beast.

However, her advice seems to Ren Maohua to be belittling, and it is obvious what the consequences of being belittled by the girl of her own heart will be.