Peerless Genius System

Chapter 349: Come Back

Ren Maohua's corner muscle sucked, his fist was squeaked by him, he suddenly threw the rose flower in his hand on the floor, his feet on the ground, hissing and rushing toward Sholoh's disease, his right hand thrown out, the eagle claw grabbed Sholoh's back.

Five fingers like a sharp knife, with a powerful smell!

Feeling the cold breath behind him, Sholo snorted coldly, thinking and not wanting to turn around to attack with his right hand, it seemed rushed, swiftly stroking, taking out the trajectory of the circular shadow of the lane, accurately intercepted in front of Renhua.

“Boom ~”

Sholo and Ren Maohua swayed their bodies simultaneously as the two struck, quickly as the wind blew.

Sholoh took a step behind his right foot, stomping on the ground, powerful forces almost buried on the foot, and the surge of force was raw to contain.

Ren Maohua had not previously anticipated that Sholo's strength would be so strong, suddenly unable to prevent it, his body so far back, until ten steps away to stabilize his shape, and his face showed a startling expression.

“If you want to fight, you got the wrong guy! ”

Sholo looked at a slight wound on the back of his eye that was caught by Ren Mao's claws, some angry way.

Ren Maohua laughed furiously at this moment and looked at Ji Siying, who was stunned. “Thoughtful, this guy is really good, but he's still far from provocative. Today I'll show you who I am with him! ”

A smile, cold eyes, treading, appeared in front of Sholoh again in a few steps, right fist whistling, wild impact, straight to Sholoh's neck.

“Boom ~”

In the face of Ren Maohua's furious attack, Sholo's face changed slightly, quickly raised his hand to intercept, and the fierce collision sounded like a thunder.

“Don't make me!” Sholo warned.

“What's wrong with forcing you, you're a coward, and you deserve my thoughts?” - [sic]

Ren Maohua sneered a sip of saliva on the ground, stepped forward and shook like a two-fisted storm, pouring out at the shocking speed of seven to ten fists per second against Sholo's head and chest diarrhea, each fist filled with fierce force, the fist whistled, even the surrounding air blowing like a small tornado.

Sholox had no expression, intercepted all his attacks, and he didn't want anything to happen in the NSA, provided, of course, that this person did not provoke him completely.

“Boom! Boom!”

The ground beneath the feet of the two men was cracked one after the other, and the wind and sand blew, and the scene of the battle was very vivid.

At this time, a large number of NSA fighters were attracted from the training field, men and women alike, surrounded by a circle, watching the battle with excitement Sholo and Ren Mao Hua.

“This guy is a bit facetious. He can actually compete with A Huaguo. It seems that his strength is also A level. ”

“It is indeed a strange face that I have not seen, and should have been transferred from elsewhere at Headquarters. ”

“Huaguo has been pursuing Miss Ji. Look at this, they are fighting for Miss Ji. This is the first drama in years. ”

Everyone was easily discussing, and their eyes were filled with lively light.

Ji Siying stamped his feet in a hurry: “Stop it, stop it, stop it! ”

As a C-level warrior, she can't get into this level of fighting.

Sholo didn't want to fight such a pointless fight, but Ren Mao Hua wanted to beat him to the ground and prove himself in front of Ji Siying.

“Boy, do you hear me? Shi Ying told us to stop. All you have to do is knock on the ground three times and call me Grandpa three more times and I'll let you go. I won't see you like that. ”

Ren Maohua's face was enthusiastic. While attacking Sholo uninterruptedly, his proposal was, of course, nothing short of letting Sholo lose the dignity of a man and serve the purpose of making Kiss spit.

“Idiot? ”

Sholo shouted coldly and his palms pushed Len Maohua out.

Ren Maohua's retreating body suddenly emerged an incredible turning, but he slipped away from Sholo's palms, amazing, and then suddenly appeared on Sholo's right side, right hand claw, hey, smiling and grabbing Sholo's face.

“La la ~”

Five fingers drew a bloody trajectory like a knife blade, with a certain amount of power, a little bit of slaughter, a little bit of energy, pounding on Sholo's face.

Sholo was like being struck by a storm, and the whole person flew backwards and fell on the ground two meters away.

“How come I didn't do everything I could before you fell down? ”

Ren Maohua raised his voice deliberately ridiculed him. He wanted to severely trample Sholo's dignity in front of Ji Siying, and let Ji Siying disappoint Sholo.

“This time it's heavy, your face hasn't been cut. ”

“Even without the flowers, I'm afraid it will leave a permanent scar. ”

“Wouldn't you be afraid of the blame if Brother Wah did something terrible? ”

The surrounding NSA fighters whispered, they were just talking, no one came up to help Sholo or stop the fight, the NSA was the state agency, but they were fighters, awe-inspiring, very happy to appreciate the fight.

Keith glanced at Sholo lying on the ground, hiding a bad feeling. Ren Maohua was undoubtedly constantly provoking Sholo's patience. Now Sholo is afraid that all his patience is exhausted...

“Click-click ~”

Sholo's hands slowly clasped his fists, gripping hard, and his fingers clasped.

He stood up and turned to face Ren Mao Hua, his indifferent face was full of chill, his neck twisted from left to right, shrugging his shoulders: “Come again! ”

A pale threefold, with utter chills and exorbitant warfare.

The surrounding NSA fighters were stunned and had a bad feeling about the situation.

Ren Maohua was also stunned, but the next second he squinted slightly. “Interesting. Interesting. You look pretty beaten up, okay, Grandpa! ”

His face was filled with fanaticism, a colorless confrontation, and his gripping iron fist, with the power of breaking bamboo, burst into Sholo's chest.

But just as his fist was about to touch Sholoh, he was stunned to find that Sholoh disappeared in front of him like a ghost, and his fist only hit the air. The next second, his pupils shrunk, and a cold sweat instantly emerged from millions of pores on the body's surface, because Sholo was silent, like a ghost appearing beside him.

What speed is this? Why didn't I get a good look at his movements?

These two questions come to mind.

At this time, the faceless Schollo, with his left leg as his axis, twisted his torso forcefully and swayed his right foot to pinch the power of his whole body, beating him as hard as the iron of order on the left neck of the luxurious.

“Boom ~”

The moment of the collision produced a dull noise, the power of the mountain shouting tsunami surged, Ren Mao Hua felt his neck broken, his body was like a shell, and he flew heavily towards a group of watching NSA fighters.