Peerless Genius System

Chapter 351: Well said.

“You have something dirty on your shoulder. ”

The woman in black raised her beautiful eyebrows and smiled.

At first glance, the ancient warring nations did have a small piece of paper scraps that they didn't know where to stick from, busy filming them off, dry coughing a positive warning: “Voyeur, you are a poison, don't touch anyone else, the NSA members that you accidentally injured have broken 100, I don't want to be one of them. ”

Voyeur's eyes fluttered and her laughter flourished. There was a temptation from the inside out. She vomited her tongue and said not at all seriously: “Aye, old fashion! ”

“Your mission accomplished?” Oriental Sawyer asked at this time.

The Voyeurs nodded and pulled a smile: “Yes, Director Oriental, this task is not challenging at all. Those spies are colored embryos. They all fell without my help. Sprinkled with carcass powder, their corpses quickly turned into pus and became the nourishment for flowers and grasses on the mountain. Next time, remember to give them a task with a high difficulty coefficient, otherwise it's boring. ”

Underwriting, as if killing was a normal thing for her, but a dry NSA member hiding in the distance was facial discoloration, numbness in the scalp, they had seen with their own eyes the power of carcass powder, more hegemonic than concentrated sulfuric acid, but amazing, it only corroded the flesh, and the clothes and watches worn by the corpse were safe.

Once sprinkled, white smoke burst out, the scene was unbearable!

The ancient warring nations and Oriental Sool looked at each other with a bitter smile. The spies were the elite trained by the enemy. Each had a level A warrior, and was good at jungle warfare. They were solid killing machines. Of course, they didn't believe what the Voyeurs said about the spies being colored embryos, flashing in their minds, were images of the Voyeur incarnate Hell Reapers harvesting those human lives.

“Hey, what's that idiot doing down there? ”

At this point, the Voyeurs noticed that the Vajra had gone down to the bottom of the building, and their glamorous eyes were full of suspicion and bewitching.

Nor did the ancient warring kingdom conceal her. She swept her eyes away and was walking one step at a time to Ren Mao Hua's figure. "That strange face is the one I told you about before. ”

“Oh? Is he the one who caused the bloody rain in Jiangcheng and washed the Dragon San-kyu nest? ”

The long fingertips of the Voyeur unconsciously scratched, the demonic face emerged a strong interest and curiosity, “You look weak, right? ”

“How could a Class A warrior Ren Maohua be mistaken when he kicked his ass?” Oriental Sawyer's impatient path, where a group of IT personnel questioned Sholo's identity, now the Voyeur suspects that he wants to freak out.


The Voyeurs spewed out two words gently, and then all their energy went to Schollo in the distance.



Seeing that Sholo had no expression on his face, he walked to Ren Maohua one step at a time. Ji Shiying was at once hopeless. She didn't know what to do. She knew very well that Sholo was angry, like an animal that revealed Sensen's teeth, and was dangerous and aggressive.

Ren Maohua is sore, especially in the neck area, the spine inside is like a broken bone, causing spasmodic severe pain.

A shadow suddenly covered him and looked up, only facing Sholo's indifferent face, the other side looking down at him like a judge to pronounce him guilty.

“Give you a chance to kowtow to me and make a mistake. I won't embarrass you!” Sholo stared at him lightly and his tone was extremely cold.

The same thing pays tribute to himself, Ren Maohua returned from fear, biting his teeth and staring at Sholo, don't say that in front of the woman he loved, even if he didn't, he would never have agreed to such a request, it was an insult to his personality, besides, he really wanted to do this, and in the future, he absolutely couldn't lift his head in the NSA, A level warrior, with the harsh strength of preferring to die without insult.

He shouted out loudly at Sholo: "For the sake of your father, I will kill you, I will not be humiliated...”

The sound stopped, as Sholoh stepped on his face and put his head firmly under his feet.

The surrounding NSA warriors were so fierce that they sincerely generated a chestnut from their souls, and in any case did not expect the guy in front of them to be such a heartless, heartless character.

The left half face is the sole of the shoe, the right half face is the cement ground, Ren Maohua can't even feel the pain on his body temporarily, felt, only endless humiliation, eyes open, a blank buzzing of the brain, why has he ever suffered such insult, it is a trample on his dignity and honor as a Class A warrior.

“Shaw... Mr. Doom, no...”

Keith Ying tried to persuade Sholo to stop, but after facing Sholo's eyes, he swallowed the words back into his stomach.

Sholo turned around and looked at Ren Mao Hua under his feet, like an elegant executioner, and said softly, “I give you a chance. Are you sure you don't want to? ”

“Want your grandma! ”

Ren Maohua's eyes were red, his teeth were bitten, his hands were on the ground, and he struggled from the ground to get up.

But Sholoh's feet were like a mountain, and he pressed his head so heavily that the rest of his body could move freely, but his head could not escape. He yelled wildly, his nose and his saliva came together, and he was so humiliated that he could not help but tear Sholoh apart alive.

Sholo shook his head with disappointment: “I made it clear before that you were chasing women for nothing to do with me, but stepping on me to promote yourself, you chose the wrong object, I repeatedly warned you to stop, and instead of listening, you treated my comity as your arrogant capital. Are A-level fighters strong? There are people out there. There are people out there. Don't you understand? You're responsible for everything now. No one can blame you! ”

“Pfft, pfft...”

A round of applause came from a distance, the crowd split, a man of great stature clapped his hands, a short hair, clear skin, slightly yellow, eyes glistening.

When he saw this man, the NSA warriors around him brushed their colors all over his face, and his eyes burst into deep awe. He retreated and retreated. Even Mao Hua was stunned, and the struggle became much smaller.

“Kong?! ”

Keith subconsciously shouted out the man's code name. The sophisticated face was difficult to hide the complicated color. King Kong arrived without knowing whether it was good or bad, or this was what the two directors meant, so that King Kong came to mediate.

Vajra's eyes were filled with admiration, looking at Sholo, clapping his hands, and dropping his hand, he said: "Well said, that's great. The sentence came from the heart of my heart. The sentence is the truth, and I agree.” He bent over and looked at Ren Maohua with a little contempt on his face. "Tsk... Tsk... Tsk Maohua Ren, your grandson just got promoted to A-level warrior, he felt like a coward, he felt like the world was invincible? Did he hit you in the face? I say, deserve it, you should be taught a lesson in converging diamond horns! ”