Peerless Genius System

Chapter 352: Vajra Intentions

Standing at the top of the ranks of warriors, who dares disagree with what King Kong said? Ren Maohua dared not to fart, but continued to make some symbolic struggle to show the surrounding NSA fighters that he was still fighting for his dignity, and did not give up his resistance because of King Kong's reprimand.

“Are you King Kong, one of the two biggest S-class warriors in the NSA?” Sholo asked faintly.

“Exactly despicable! ”

Vajra straightened his waist, the corner of his mouth curled, “I've heard of you, too, to destroy the dragon gang of the black forces of Jiangcheng by its own power, directly and indirectly died in your hands hundreds of lives, I have to admit, you are a demon, but the NSA is a demon shelter, no matter what amazing and crying gods have done before, there is only one unified name here, that is the warrior, the warrior of the country. ”

The voice is bright, the words are crisp, and there is a sense of masculinity.

The NSA soldier in the room subconsciously pushed his chest up, and at the same time, he was secretly sweating, looking horribly at Sholo, and his heart said: Hundreds of people are dead in his hands. Really? How could this guy be so dangerous?

King Kong turned his head and said with a smile: "Let him go, he has already paid the price for his foolish behavior, that's enough. ”

Sholo looked at Ren Maohua, whose struggle had become intense under his eyes. At this moment, his anger had dissipated. In line with the principle of one more thing than one less thing, he did not go too far with Ren Maohua.

“Forget it, let go of you. ”

Go ahead, take your foot off Ren Mao Hua's head, but before Ren Mao Hua was furious, he kicked right into Ren Hua's chest.

Ren Maohua felt that the five dirty six hearts had shifted. The whole person glided out on the ground for six or seven meters before stopping. He opened his mouth, and eventually a "puff” burst of thick blood fainted into the past.


Everyone here took a breath of air. They thought the man was really ready to let Ren Mao Hua go. After all, it was King Kong's face, but he didn't even realize that he had kicked Ren Mao Hua again and passed out.


Many people wiped a cold sweat on their foreheads and deeply imprinted Sholo's appearance in their minds. Don't be blind when you meet this person in the future, just go around.

Compared to them, Ji Siying was relieved. Sholo's spleen was perfectly clear to her. This temper, whoever you are, had to pay a painful price. Ren Maohua pissed him off. He was already a great mercy without Ren Maohua's harsh hands. Of course, this is really not a harsh hand for anyone who has seen how Sholo treats the leader of the Cobra Mercenary Corps. At best, it is a small punishment.

“Mr. Doom, let's go see the director. ”

After the NSA paramedics came to cure Ren Maohua, she hurried up, hoping that this would be over, don't expand, in front of so many people in the NSA, she also changed her name to Sholo as doomed.

Sholo nodded his head, using his finger, and touched the area of his face that Ren Mao Hua had injured. The wound, though slight, was a spicy pain, just like the mouth torn open by a sharp claw.

Ji Siying hurried to remove a white tissue from his pocket and handed it to him.

“Thank you.”

Sholo covered the wound gently with a tissue. Luckily, he didn't really make a face, otherwise Ren Maohua was obsolete.

Two people go to the office building...

And the face of Vajra with the smile was dull, he reached out his left arm, blocked Sholo, looked in front of him, coldly: “I just let you go of him, I didn't let you kick him out! ”

The final pronunciation was heavy, like a broken drink, and the head in front also turned towards Sholo at this time, a pair of tiger eyes with a bit of aggressive cold flashes.

Sholo looked at him with a frown, a few confusions, a few surprises, a few plays.

The NSA warriors around them are all horrified. Does King Kong suddenly change his face, too?

If someone at the top of the ranks of warriors had a violent clash, this would be unimaginable and completely out of control. Is this the rhythm of sending guards from the bureau to sweep the field with sub-machine guns?

Of course, they also understood the sudden transformation of Vajra. In the NSA, no soldier dared disrespect Vajra except for the poisonous girl, and this man named 'Destroyed', after Vajra said he was going to bail on the next Vajra, also did it to Ren, which definitely pissed Vajra off.

“Mr. King Kong, the director of the ancient Bureau and Orient wants to see you..." Ji Siying said.

Vajra waved and interrupted, “Don't push me, I'm here because they want me to calm the conflict. ”

“Isn't the conflict over now? ”

Ji Siying argued that even if she was a liaison officer, she would not dare to shout out with King Kong. This is not the same as facing a warrior like Ren Maohua. There is a huge gap between Class A and Class S. An S-level warrior can crush more than a dozen A-level warriors. She has read about King Kong. In carrying out her mission, she started to go mad to directly crash the enemy into a beach of chyme. It is cruel.

“Calm down? ”

Kong coldly hummed, pointing to Ren Maohua, who had passed out, “Everyone is like that, is this called calming down? ”

“What do you want? ”

Speaking Sholo, he spoke plainly, looked directly at Kong, and did not shy away from Kong's eyes at all.

“I don't want to do anything. ”

Vajra's expression suddenly turned raging, bloodthirsty and licked her lips, "I just want to beat you down, or you beat me down! ”

Sholo's eyes were squint, the trouble was really constant. I thought this was a neutral guy. I didn't expect him to stand in the team long ago. Whether he had just done it to Ren Maohua or not, this person would still find a reason to do it with him, because he saw the exorbitant war in the eyes of this person, before it was just hidden.

“Mr. King Kong, don't be ridiculous, don't let the NSA use the guards...”

“What a noise! ”

Ji Siying hasn't finished yet. Vajra's face showed an impatient expression and slapped Ji Siying in the face.

The seemingly slow slap, but with fierce power, that kind of broken voice, made Keith's bright scalp numb for a moment, subconsciously lifted the block, Sholobby was one step faster than her, left hand lifted, five fingers one, snapped Kong's wrist, accurately intercepted.

“If you want to fight, I'll stay with you. Don't be rude to the lady!” Sholo's cold way.

“Interesting, I'm starting to like you a little bit. ”

King Kong hey smiled, no longer concealed, from the moment he saw Sholobby show his strength, he decided to be compared to Sholobby, irrelevant to Mao Hua, just such an opponent made him feel unnamed excited, the blood couldn't stop boiling.